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VOTE ON 2nd ISO/CD 22266-1

Please send the completed form before 2007-12-01 to

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ISO/TC108 / SC 2

N 542

ISO/TC108 / SC 2 Title Circulated to P-members of the committee for voting on registration of the draft as a DIS. P-membersof the technicalcommitteeor subcommitteeconcernedhavean obligationto vote.

Measurement and evaluation of mechanical vibration and shock as applied to machines, vehicles and structures


Pleasesendthis form,duly completed,to the Secretariatindicatedabove(not to ISO Central Secretariat).

2nd ISO/CD
English title

22266-1 Mechanical vibration — Torsional vibration of rotating machinery — Part 1: Land-based steam and gas turbine generator sets in excess of 50 MW with normal operating speeds of 1500 r/min, 1800 r/min, 3000 r/min and 3600 r/min      

French title

We agreeto the circulationof the draft as a DIS with comments (editorial or other) We do not agreeto the circulationof the draft as a DIS The reasons for our disagreement are the following (use a separate page as annex, if necessary)

See enclosure

We abstain Member body voting Date
Version 2001-07


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