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The Partners

What 3 words best define a brand? Consistent Distinctive Recognisable How would you describe your approach to branding? Do you initially approach each project in a similar way or does it differ depending on the client? The process tends to be similar every time however the brief changes the ideas process and the visual element in each project. What brand identity did you create over 3 years ago that you are as proud of now as you were at the time? Ultimately, how important is the longevity of a brand? Deloitte is a great example of this as we have been working with the client ever since we re-branded its assets four years ago. The longevity of a brand is essential to branding as the client is paying a substantial amount of money. However design trends change ever so quickly so its hard to pick something that will last 10/15 years as assets like typography and colour change all the time. At what point do you believe it becomes necessary for a brand to rebrand?

You can normally tell when a brand needs re-freshing as what they have rather seems dated to what its competitors have or it just doesnt communicate who they are as a company, just like a students portfolio the personality of the person behind the brand has to shine through What nostalgic or long-running brand identity would you least like to see changed? If Coke were to have a dramatic change it would probably ruin the brand. Thats why Turner Duckworth were so successful in what they did, they retained everything Coke originally had with using less. What is your favourite identity design by another designer, studio or agency from the past 2 years? Probably The windows logo that Paula Scher at Pentagram did.