Julia Cha Mrs.

Hamilton English 2 Honors 19 February 2012 Schools have many opinions on if chewing gum will benefit students or not. Gum can improve concentration, teachers can make students scrape desks, and create less talking. Although there are many teachers who allow gum, there are many teachers who won’t allow gum since the school policies don’t allow it. School consists of seven hours of class and students cannot concentrate for long periods of time, but gum will benefit the concentration of the students. Most of the students fail classes because of homework or not paying attention in class. Through allowing gum many more students will get better grades. Despite of the teacher’s complaints about how a copious amount of students will just stick their gum underneath the desks and leave a mess, the school can use that as a detention punishment. These days students show apathy about detentions because recently a girl in my class said, “It’s just a detention.” But students find scraping desks grody, and get fewer detentions. The classrooms will start to contain cleaner desks. The students may actually go and throw their gum away since they can now openly chew gum and throw it away. The students will be less furtive about gum. Being scientifically proven, if students have something in their mouth then they will talk less than they normally do because their mouth contains something. Students talk, gum can prevent it will make students docile and work more diligently than chat. Gum tends to appease

and less chatting during lectures. As a result.hunger so when students have something like gum in their mouths they become less irascible and stressed during school and complain less as well. . many argue that gum can become a nuisance but gum can keep students on task. have cleaner desks.

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