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HP StorageWorks EVA Simulation v2.

0 Download and Release Notes
14 June 2005, Build 110 The HP EVA Simulation must be downloaded to and activated from a computer workstation This install requires 129MB of free space. To install the simulation using the single-file installer: 1. Download the setup.exe to a directory on your local computer. 2. After download is complete, execute the setup.exe and follow the installation prompts. 3. Open the HP EVA Simulation using the icon on the desktop or the entry in the Start menu.

Known Issues with this Release
1. Command View EVA - Agent Options – Discover Storage Network: In the release of the Command View EVA version 4 software, the Discover Storage Network button in the Management Agent Options page is no longer used in the software. In this simulation of Command View EVA, the Discover Storage Network button still appears. 2. EVA Storage Hardware – Intermittent Black Pixel: In the EVA Storage simulation, a black pixel may appear in the window under limited circumstances. This does not affect the functionality of the simulation.