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Claflin University School of Education

EDUC 450: Professional Clinical Practice Reflective Lesson Plan Name: Jessica Gates PART I: PLANNING
Music Career

Date: 22 March 2013

Title of Lesson
Is this lesson original idea? If not, from what source did I borrow this lesson?

Source Subject Area (s) Grade Level

This lesson is an original idea to teach and inform students about the many opportunities available in the music world

Music 5

Curriculum Standards

VIII: Making connection

Describe the lessons activities and content.

Description and Background Information

Students will learn about the various music careers available in our current society through lecture, venn diagrams, and class discussion. There will be a comparison between two music careers set up in writing by the teacher, such as, D.J. vs. Conductor. Students will participate in a class discussion explaining what they already know about some of the careers and what they can assume for the ones they do not know quite as well. Students will then choose a pair of careers to compare using a venn diagram.
What will students be able to do at the conclusion of this lesson?

Lesson Objectives

At the conclusion of the lesson, students will be able to recognize musical careers and the opportunities through music available to them.
How will I vary these objectives for students who do not understand the material? How will I vary these objectives for students who have already mastered the concept? How will I vary these objectives for students who are presently learning English?

Varying Objectives for Individuals Needs

These objectives will be discussed in multiple ways including aural, visual, and cognitive for understanding and reinforcement for those who believed they have previously understood the concept. For ESOL students, I will work with the ESOL teacher as well as use visuals and writing on the whiteboard as well as paper.
Why is it important for the students to learn this content?

Statement of Purpose

This content is important for the students to become life-long learners, spectators, consumers, and advocates of music.

What materials and supplies are needed to help your students achieve the stated

Materials and Resources

objectives? What will the teacher need? What will the students need? What other resources are needed? Will you use resource speakers?

I will need the whiteboard, paper, dry erase markers, dry eraser, and permanent marker. I will provide the students with pencil and paper. They will also need their voices and energy. No other resources or resource speakers will be used.
What will you do to motivate the students and get their attention? What is the hook that will serve as a focus for the lessons activities?

Anticipatory Set

To motivate the students and get their attention, I will keep them involved through class discussion, participation, and writing. I include music careers they already know about such as teachers and performers and introduce them to careers they may not know about such as a music lawyer or music arranger.


How will I find out what students already know about this topic?


I will ask students What type of careers do you know of that involve musicians or music? This will introduce the class discussion.
What will I do to show students what is expected?

Teacher Modeling or Demonstration Guided Practice

I will be facilitating a class discussion with the students as well as writing suggestions and descriptions on the whiteboard.
What will we do together as they learn how to succeed at the new task?

I will be participating in the discussion with the students as they tell me about the different careers that they know about.
What questions will you ask to determine if students understand so far? What techniques or strategies will be used to determine if students understand so far?

Checking for Understanding

I will listen to the students as they have the class discussion. I will also ask about understand for each career as to what the career provides, what the employee tasks would be and why the career is needed. I will also observe students as they complete the venn diagram of the careers to check for understanding.
What will students do by themselves to show that they have internalized the knowledge?

Independent Practice

I will ask students to create a venn diagram comparing two music career with at least three items making them different and at least three items they have in common.
How will I conclude the lesson and relate it to future experiences? How will you wrap up the lesson to reinforce concepts taught during the lesson?


I will conclude by asking the students to tell me about one new thing they learned about music careers as they pack and line up to go to class. This will serve as a verbal exit ticket.
What will students do to demonstrate what they have learned?

Assessment (attach to lesson plan) Extension Activities

Students will complete a venn diagram.

What can students do at home or in the classroom to apply the knowledge or skills? How could you use your colleagues or community agencies to improve student performance?

Students can participate in class during the discussion. I would encourage students and parents to research different music careers through the internet or even at the library as a way to introduce parents and students to more doors of opportunity. I would try and involve music colleagues asking them to discuss with students their current employment and how music allowed them the opportunity

to be in that field or place of employment. I would also ask community agencies that promote music and the arts to help me in providing a Music Career Festival or Day where students can meet with different people in the music field.
How will you use technology to assist students with learning the concepts? What technology will you use to enhance the delivery and comprehension of your content?


I will not be using any technology for this lesson as it is not available and keyboards do not pertain to the lesson.
How will you connect this lesson with other content areas across the curriculum?

Connection Across the Curriculum PART III: REFLECTION

I will connect ELA through reading, writing, and graphic organizers.

Describe the strengths of your instructional techniques, strategies and classroom management. Describe the strengths of student engagement.


The strength of the instructional technique as whole group instruction is I am able to watch more than one student at a time and keep their attention and with independent practice I am able to see individual student understanding. In strategies, I used discussion and observation for strategies. In classroom management, the students did not leave much room for discipline issues by staying on task and when discussion diverted, myself and the students brought the discussion back on track, especially since my health was not very good. Students were very strong in being engaged in the lesson as the lesson was students centered and asked students to be active.
Describe the weaknesses of your instructional techniques, strategies and classroom management. Describe the weaknesses of student engagement.


The weaknesses in whole group instruction are the opportunities for student to try and stay quiet during discussion as I tried to make it voluntary for comfort. In strategies, I can continue to add for variety, and in classroom management, I can work on not having to address any issues. There is still improvement needed in student engagement as I do not have 100% of students involved.

Suggestions for Improvement

What would you change when teaching this lesson again?

I would add watching clips of actors or real people performing the tasks of some of the music careers giving students a different visual aid and providing a connection for students. I would also try to provide props for the lesson such as a D.J. board, or a baton, or even a civil music case for them to read. Revised 1-2012