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HAPIC BELT Defination :  A project for helping those with seeing impairments get around in their obstacle-ridden

environment using a Kinect or Kinect-like device for object detection and a haptic belt indicating the direction and proximity of said objects.  It can also useful for people in stranger areas as Navigator.  This Device is use for navigator using AVR microcontroller interfaced with GPS module, ultrasonic sensor & vibration motors.  While walking at unknown place a visual impart man get the information about obstacles.  Here the ultrasonic sensors and vibration motors are interfaced with microcontroller as the when a object impact in range of ultrasonic sensor the respectively motor will vibrate. • This both function which are  Obstacle avoiding system for blind people  As a navigator

Components used : Atmega 8 microcontroller GPS(POT) Ultrasonic sensor Vibration motor IC L293D IC 7805 .• This both function we can change by the the changing the mode of microcontroller.

Work done till now : First We have made special purpose PCB layout in “pcb123” Bought all components from robokits online shop Placed all the components so hardware almost complete Done programming of ultrasonic sensor Right now Working on GPS module .