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1) ABSCOND: to leave secretly Cheyenne ABSCONDED from McDonalds without paying her bill. 2) ABATE: to reduce in amount, degree, or severity After the storm ABATED, people left the shelter and returned to their homes. 3) ABSTAIN: to choose not to do something The priest will voluntarily ABSTAIN from sexual activity. 4) ABYSS: an extremely deep hole The rodent scurried into his hiding place in the deep ABYSS of the cave. Related words ABYSSAL: pertaining to great depth

ABYSMAL: extremely bad 5) ADULTERATE: to make impure The suspicious-tasting milk was ADULTERATED with water. Related words UNADULTERATED: pure ADULTERY: an illicit relationship; an affair 6) ADVOCATE: to speak in favor of The physician ADVOCATED a lifestyle including rigorous exercise. Related words ADVOCACY: active support for 7) AESTHETIC: concerning the appreciation of beauty Decorators include flowers in home decor for their AESTHETIC appeal. Related words AESTHETE: someone unusually sensitive to beauty AESTHETICISM: concern with beauty 8) AGGRANDIZE: to increase in power, influence, and reputation The overzealous job candidate AGGRANDIZED himself by claiming achievements beyond his ability. 9) ALLEVIATE: to make more bearable Two Ibuprofen will ALLEVIATE the pain from a headache. 10) AMALGAMATE: to combine; to mix together IBM and GE AMALGAMATED to form Mega-Corporation. Related Words AMALGAM: a mixture, especially of two metals 11) AMBIGUOUS: doubtful or uncertain; able to be interpreted several ways Jane's AMBIGUOUS response to his marriage proposal made Joe doubt her sincerity. Related Words AMBIGUITY: the quality of being ambiguous

to improve Jane can AMELIORATE her dental pain by taking aspirin. 18) APATHY: lack of interest or emotion APATHETIC voters don't bother to show up at the polls. 13) ANACHRONISM: something out of place in time The 1950's music seemed ANACHRONISTIC in the modern nightclub. equivalent to My love for my son is ANALOGOUS to my father's love for me.. annoy or provoke to anger The child ANTAGONIZED the cat by pulling its tail. a judge was forced to ARBITRATE their divorce proceedings. Related words ARBITRATION: a process by which a conflict is resolved ARBITRATOR: a judge . Related Words ANTAGONISTIC: tending to provoke conflict ANTAGONIST: someone who fights another 17) ANITPATHY: extreme dislike The ANTIPATHY between Clare and her mother-in-law often descended into verbal fighting.12) AMELIORATE: to make better. 14) ANALOGOUS: similar or alike in some way. 19) ARBITRATE: to judge a dispute between two opposing parties Since the couple could not agree on a property settlement. Related words ANALOGY: a similarity between things that are otherwise dissimilar ANALOGUE: something that is similar in some way to something else 15) ANOMALY: deviation from what is normal Her friendly behavior at the dance was an ANOMALOUS deviation from her ususal frosty demeanor. Related words ANOMALOUS: deviating from what is normal 16) ANTAGONIZE: to.

. undecorated The nuns' AUSTERE home was completely unadorned. Related words ARDENT: expressing ardor. to weaken The new law ATTENUATED the government's power to arrest people for frivolous reaosns. with no fear of possible reprisal.20) ARCHAIC: ancient. Related words AUSTERITY: severity. Related words BANALITY: the quality of being banal 28) BOLSTER: to support. especially poverty 27) BANAL: predictable. to prop up . Related words AUDACITY: the quality of being audacious 26) AUSTERE: severe or stern in appearance. cliched. Related words ARCHAISM: an outdated word or phrase 21) ARDOR: intense and passionate feeling Jason's ARDOR for Joan was evident when he passionately described the beauty of her smile. old-fashioned Her ARCHAIC computer could not handle the latest software. 25) AUDACIOUS: fearless and daring The AUDACIOUS waitress insulted her customer. 24) ATTENUATE: to reduce in force or degree. 23) ASSUAGE: to make something unpleasant less severe Paula used overeating to ASSUAGE her sense of meaninglessness and despair. boring Flight attendants greet all passengers with BANAL phrases like "Have a nice day". passionate 22) ARTICULATE: able to speak clearly and expressively His ARTICULATE defense of his client convinced the jury to acquit him of all charges.

Related words CAPRICE: whim. Related Words CHAOTIC: jumbled. sudden fancy 33) CASTIGATE: to punish or criticize harshly European countries CASTIGATE perpetrators harshly for crimes that are considered minor in the United States. Related words BOMBAST: pompous speech or writing 30) CACOPHONY: harsh. yet clever remarks gave him a reputation for CAUSTIC wit. confused 37) CHAUVINIST: someone prejudiced in favor of a group to which he or she belongs . 34) CATALYST: something that brings about a change in something else Jack's great job on the project was the CATALYST that led to his promotion.The metal brackets BOLSTERED the heavy bookshelves onto the wall. Related Words CATALYZE: to bring about a change in something else 35) CAUSTIC: biting in wit Jim's insulting. 31) CANDID: impartial and honest in speech Children's observations are usually CANDID and unpretentious. jarring noise The chirping of the birds created a CACOPHONY in the normally silent backyard. the children's behavior will descend into CHAOS. 29) BOMBASTIC: pompous in speech and manner Jake's BOMBASTIC claims were too outrageous to be believed. 32) CAPRICIOUS: changing one's mind quickly and often Jill's CAPRICIOUS nature led her to change boyfriends quite often. 36) CHAOS: great disorder or confusion Without proper supervision.

Jane made up a long. or disregard Failing to prosecute minor crimes CONDONES lawlessness. Related words COGITATE: to think deeply 40) CONDONE: to overlook. CONVOLUTED story to explain her absence. 42) CORROBORATE: to provide supporting evidence Physical evidence CORROBORATED the witness's testimony. 43) CREDULOUS: too trusting. 39) COGENT: convincing and well reasoned Swayed by the COGENT argument of the defense. 41) CONVOLUTED: intricate and complicated Rather than tell the truth. gullible Only CREDULOUS 9-year-olds still believe in Santa Claus. propriety The biker lacked the DECORUM appropriate for a formal dinner. 45) DECORUM: appropriateness of behavior or conduct. the jury acquitted the defendant. courtesy Gentle George treated his elderly grandmother with the utmost DEFERENCE. 38) CHICANERY: deception by means of craft or guile Dishonest salesmen often use CHICANERY to sell their least desirable products. pardon. Related words DECOROUS: conforming to acceptable standards 46) DEFERENCE: respect.Male CHAUVINISTS think that men are inherently superior to women. . Related words CREDULITY: the quality of being credulous 44) CRESCENDO: steadily increasing volume or force The CRESCENDO of tension became unbearable as the mystery movie continued.

Related words DERISION: mockery and taunts DERISIVE: in a mocking manner 48) DESICCATE: to dry out thoroughly DESICCATED coconut has been dried and browned in a hot oven. 52) DILATE: to make larger. 54) DILETTANTE: someone with an amateurish and superficial interest in a topic DILETTANTES have only a superficial interest in the hobby. condemnatory speech The angry husband bellowed a DIATRIBE at his unsuspecting wife. disconnected Jade had a DESULTORY education. to show someone deference DEFERENT: courteous and respectful 47) DERIDE: to speak of or treat with contempt. 50) DESULTORY: jumping from one thing to another. 55) DIRGE: a funeral hymn or mournful speech Mike wrote a DIRGE for the funeral of his cherished grandfather. to mock The awkward teenager was often DERIDED by his more popular peers. 51) DIFFIDENT: lacking self-confidence Sara's DIFFIDENT manner during her date suggested she was not interested in Jake.Related words DEFER: to delay. 53) DILATORY: intended to delay The attorney used DILATORY means to stall the trial. Related words DESICCANT: something that removes water from another substance 49) DIATRIBE: an abusive. . dropping out at the drop of a hat. to expand My pupils DILATE when I enter a dark room.

entirely unlike The boys look alike. a person who is easily deceived Con artists often DUPE the elderly out of their life savings. 59) DISSEMBLE: to present a false appearance. often of sounds The DISSONANCE in the woods was caused by the is the inner conflict produced when longstanding beliefs are contradicted by new evidence. to disguise one's real intentions or character The lying husband could DISSEMBLE to his wife no longer. Related words EFFICACIOUS: effective. 57) DISCERN: to perceive.56) DISABUSE: to set right. productive . to recognize It is not always easy to DISCERN the difference between the truth and lies. DOGMATIC: dictatorial in one's opinions The dictator was DOGMATIC-he. Related words DISCERNMENT: taste and cultivation 58) DISPARATE: fundamentally different. and only he. 62) DUPE: to deceive. was right. to free from error Benjamin Franklin DISABUSED critics who didn't understand electricity . 60) DISSONANCE: a harsh and disagreeable combination. 61) DOGMA: a firmly held opinion. 64) EFFICACY: effectiveness The EFFICACY of the drug is reduced if it is not taken according to the directions. 63) ECLECTIC: selecting from or made up from a variety of sources Jade's furiniture is an ECLECTIC mix of modern and southwestern styles. he admitted his plans to leave her. often a religious belief Karen's firm DOGMA was that our souls all live multiple lives through reincarnation. yet their personalities are DISPARATE.

67) EMULATE: to copy.65) ELEGY: a sorrowful poem or speech The author wrote an emotional ELEGY about his mother's death. to try to equal or excel Jody tried to EMULATE her older sister Connie. or bring about Laura's fear of dogs was ENGENDERED at age six. 71) ENUMERATE: to count. copying her dress. or itemize The wife ENUMERATED her husband's faults during their bitter argument. Related words UNNERVE: to deprive of strength or courage 69) ENGENDER: to produce. when she was bitten by a pit bull. hairstyle and mannerisims. cause. 70) ENIGMA: a puzzle. Related words ELEGIAC: like an elegy. 73) EQUIVOCATE: to use expressions of double meaning in order to mislead . 72) EPHEMERAL: lasting a short time The heady romantic phase of a relationship is EPHEMERAL in the context of a lifelong marriage. list. a mystery Lois was so quiet about her personal life that she was somewhat of an ENIGMA in the otherwise close group. especially in speech The President gave an ELOQUENT speech in honor of the lost soldiers. mournful 66) ELOQUENT: persuasive and moving. 68) ENERVATE: to reduce in strength The US military's surprise attacks ENERVATED the opposing army.

Related Words EQUIVOCAL: undecided. 77) ESTIMABLE: admirable Diane's commitment to charity work is ESTIMABLE.The witness EQUIVOCATED when questioned by the police. outlining his achievements and delightful personality. scholarly. Related words ERUDITION: extensive knowledge or learning 76) ESOTERIC: known or understood by only a few The teacher struggled to explain the ESOTERIC world of forensic science to the young class. mistaken. trying to deceive EQUIVOCATION: the act or state of equivocating 74) ERRATIC: wandering and unpredictable The excited puppy ran ERRATICALLY through the house. Related words ESTEEM: high regard 78) EULOGY: speech in praise of someone David gave his father's EULOGY. . misleading them about the time of the robbery. well-published individuals. often bumping into the furniture. bookish The annual research meeting attracted the most ERUDITE. 79) EUPHEMISM: use of an inoffensive word or phrase in place of a more distasteful one The human resource director preferred to use the EUPHEMISM "outsourced" instead of "fired. roving 75) ERUDITE: learned. the antacid EXACERBATED Karen's queaziness. Related words ERRANT: straying. considering her busy schedule." 80) EXACERBATE: to make worse Instead of helping.

84) EXPLICIT: clearly stated or shown. 82) EXIGENT: urgent. Related Words EXPLICABLE: capable of being explained EXPLICATE: to give a detailed explanation 85) FANATICAL: acting excessively enthusiastic. 87) FERVID: intensely emotional. praising even his worst movies.81) EXCULPATE: to clear from blame. filled with extreme. it was EXIGENT for the police to capture them. requiring immediate action Because the bank robbers had loaded weapons. unquestioned devotion The moviegoers were FANATICAL in their devotion to Jim Carrey. feverish Bon Jovi fans were FERVID. 83) EXONERATE: to clear of blame Mr. Williams was EXONERATED when his partner confessed to stealing the money. hoping to gain a backstage pass for the concert. prove innocent The defense attorney was hired to EXCULPATE his innocent client. forthright in expression The homeowners left a list of EXPLICIT instructions for their housecleaner to follow. doing anything to catch a glimpse of the group. 86) FAWN: to grovel Diane FAWNED over the stagehand. Related Words FERVENT: enthusiastic FERVOR: passion 88) FLORID: excessively decorated or embellished .

93) GUILE: deceit or trickery The desperate soldier resorted to GUILE in an effort to trap his enemy. 91) GARRULOUS: tending to talk a lot Jake loved GARRULOUS women. she was able to save more than half of her take-home pay. Related words GULL: a person who is easily tricked 95) HOMOGENOUS: of a similar kind The group was fairly HOMOGENOUS.Having more money than taste. the lottery winner decorated her home in an excessively FLORID style. and institutions . customs. 89) FOMENT: to arouse or incite The candidate tried to FOMENT sentiment against the war during his impassioned speech. whose continuous allowed him to quietly listen. 90) FRUGALITY: a tendency to be thrifty or cheap Due to Claire's FRUGALITY. Related words GUILELESS: innocent. including seven food science majors. without trickery 94) GULLIBLE: easily deceived The con man fooled GULLIBLE elderly people into investing their life savings. sociable Jill was so GREGARIOUS that she was always surrounded by friends. Related words HOMOGENIZED: thorougly mixed together 96) ICONOCLAST : one who opposes established beliefs. 92) GREGARIOUS: outgoing.

Related Words INGENUE: a naive girl or young woman DISINGENUOUS: giving a false impression of innocence 103) INIMICAL: hostile. the two sides were still INIMICAL to each other. Rachel preffered to think through her options thoroughly.Because he rejected traditional beliefs. the author's ideas were still in an INCHOATE. even when faced with the wildest tantrums. incapable of being affected A good roof is IMPERVIOUS to moisture. trusting everyone with the innocence of a child. Jerry Garcia was considered an ICONOCLAST. disorganized In his first rough manuscript. 102) INGENUOUS: showing innocence or childlike simplicity Diane was INGENUOUS by nature. Related Words PLACATE: to make peaceful 101) INCHOATE: not fully formed. 97) IMPERTURBABLE: not capable of being disturbed The day care worker seemed IMPERTURBABLE. unfriendly Despite settling their lawsuit. Related Words IMPETUS: impulse 100) IMPLACABLE: unable to be calmed down or made peaceful John's rage at his wife's betrayal left him IMPLACABLE for weeks. Related words PERTURB: to disturb greatly 98) IMPERVIOUS: impossible to penetrate. 99) IMPETUOUS: quick to act without thinking . rather than make an IMPETUOUS move. .

107) INUNDATE: to overwhelm. who was named Teacher of the Year.104) INNOCUOUS: harmless Most bacteria are INNOCUOUS and pose no danger to humans. extremely generous or extravagant (adj.) . to glorify The students LAUDED the success of Mr. to grieve Marah continues to LAMENT the death of her mother. Related Words IRATE: angry 109) LACONIC: using few words Laura was a LACONIC speaker who used words as sparingly as possible. 110) LAMENT: to express sorrow. 106) INTRANSIGENT: uncompromising. refusing to be reconciled Joe's boss was INTRANSIGENT on the deadline. 105) INSIPID: lacking interest or flavor INSIPID writing lacks interest and flavor. Stevens. to cover with water After the hurricane. the insurance company was INUNDATED with claims. 111) LAUD: to give praise.). 108) IRASCIBLE: easily made angry Dave's IRASCIBLE nature made it hard to keep friends and lovers. Related words LAUDABLE: worth of praise LAUDATORY: expressing praise 112) LAVISH: to give unsparingly (v. insisting that the project be completed on time.

brilliant. Related Words LUCIDITY: clarity LUCENT: glowing with light 116) LUMINOUS: bright.She LAVISHED the child with so much attention that it soon become selfish and spoiled. convincing speaking LOQUACITY: the quality of being loquacious 115) LUCID: clear and easily understood The explanations were written in a simple and LUCID manner that readers easily understood. Related Words ILLUMINATE: to shine light on LUMINARY: an inspiring person 117) MALINGER: to evade responsibility by pretending to be ill John hoped that his MALINGERING would prevent him from being drafted. Related words LINGER: to be slow in leaving 118) MALLEABLE: capable of being shaped MALLEABLE precious metals can easily be formed into almost any shape. 113) LETHARGIC: acting in an indifferent or slow. Related Words ELOQUENCE: powerful. 114) LOQUACIOUS: talkative Her LOQUACIOUS nature was a problem at times when listening was more important than talking. glowing The beach was bathed in LUMINOUS sunshine all summer long. sluggish manner The effects of mono left Grace so LETHARGIC that she couldn't complete her chores. .

Monica was OBDURATE on the issue. 122) MITIGATE: to soften.119) METAPHOR: a figure of speech comparing two different things. Related Words METAPHORICAL: standing as a symbol for something else 120) METICULOUS: extremely careful about details The investigators METICULOUSLY examined every inch of the crime scene. to lessen The storm MITIGATED after several hours. 123) MOLLIFY: to calm or make less severe The sparring spouses were so angry that no compromise would MOLLIFY them. a symbol The METAPHOR "a sea of troubles" suggests a lot of troubles by comparing their number to the vastness of the sea. resistant to persuasion . and no amount of persuasion would change her mind. . Related words NAIVETE: the state of being naive 126) OBDURATE: hardened in feeling. Related Words MONOTONE: a sound that is made at the same tone or pitch 125) NAIVE: lacking sophistication or experience Jane was so young and NAIVE that she believed the man's insincere flattery. allowing stranded motorists to resume their journey home. 124) MONOTONY: lack of variation The MONOTONY of the simple task drove the factoy worker crazy. 121) MISANTHROPE: a person who dislikes others Scrooge is such a MISANTHROPE that even children make him angry.

unyielding The OBSTINATE child refused to eat any food that she disliked. 131) ONEROUS: troublesome and oppressive. the light from the sun is OCCLUDED by the moon. burdensome The huge assignment was an ONEROUS burden to the already overworked team.127) OBSEQUIOUS: overly submissive and eager to please The OBSEQUIOUS new secretary complimented her supervisors to the point of embarrassment. Related Words . such as a bow 128) OBSTINATE: stubborn. OSTENTATIOUS manner. to prevent the passage of During a solar eclipse. 130) OCCLUDE: to stop up. Related Words OPACITY: the quality of being obscure and indecipherable 133) OPPROBRIUM: public disgrace After his torrid extramarital affair became public. 129) OBVIATE: to prevent. preventing the passage of light The windows were almost OPAQUE from the buildup of dirt. Related Words OBEISANCE: a physical show of respect or submission. to make unnecessary The unexpected bonus check OBVIATED her need for an emergency loan. 134) OSTENTATION: excessive showiness The King's palace was over-decorated in a dramatic. the Governor resigned in OPPROBRIUM. 132) OPAQUE: impossible to see through.

137) PEDANT: someone who shows off learning The professor's excessive commentary on the topic gained him a reputation as a PEDANT. treachery 139) PERFUNCTORY: done in a routine way. talented and fit. Related words PEDANTIC: making an excessive display of learning 138) PERFIDIOUS: willing to betray one's trust The actress's PERFIDIOUS boyfriend revealed all of her intimate secrets to the press.OSTENSIBLE: apparent 135) PARADOX: a contradiction or dilemma In a sad PARADOX . Related words IMPERMEABLE: unable to be permeated 141) PHILANTHROPY: charity. Related words PHILANTHROPIST: someone who is generous and desires to promote goodness . 136) PARAGON: model of excellence or perfection Miss America is the PARAGON of what a young woman should be: beautiful. indifferent The harried waitress took the order and gave the waiting customer a PERFUNCTORY smile. 140) PERMEATE: to penetrate The spilled wine PERMEATED the white linen table cloth. intelligent. a desire or effort to promote goodness Charities owe most of their working cpaital to the PHILANTHROPY of private citizens in the community. those most in need of medical attention are least able to obtain it. Related Words PERFIDY: deceit.

the employee PREVARICATED to avoid being chastised. Related words PLACID: tolerant. like rain or snow. 148) PRISTINE: fresh and clean. calm IMPLACABLE: unable to be made peaceful 143) PLASTIC: able to be molded. 149) PRODIGAL: lavish. PRAGMATIC people realize that the odds are stacked heavily stacked against them. lacking deliberation The revelation of Cassie's extramarital affair PRECIPITATED her divorce. 145) PRAGMATIC: practical as opposed to idealistic While dreamers think they may win the lottery. altered. uncorrupted Jane cleaned all day so that Bob would return to a PRISTINE house. or bent The PLASTIC material could be formed into products of vastly different shape. that fall from the sky 147) PREVARICATE: to lie or deviate from the truth Rather than admit the truth. Related Words PRECIPITOUS: very steep PRECIPICE: a steep cliff PRECIPITATION: weather phenomena. wasteful . 144) PLETHORA: excess The house was overrun with a PLETHORA of knick knacks.142) PLACATE: to soothe or pacify The burglar tried to PLACATE the snarling dog by offering it a treat. Related Words PRAGMATISM: a practical approach to problem solving 146) PRECIPITATE: to throw violently or bring about abruptly.

obedience to rules and customs My grandmother maintained a high level of PROPRIETY. caution. adhering to dozens of social rules. Related Words PROPITIOUS: advantageous. favorable 152) PROPRIETY: correct behavior. Related Words QUIESCENCE: state of rest or inactivity . or restraint The college student exhibited PRUDENCE by carefully managing her small savings. Related Words PRODIGALITY: excessive or reckless spending 150) PROLIFERATE: to increase in number quickly The two hamsters quickly PROLIFERATED to several dozen. Related Words PRUDE: someone who is excessively concerned with propriety PRUDISH: prissy and puritanical 154) PUNGENT: sharp and irritating to the senses The smoke from the burning casserole was extremely PUNGENT 155) QUIESCENT: motionless QUIESCENT animals minimize their activity to conserve energy. Related Words APPROPRIATE: suitable for a particular occasion or place 153) PRUDENCE: wisdom.The PRODIGAL son wasted his inheritance on a decadent lifestyle. Related Words PROLIFIC: very productive or highly able to reproduce rapidly 151) PROPITIATE: to conciliate. to appease The management PROPITIATED the irate union by agreeing to raise wages.

. reserved RETICENT in her speech. Clara often remains unnoticed. Related Words SATE: to fully satisfy or ov:erindulge INSATIABLE: incapable of being satisfied 161) SOPORIFIC: causing sleep or lethargy The SOPORIFIC movie left most viewers sleepy.156) RAREFY: to make thinner or sparser Because the atmosphere RAREFIES as altitudes increase. the air at the top of very tall mountains is too thin to breathe. Related Words SOPOR: deep sleep 162) SPECIOUS: deceptively attractive. Related Words RAREFACTION: the process of making something less dense 157) REPUDIATE: to reject the validity of The woman's paternity suit was REPUDIATED when DNA tests showed her ex-boyfriend was not the father of her baby. 159) RHETORIC: effective writing or speaking Lincoln's talent for RHETORIC was evident in his Gettysburg Address. but was proved otherwise when her teacher called her home. 158) RETICENT: silent. 160) SATIATE: to satisfy fully or overindulge His desire for power was so great that nothing could SATIATE it. seemingly plausible but fallacious Jill's SPECIOUS excuse sounded legitimate.

lacking sensitivity The convict appeared STOLID and unaffected by the judge's harsh sentence. Related words TORPID: sluggish. lacking movement . 169) TORPOR: extreme mental and physical sluggishness After surgery. there is still a STIGMA against single motherhood. Related words TACIT: done without using words 168) TIRADE: long. the patient experienced TORPOR until the anesthesia wore off. not talkative John's father was so TACITURN that he rarely spoke to his own children. Related Words STIGMATIZE: to disgrace.163) STIGMA: a mark of shame or discredit As progressive as we seem. harsh speech or verbal attack Diane was shocked at the man's TIRADE over such a minor mistake. to label with negative terms or reputation 164) STOLID: unemotional. Related Words TACITURN: silent. 165) SUBLIME: lofty or grand The SUBLIME music transformed the ordinary surroundings into a special place. Related words SUBLIMATE: to elevate or convert into something of higher worth SUBLIMINAL: existing outside conscious awareness 166) TACIT: done without using words The group made an TACIT agreement about which course of action to take. not talkative 167) TACITURN: silent.

the young VENERATE their elders. Related words TRANSIT: to pass through. one who stays a short time 171) VACILLATE: to sway physically. word for word VERBIAGE: lots of words that are usually superfluous 175) VEX: to annoy The quiet old man was VEXED by his neighbor's loud music. Related words VEXATION: a feeling of irritation . worthy of respect 173) VERACITY: filled with truth and accuracy The doctor's reputation for VERACITY made everyone trusted her description of events. deferring to their wisdom and experience. lasting a brief time The student lived a TRANSITORY life. 172) VENERATE: to respect deeply In China. Related words VENERABLE: old. accurate 174) VERBOSE: wordy The witness's answer was so VERBOSE that the attorney forgot his original question. to be indecisive The customer VACILlATED between ordering chocolate chip or rocky road ice cream. Related words VERITY: truth VERACIOUS: truthful.170) TRANSITORY: temporary. Related words VERBALIZE: to put into words VERBATIM: to quote using the exact words. to change or make a transition TRANSIENT: passing quickly in and out of existence. moving almost every semester.

Words with similar meanings BREEZY . Related Words ZEALOT: a fanatic 180) ZEPHYR: gentle breeze The coolness of the room was enhanced by the ZEPHYR coming through the window. unpredictable The WHIMSICAL ballet delighted the children with its imaginative characters. sparking enthusiasm in the other team members.176) VOLATILE: easily aroused or changeable. lively or explosive Fawn's VOLATILE personality made it hard to predict her reaction to anything. Related words WHIM: a fancy or sudden notion 179) ZEAL: passion. excitement Cathy brought ZEAL to the project. 178) WHIMSICAL: acting in a fanciful or capricious manner. 177) WAVER: to fluctuate between choices Dave WAVERED between asking Cathy and Sharon to the dance.

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