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Mother Moon

Mother Moon

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Published by: 0987654321` on Apr 07, 2013
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Saturn relates to the muladhara or densest chakra,
matter in its most dense form.
Overcoming Satan or Saturn has in almost all religions
been the key to spiritual life. It is well worthwhile to learn
all we can about this planet, not because we worship
Saturn, but that we might better learn what overcoming
Saturn is - what Saturn is, how and when to overcome
In some sense our past or other lives, our other
incarnations, perhaps are living now. How often do we
find ourselves dreaming of being a big star or something
more than we are, dreaming of being any body else but
the body you happen to be. It may sound fanciful, but
this experience is anything but uncommon.
Being unwilling or unable to work with the body we have
to do or work with and instead, dreaming, wishing or

Mother Moon: The Astrology of the Lights


projecting ourselves into some body else or some future
body that we imagine as a desirable body is common,
not rare. Spending our life living in a future that is not
now. What will we do? What might we be? What it
would be like when and if?
Ignoring or rejecting the body of life, the body of
experience, the body that we now have, that we now
have to do and (instead) saving or hoping for a body or
opportunity to bring all of this imagined life about.

Waiting… takes forever.

Mother Moon: The Astrology of the Lights


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