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Voices of WWII: Found Poetry

Directions: Read through your assigned article and circle strong diction and powerful phrases. Compile a list of your chosen words/phrases and create a found poem. Found poetry is shaped by using words and phrases from other sources and putting them together by playing with the lines and spaces while adding more text and deleting others. The focus of your poem should be centered on article and evoke empathy. Learning Target: I can create a found poem from a non-fiction article to convey strong emotions and empathy. Points ____/5 Annotated article with FQR model, (choice facts, questions, responses.)


Meaning: It uses figurative language/ sound devices and relates to article. Poem includes best phrases from text. Reflects facts and emotions of events/people. Style: Point of view is consistent. Creative arrangement and use of diction. Minimum of 8 lines long. Poem is typed and titled with no spelling or grammatical errors.


Total: ____/15 Extra Credit: Inclusion of a minimum of two vocabulary words from your article. Teacher Comments:

Due Date: ____________