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Diamond Garter St Edging

Abbreviations: inc = increase by knitting into the back and front of the next stitch K = Knit Method: Using contrast colour cast on 2 sts and work as follows: 1st and every right side row: Knit 2nd row: inc in each st 4th row: K, inc in next two sts, K 6th row: K1, inc, K2, inc, K1 8th row: K1, inc, K4, inc, K1 10th row: K1, inc, K6, inc, K1 12th row: K1, inc, K8, inc, K1 13th row: Knit, put aside but do not break yarn. Work enough triangles for your desired width. Join main colour yarn and knit following the intarsia chart above. Chart shows 2 repeats. Continue in your chosen st for your garment. NOTE: This edging makes a great edging for garter st scarves, for a special finish put a tassel at the point of each diamond, and in the V between diamonds.

Gingham Check Chart --- .

on a jumper for 1-5 year olds.Large Intarsia Flower This intarsia flower made it's first public appearance in 'Handmade Magazine' early in 1994 as my very first published design. but it was still very exciting to see one of my designs in print. I didn't get paid. . 8*) Knit the flower in a single colour and add the centre afterwards using duplicate st embroidery or concentric circles of chain stitch as in the sample above.

The sheep and lamb are made with french knots. . the other designs are worked in duplicate stitch embroidery.Nativity Sweater Charts These charts can be used with any plain sweater pattern.




Smilie Faces .