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General English 1 Unit 1 Free time activities/Hobbies

Recap .

Places and events. Words that end. Which verb do we usually use with the following free time activities? 1.GROUP WORK • Look at the phrases in A. Things you do in a gym or a health club. Sports with a ball and other games. 3. 4. .ing 2.

table tennis 3. or with other games. museums Places and events. 4. go – Jogging. 2. . 1. Sports played with a ball. do – yoga. chess. aerobics. skateboarding Words that end with – ing. There are three words/phrases for each verb. gym. Match the words/phrase to the verbs in A. sit ups Things you do in a gym or health club.FREE TIME ACTIVITIES C. go to - Art galleries. play – Basketball. mountain biking.

FREQUENCY ADVERBS Tell you how often something happens. .

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