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Urban Combatives

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This was one of the primary attacking tools of WW2 Combatives. It is similar to the palm heel strike found in many
Asian martial arts. The difference with the chin-jab is in the formation of the hand and the body mechanics with which
it is delivered. The correct hand position is made by imagining that you are holding a grapefruit in your hand with your
fingers spread apart and curled inwards this makes the hand into a platform for your target which in this case is the
chin and jaw bone. The strike is delivered straight up the centre line of your opponent, impacting directly under the
chin with the heel of your hand from underneath his peripheral vision.
Method of practice:
The strike is performed in much the same way as a boxing upper cut. Keep a slight bend in your legs as you drop
step forward and slightly to your opponent's side, at the same time you check the back of his upper arm for control
and explosively straighten the legs as the chin-jab is thrown. Your striking forearm is kept close to your own body as
you strike. The step, arm check and strike are performed simultaneously as your foot lands delivering body weight
behind your strike. As with all the strikes you aim to deliver the impact through your target.
Urban Combatives
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