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Mother Moon

Mother Moon

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  • Part 1: Astrology of the Lights
  • The Sun
  • The Moon
  • The Lights: The Sun and Moon
  • What Sign are You?
  • The Moon as Our Mother
  • The Moon as Our Child
  • Gazing at the Moon
  • The Moon and Memory
  • Growing Out of the Group
  • Mother and Child
  • The Self an Father
  • The Sun and Moon
  • Our Self and Sun
  • The Sun as Self
  • The Western Sun/Self
  • The Essential Self
  • The Self in the East
  • Eastern Psychology
  • Seeing the Self
  • Pointing Out the Mind
  • Are You Your Self?
  • Sunrise in the East
  • The Concept of the Self
  • Beyond the Heart Center or Sun
  • Earth or Heart Center
  • The Inner Self and Sun
  • Part 2: The Esoteric Tradition
  • Separating from the Moon
  • The Phoenix
  • Individuation
  • The Saturn Return
  • The Moon is Unborn
  • The Conversion
  • The Sun is Blinding
  • The Older and the Younger
  • The Moon as Feelings
  • One, Not Two
  • Moon Definition
  • Moon Phases
  • New Moon – Solar Tone
  • The Moon as Mother of the Earth:
  • The Syzygy
  • The Moon and Earth
  • The Sunshine
  • Energy Conversion
  • Deepening Our Enlightenment
  • Mentoring
  • Vampirization
  • Inner Ear
  • A Passing Phase
  • Some Time in the Sphere of the Moon
  • The Matrix of Womb
  • Feelings and Intuition
  • Proper Distance
  • The Placenta is Born
  • The Shining
  • The Aggregate of the Sun
  • Awakening to the Sun
  • More than a Shell
  • The Day of Our Death
  • Beyond the Prime
  • Who You Are
  • The End of Life
  • The Straighter the Line
  • The Eternal Self
  • It is An All Youth
  • The Sun is Shining
  • A Generation is 30 Years
  • All the Difference in the World
  • Witness to Life
  • Times of Search and Return for All Ages
  • The Limits of Life
  • Circulation at the Limits
  • The Passage of Saturn
  • What Is Initiation?
  • This Is It!
  • Eternity is Now
  • Saturn is the Physical
  • Endless Combinations
  • Saturn is Time
  • Saturn: Muladhara Chakra
  • Putting Off Life
  • The White Noise of Age
  • The Shape of Things to Come
  • The Personality
  • Ordering of Chaos
  • The Single Generation
  • Everlasting Life
  • A Limit of 30 Years
  • The Generation Gap
  • Lie the Snake Shedding Its Skin
  • Eastern Astrology: Lunation Cycle
  • The Lunar Birthday
  • The Cycle of the Sun and Moon
  • Lunar Gaps
  • Thirty Lunar Days
  • Moments of Clarity
  • Summary: Lunar Gaps
  • Observation Times
  • Lunar Opportunities
  • Taking Advantage of the Lunar Cycle
  • Lunation Cycle in Western Astrology
  • The Phases of the Moon
  • Phase Cycles
  • New Moon
  • Second Quarter
  • Full Moon
  • Fourth Quarter
  • Seed Impulse: Themes
  • Eclipses
  • The Vision of the Eclipse
  • The Lunation Cycle: East and West
  • East and West
  • Gaps in the Clouds
  • The Thirty Lunar Days
  • The Four Quarters
  • Protector Days
  • Days of Observation
  • Health and Healing
  • Purification Days
  • Insight Moments
  • Open Channels
  • Summary
  • The Lunation Cycle
  • Earth's Aura
  • Auroras
  • Rainfall
  • Thunderstorms and Cosmic Radiation
  • The Moon and Geomagnetic Activity
  • Polar Cap Absorption (PCA)
  • Solar Sectors
  • Solar Magnetic Field
  • Lunar Variations
  • Father-line Deities
  • Solar Flares
  • Exoteric References
  • Esoteric References
  • Lunar Phenomena
  • Moon Up / Moon Down
  • The Moon in the Signs
  • Geographic Latitude
  • Moon on the Horizon
  • Gravitational Force
  • New and Full Moons
  • The Tidal Vector
  • Radial component
  • Horizontal component
  • East/West horizontal component
  • North/South horizontal component
  • The Declination Cycle
  • Perigee/Apogee
  • Lunar Speed
  • The Nodal Cycle
  • Solar Wind
  • The Sun: Details
  • The Moon: Details
  • Mother Moon: Details
  • Moon In and Moon Out
  • The New Moon
  • First Quarter
  • Last Quarter
  • Mind Practice
  • Sitting and Looking
  • The Techniques
  • The 144 Solunar Combinations
  • Sun in Aries (Initiate / Action)
  • Moon in Aries (Initiate / Action)
  • Sun in Taurus (Embody / Possess) Moon in Taurus (Embody / Possess)
  • Sun in Gemini (Communication) Moon in Gemini (Communication)
  • Sun in Cancer (Feel / Experience) Moon in Cancer (Feel / Experience)
  • Sun in Leo (Express / Awareness) Moon in Leo (Express / Awareness)
  • Sun in Virgo (Care / Conserving) Moon in Virgo (Care / Conserving)
  • Sun in Libra (Public / Partners) Moon in Libra (Public / Partners)
  • Sun in Scorpio (Business / Critical) Moon in Scorpio (Business / Critical)
  • Sun in Sagittarius (Direct / Religion) Moon in Sagittarius (Direct / Religion)
  • Sun in Capricorn (Manage / Practical) Moon in Capricorn (Manage / Practical)
  • Sun in Aquarius (Community / Plans) Moon in Aquarius (Community / Plans)
  • Sun in Pisces (Acceptance / Psychology) Moon in Pisces (Acceptance / Psychology)
  • The Sun in the Zodiac
  • Sun in Aries (Natal)
  • Sun in Aries (Transit)
  • Sun in Taurus (Natal)
  • Sun in Taurus (Transit)
  • Sun in Gemini (Natal)
  • Sun in Gemini (Transit)
  • Sun in Cancer (Natal)
  • Sun in Cancer (Transit)
  • Sun in Leo (Natal)
  • Sun in Leo (Transit)
  • Sun in Virgo (Natal)
  • Sun in Virgo (Transit)
  • Sun in Libra (Natal)
  • Sun in Libra (Transit)
  • Sun in Scorpio (Natal)
  • Sun in Scorpio (Transit)
  • Sun in Sagittarius (Natal)
  • Sun in Sagittarius (Transit)
  • Sun in Capricorn (Natal)
  • Sun in Capricorn (Transit)
  • Sun in Aquarius (Natal)
  • Sun in Aquarius (Transit)
  • Sun in Pisces (Natal)
  • The Moon in the Zodiac
  • Moon in Aries (Natal)
  • Moon in Aries (Transit)
  • Moon in Taurus (Natal)
  • Moon in Taurus (Transit)
  • Moon in Gemini (Natal)
  • Moon in Gemini (Transit)
  • Moon in Cancer (Natal)
  • Moon in Cancer (Transit)
  • Moon in Leo (Natal)
  • Moon in Leo (Transit)
  • Moon in Virgo (Natal)
  • Moon in Virgo (Transit)
  • Moon in Libra (Natal)
  • Moon in Libra (Transit)
  • Moon in Scorpio (Natal)
  • Moon in Scorpio (Transit)
  • Moon in Sagittarius (Natal)
  • Moon in Sagittarius (Transit)
  • Moon in Capricorn (Natal)
  • Moon in Capricorn (Transit)
  • Moon in Aquarius (Natal)
  • Moon in Aquarius (Transit)
  • Moon in (Natal)
  • Moon in (Transit)
  • Author Michael Erlewine
  • A Brief Bio of Michael Erlewine
  • Example Astro*Image Card
  • Personal Astrology Readings
  • The Heart Center House
  • Heart Center Library
  • The All-Music Guide / All-Movie Guide
  • Heart Center Meditation Room
  • Heart Center Symbol
  • Music Career
  • Email:

The Full Moon marks outward extension and completion
of the project. For better or worse, this is it! If we have
tuned into the insight available at the New Moon -- and
if we have worked to that end -- the Full Moon can
represent a time of fruition and completion. What we
have dreamed or seen in the mind is now real and can
be experienced in the flesh. If we have worked at cross
purposes to the New Moon message, then the Full
Moon might bring home that fact as well. We can reap
the reward of our misguided effort. Above all, the Full
Moon represents an experience -- a fullness, if you will.
The Third Quarter is a time during which we can
appreciate, enjoy, and begin to reflect on the experience
that peaked at the time of the Full Moon. This quarter is
traditionally a time for growing awareness of what

Mother Moon: The Astrology of the Lights


happened at the Full Moon, and learning and
assimilation. The Full Moon impact and experience
begins to pass, and we find ourselves having thoughts
about that experience. If nothing more, we sense that
the experience is over, and is passing. Reflection
occurs. We begin to grasp and appreciate the Full Moon
experience, for better or for worse. As the lunar light
begins to diminish, we start drawing conclusions of one
sort or another -- taking a lesson.

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