Validation The validity of words spoken has become dated almost extinct The simple reasoning behind this

thought is laziness to research Many have basically become sheep led to slaughter can't think It will always be easier to consume and follow a favorite perch To much in today's world is based on laziness just watch TV That little hand held device changes channels is all they search We all have become sheep in many ways believing hear n see Lost does prevalent absence of truth believe all especially smirch Ones own ability to discern fact from fiction is just about obsolete Telling a truth is now either racist, hurtful and hates speech so lie The politically correct government controlled lazy generation elite Fact check while driving in any neighborhood kids outside gone by Granted some is hereditary but most is choice as I am guilty as you Common sense tells us the larger the gap in age is economic depravation To all become healthy is body, mind and spirit information education too I am the poetically correct guy love to research n share with all Validation ©2013 I.M. Nobody

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