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SAP Note 16083 - Standard jobs, reorganization jobs

Note Language: English Version: 75 Validity:
Valid Since 12.01.2012

There are a number of jobs that must periodically run in a live R/3 installation, for example, to delete outdated jobs or spool objects. As of Release 4.6C, you can easily schedule these jobs as follows: Transaction sm36, choose 'Standard jobs'. Unfortunately, there is no easy-to-use support for such jobs within Basis Customizing before Release 4.6C. Therefore, you must schedule the jobs explicitly for these release levels. This note contains a list of the required programs, their parameters, and the recommended repeat interval. In addition, names are suggested for the required jobs. Adhere to the recommendations, as the naming conventions enable us to check quickly and easily whether these jobs have been activated in your system. This note applies as of Releases 2.1G and 2.2A. Exceptions: Program RSXMILOGREORG is only available as of Release 4.6C. In earlier releases, use ZRSXMILOGREORG Note 182963 Program RSAL_BATCH_TOOL_DISPATCHING is only available as of Release 4.6A.

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Note: Application-specific reorganization programs are not included in this list.


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refer to Note 48400 regarding the spool and TemSe consistency check. Since the number of print parameters increases more slowly than the number of background processing steps.20 only. SAP_REORG_XMILOG reorganizes the table TXMILOGRAW. This table contains log information on the XMI interface (-> Note 182963). which reorganizes print parameters in a cross-client manner. reorganization jobs no SAP_REORG_XMILOG yes SAP_CCMS_MONI_BATCH_DP no SAP_SPOOL_CONSISTENCY_CHECK daily SAP_REORG_ORPHANED_JOBLOGS weekly SAP_CHECK_ACTIVE_JOBS hourly SAP_DELETE_ORPHANED_IVARIS D_IVARIS SAP_REORG_ORPHANED_TEMSE_FILES weekly monthly RSXMILOGREORG weekly RSAL_BATCH_ hourly TOOL_DISPATCHING RSPO1043 yes RSTS0024 BTCAUX07 yes yes y d w h BTC_DELETE_ORPHANE ja weekly RSTS0043 ja w In any case. The other batch reorganization activity up to associated job input activity may not run at the same time as normal and including SAP Release 30C (see Note must be scheduled for a time when no is scheduled. The job SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_NONE_R3_STAT is available as of SAP Web Application Server 6. Therefore you must additionally schedule the report RSBTCPRIDEL. In addition. You must refer to Note 307970 in connection with RSBTCPRIDEL. Note: o SAP_CCMS_MONI_BATCH_DP is not a reorganization job but is needed to start tools / methods in the system monitoring area in the background -> transaction RZ20/RZ21.2012 .Standard jobs. As of Release 4.10. the job steps are managed separately from the print parameters. Page 2 of 6 o o o o o o 17. you can execute this report after longer periods of time ( longer than one month).SAP Note 16083 . This means that report RSBTCDEL no longer deletes any print parameters.6A. you should regularly run a consistency check of the spooler and the TemSe (Note 48400). an improved version of RSPO0041 is available with RSPO1041 (Note 130978). Batch input batch input 18307). On sapserv3. o The job SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR was previously also called COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFORMANCE_MONITOR.

the underlying ABAP Program RSM13002 is programmed so that it terminates when running in a job (that is. In its new version.Standard jobs. This program schedules RSSNAPDL within a job. jobs). They require neither special authorizations nor a special user name. Whether a reorganization has any cross-client influence then normally depends on particular authorizations. ***** Caution: The job SAP_WP_CACHE_RELOAD_FULL is normally used to update data from the workplace component system to the workplace server. the job SAP_REORG_UPDATERECORDS always terminates in this case. You can find and delete these jobs using sm37. released jobs that may exist and contain report RSM13002 should be deleted. To simplify the related job scheduling. Job name: SAP_REORG_BATCHINPUT Jobs that are not client-dependent perform a reorganization in all affected clients. All of the other jobs are not client-dependent. note the following correlations: 17. Clients and authorizations Some of the jobs specified work with client-specific objects (for example. report RSTS0024 deletes job logs that no longer belong to any job.SAP Note 16083 . you also have the program RSNAPJOB. otherwise it will terminate.10. This job can only be run on a workplace server. To eliminate ABAP dumps that are created due to runtime errors within an ABAP program. use the program RSSNAPDL. If this job has been scheduled for your system. In addition. delete the scheduled job in transaction sm37. the job SAP_REORG_UPDATERECORDS should be deleted from the pool of standard jobs. Therefore. but you do not need it. this job will no longer be delivered as a standard job. In the future. In any case. Contact SAP if you need the report in a release that is not specified in Note 666290. For some jobs. reorganization jobs o ***** Caution: The standard job SAP_REORG_UPDATERECORDS that was contained in some delivered versions must no longer be executed (see Note 67014). The following table displays all of the client-dependent jobs. 1:00 am Repeat interval: daily o o o Using the Support Packages specified in Note 666290. The job SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR must always be scheduled in client 000 with user DDIC or with a user with the same authorization. if it is still there: sm36 -> 'Standard jobs' -> 'Delete standard jobs'. in the background).2012 Page 3 of 6 . Implicit assumptions: Job name: RSSNAPDL Variant: DEFAULT (therefore it must exist) Start date : from the following day.

If you enter '*' as the client. then the spool objects in client 123 are reorganized irrespective of the client in which the actual job is running. 17. If the job SAP_REORG_SPOOL is now scheduled with user SPOOLADM and client 123 is specified for the program parameters. the jobs are reorganized in all clients. The following is valid until further notice: the jobs must be modified if necessary when. User REORG has the Authorization profile S_BDC_ALL.10. then runs in all clients) Authorization S_ADMI_FCD-S_ADMI_FCD = 'SPAR' Reorganization only in the client in which the actual job is running - o Job SAP_REORG_BATCHINPUT: Authorization profile S_BDC_MONI . all clients are reorganized. for example.Standard jobs. If Job SAP_REORG_JOBS is now scheduled with User ADMIN. the batch input objects are reorganized in Client 002.BDCAKTI = 'REOG' S_BDC_MONI . English should be available in every system. If this user has the necessary authorizations to work in a cross-client manner. some of these jobs have steps set by default in German. o Job SAP_REORG_SPOOL: Authorization S_ADMI_FCD-S_ADMI_FCD = 'SPAD' Reorganization runs in chosen client (Client = '*'. then it does not matter in which client the actual job is running. a Russian code page is used. If the job SAP_REORG_ABAPDUMPS is scheduled in any client. User SPOOLADM has the authorization S_ADMI_FCD-S_ADMI_FCD = 'SPAD'.BDCGROUPID = '*' Reorganization only in the client in which the job is running Note: o The authorizations always relate to the user under whose ID the job is being processed. o Examples o User ADMIN has the Authorization S_BTCH_ADM = 'Y'.SAP Note 16083 . reorganization jobs o Job SAP_REORG_JOBS: See SAP Note 784969. However. all ABAP short dumps are reorganized in all clients. o o o NOTES: The job steps should be planned using a language that is available in the system.2012 Page 4 of 6 . If Job SAP_REORG_BATCHINPUT is now scheduled with User REORG in Client 002.

Deadlocks on the TSP01 table (deleting spool requests) Wrong print specifications. wrong printer in background Preparándose para una sesión de Early Watch ó GL Batch input: Reorg. and delete sessions and logs 17. Compiler. Runtime BC-ABA-LI List Processing BC-ABA-SC UI services.SAP Note 16083 .Standard jobs. reorganization jobs Header Data Release Status: Released on: Master Language: Priority: Category: Primary Component: Secondary Components: BC-CCM-MON Monitoring BC-CCM-PRN Print and Output Management BC-ABA-LA Syntax.2012 Page 5 of 6 . screen.10. batch input Released for Customer 12.2012 13:23:51 German Recommendations/additional info Consulting BC-CCM-BTC Background Processing The Note is release-independent Related Notes Number 1630506 1411877 1407635 1260586 1255188 1083786 1021775 800927 788797 728947 706478 568690 553621 534468 509454 500950 498668 307970 168439 147354 Short Text DB6: History management of monitoring data New standard jobs Unnecessary database accesses in RSBTCPRIDEL Runtime error in SQL Server Performance History Missing standard variants for reorg reports RZ20: Job monitoring data collector terminates Orphaned temporary variants in the table VARI Standard jobs in the SCM/APO area Batch input: Session multiple selection for reorganization Job count cannot be created Preventing Basis tables from increasing considerably Incorrect system variant for RSBTCDEL DB6: No history data in the application monitor (ST07) Not all parts of a job log are deleted Batch input log overview: Delayed display iSeries: R/3 EBCDIC --> ASCII Codepage Conversion Doc.01.

2012 Page 6 of 6 . reorganization jobs Number 144864 130978 129252 98065 48400 41547 19706 18319 18307 16513 12103 11070 7224 6604 Short Text SAP Remote Services: Technical preparation .Standard jobs.0A Reorganization of TemSe and Spool How does report RSPO0041 work? Tuning the Spooler Difficulties with the batch input log file Batch input logs and reorganization File system is full .10.ST03 RSPO1041 .SAP Note 16083 .Replacement for RSPO0041 Oracle DB Statistics for BW Tables Spool consistency check with RSPO1043 as of 4.what do I do? Contents of the TCOLL table Space requirements of TemSe and spooler Deleting old corrections and transport requests Deleting job logs at operating system level Attributes Attribute Transaction Transaction Transaction Transaction codes codes codes codes Value HIER SM36 SPAD SPAR 17.

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