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2 fËu¡N Kumbha Mela :The Greatest show on earth Ty¡L¥¢e Bl j¡b¡u W¡‚l Ma Ma jm¡ fË¡‰el L¡R fy±R Nm¡jz

Hlfl N¡s£ Qm¡l Bl Ae¤j¢a eC z HLj¡œ cMm¡j q¡aN¡e¡ LV¡ ¢lLn¡ QmR a¡J Bl¡ ¢LR¥ c§l Ah¢d , a¡lfl fck¤Nm R¡s¡ H…h¡l Bl L¡e Ef¡u eCz Q¡l¢cL Ha Bm¡ k je qu L¥ñjm¡u h¤¢Th¡ l¡a qu e¡zj¡CL Ae¤f S¡m¡V¡l iSe h¡SR Bl m¡M m¡M j¡e¤o QmR z Bj¡l fËbj L¥ñ cnÑe qaiñ qh¡l ja¡C zL¡b¡u k¡h ,¢L Llh ¢LR¥C h¤Ta f¡l¢R e¡z Qmj¡e i£s L Ae¤ple Lla m¡Nm¡jz cm cm j¡e¤o QmR z H ke j¤¢š²l ¢j¢Rm , j¤¢š² fa QmR j¡e¤o z SeÈ jªa¥Él HC BhaÑ bL j¤¢š² Q¡u Hl¡ . ¢ehÑ¡e m¡i Lla Q¡uz N‰¡ ¢q¾c¥cl sn AaÉ¿¹ f¢hœ J f¡fq¡l£ j¡a«hv ec£ n]riè˝inÚ}v˜ir}iNÚ} j˜øiivÚ} g]ØÜ è˝l∂S]ivÚ}n˜ixÚ}inÚ} m]ih}mÁñ∂\ØÜ

(O Jahnavi! You are held in the

highest esteem. You destroy your devotee’s sins and save them from hell. Ganga Shtrotom – 8)

L¡le S£he bL ¢LR¥ Bn¡ Ll¡ LhC Hl¡ Rs ¢cuRz Jcl c¤¢eu¡u S£heV¡ ¢jbÉ¡ Bl jªa¥ÉC qm p¢aÉz mM¡fs¡ e¡ ¢nMJ S£hel . ph f¡f d¤u j¤R ce f¤eÉp¢mm¡ j¡ N ‰¡z ph ¢œ²u¡Lm¡f f¤eÉh¡¢l BhnÉL.H ec£a pÀ¡e Ll¡C f¤eÉl zfËu¡N pC pÀ¡e qu f¤eÉal z Bl NËqk¡N jq¡L¥ñ n¡q£ pÀ¡e p¡lm ¢ehÑ¡e . ah¤J c¤V¡ b¡m¡ Bl nMl no AmwL¡l f¡ul HLV¡ jmV¡J jq¡Sel L¡R h¾d¢L lMRz a¡a ¢L? HC S£he Nm Bfj¡e m¡¾µRÉe¡ Bl Ae¡q¡l z a¡C Bl ke SeÈ¡a e¡ quz Bj¡l je fsm jbl h¢Ù¹a HLh¡l HL cq¡¢al jªaÉ¥ cM¢Rm¡j z S¡u¡e Rm z L¡b¡u Ty¡V¡l L¡¢Wa f¡ LV ¢VVe¡p jl¢Rm zJl jªaÉ¥a LE Ly¡c¢e zHLj¡œ Jl j¡ gy¥¢fu gy¥¢fu Lyc ¢Rm z aMe Bj¡l °nnh zi¡¢l Lø qu¢Rm ¢L¿¹¥ cM¢Rm¡j jªaÉ¥l fck¡œ¡u p ¢L Eõ¡p z g¥ml c¡j AeL a¡C M¡¢Vu¡a lP£e L¡NS m¡¢Nu jªa Qmm f¤sa z jl hy¡Q¡ h¡dqu HLC hmz HC k j¡e¤o…m¡ QmR S£hel L¡e ¢LR¥aC Hcl Bl j¡q eC qua . ph f§S¡u N‰¡Sm Bh¢nÉL .Hcl qua ph ¢ce L¡S S¡V e¡ z p¡j¡eÉ l¡SN¡l bL ¢am ¢am Ll p¾Qu Ll L¥ñjm¡u HpRe . ¢q¾c¥cl SeÈ bL N‰¡fË¡¢ç phM¡e N‰¡ j¡D Bl N‰¡ j¡D z k¡l¡ QmR a¡l¡ S¡e n¡Ù» Hph N§t Lb¡ BRz Hph ¢ehÑ¡e¡bÑ£ a£bÑk¡œ£cl naLl¡ A¢n i¡N N¡hmul fËaÉ¿¹ NË¡jl .

short-cut to nirvana Short Cut to Nirvana is an award winning documentary about the Kumbh Mela .Bpm j¡eV¡ AS¡¿¹C Lje h¤T NRz L¡e afpÉ¡ eu. L¡e A‘¡ah¡p eu z NËqerœl k¡N h¤T p‰j ¢aeV X¥h ¢ca f¡lmC ¢ehÑ¡ez a¡qmC jq¡¢ehÑ¡e m¡izpqSmiÉ Nªq£l produced and directed by Maurizio Benazzo and Nick Day.