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Easy Pleated Tea Cosy by Rita Taylor

Size: This cosy is adaptable to any size teapot Materials: Two contrasting colours of thick yarn (wool keeps the warmth in best) Pattern: Measure the widest circumference of your teapot. Divide by 2 Using main colour cast on 24 Knit 4 main, Knit 4 contrast; Now pull the strand of main tightly (unlike doing intarsia where you want it the same give as the knitted stitches) before knitting 4 again; then pull the strand of contrast tightly and knit 4 in that. Repeat to end of row. 2nd row: Purl 4 contrast, purl 4 main; again pulling the strand before knitting the next colour, continue to end of row. Repeat rows 1 and 2 (Continue these rows if you want stripes) OR Row 5; Knit 4 contrast, knit 4 main, etc etc It will be obvious now that you are getting a checkerboard pattern. Whichever pattern and gauge you use: work 2 flat pieces of knitting, casting on a number of stitches that will divide by 4. When it is long enough to cover the tea pot, change to main and K1 P1 rib for 4 rows.

K1. Make a twisted cord and thread it through the holes at the top. cast off. K2 tog) to end of row Work 6 more rows K1 P1 rib. Join the two pieces together leaving holes for the handle and spout.Next row. (yf. Draw up and tie in a bow. .