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Join the Parade Worksheets

Worksheet 1
(Suitable for use after Unit 1 of New English Parade Level 2)

Level 2
writing talking colouring rollerbla ding reading
Word Bank

Read. Write the words.

1. He has got rollerblades. Hes 2. Jen has got red and blue crayons. Shes 3. Pete has got a book. Hes 4. There is Marias pencil. Shes 5. Can you see them laughing? Theyre

. . . . .
Im fine, thank you. Goodbye. Hello.
Word Bank

Read. Write your answers.

New English Parade Copyright 2000 by Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.

1. Good morning. 2. How are you? 3. Goodbye.

Language aims Actions: writing, colouring, reading, talking, rollerblading Procedure 1 Distribute the worksheets and ask pupils to look at the picture of children playing in the park. Ask if they can tell you in English what the children are doing. 2 Read the words in the Word Bank aloud. Then read the sentences under the picture aloud, pausing at the end of each sentence. Encouraging children to finish the sentence by calling out a word from the Word Bank. 3 Pupils write the words to complete the sentences. Check that all pupils are following the instructions correctly. Key 1. skating 2. colouring 3. reading 4. writing 5. talking 4 When pupils have finished, ask them to look at the picture of the boy waving. Read out the boys words. Ask pupils to choose and write expressions from the Word Bank to complete the dialogue. Key 1. Hello. 2. Im fine, thank you. 3. Goodbye.