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Cover Letter(12 Aug 2010)

Cover Letter(12 Aug 2010)

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Cover letter
Cover letter

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Published by: Kunal Panja on Apr 07, 2013
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By :Rachit Shukla Ruby Pasricha Akanksha Bhatnagar Kuntal Panja

What is a cover letter for resume  Why is it important  Things to keep in mind  Steps to success  Salutation  Opening Paragraph  Body  Closing Paragraph

WHAT IS A COVER LETTER FOR RESUME ?  A supplement to the resume that includes more detailed information about yourself  It highlights key points in your resume Expresses your personified interest in position It adds the cosmetic finesse to the refined information of resume a   .

energy and enthusiasm   .HOW IT WILL BENEFIT YOU/ WHY IS IT IMPORTANT  A potential employer's first impression of you is your cover letter Gain instant credibility with employers and strike a chord with him Opportunity to convey your focus.

   . don’t mimic another person’s writing style.THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND  Do not over use “I” Instead. place the focus on the employer and use the word “you” Restrict the content to one page The point of the cover letter is to flesh out your resume’s selling points not to repeat the same things that appear in your resume Use your own words when writing a cover letter.

.STEPS TO SUCCESS  Should be written in standard business format with your and the reviewer’s addresses at the top and your signature above your typed name at the bottom All letters should be single spaced. with each paragraph followed by a blank line   Be polite. Yes use good quality paper. enthusiastic. and confident in your abilities. flush left.

 Use a standard and easily readable font such as Times New Roman or Arial If emailing then send it to yourself first to check the formatting errors End with your sincerely and 4 blank lines between that and your name for signature   .CONTD..

especially its press releases.SHOW THAT YOU'RE INTERESTED  Visit the relevant company's website (if it has one) and look at any recent news articles. These will give you a sense of any industry issues facing the company you are interested in  . Read business newspapers and trade magazines.

SALUTATION  If you are addressing the letter to a specific person. start out with the formal salutation: Dear Mr. If you don’t know the name use: Dear Hiring Manager Refrain from using the old standby’s: To whom it may concern or Dear Sir or Madam  . Pierce.

CONTD. or Ms.  Pay close attention to the Mr. not a comma . use a colon after the name.. before genderneutral names  Finally.

OPENING PARAGRAPH The opening paragraph should accomplish a couple of goals:  It should grab the reader’s attention Discuss the position you are applying for List your references or how you heard about the job   .

CONTD..  Highlight your knowledge about the company Describe experience with its products Cite recent company success or article written about the company    Save specifics for interview .

. My experience working as a Help Desk Student Assistant in the Division of Information Technology at San Francisco State University and my vast experience in the audio field has prepared me for the technological and user support this job requires. Pierce: As the enclosed resume attests. the customer support position advertised in the Sacramento Bee is a perfect fit with my qualifications. making me an ideal candidate for this position.OPENING PARAGRAPH EXAMPLE Dear Mr.

BODY  Emphasize your strongest qualifications or top selling points Show how these qualifications will benefit the company you’re applying for Address the employer’s requirements directly. and don’t be afraid to use special formatting to your advantage   .

 Address gaps in your work history or other problems evident on your résumé. But do not volunteer negative information unless you must.CONTD. confident tone. Always maintain a positive.. You may provide examples of your achievements that have benefited previous companies  .

. and Dreamweaver. This experience. staff and students. I have offered high-responsibility computer and software support for faculty. In addition. has given me a thorough background of many different forms of software and operating systems including the Windows and Apple families. I have also become very comfortable Performing hardware and software upgrades on Windows and Mac machines and working with various types of networks including wireless and LAN. Microsoft Office.BODY PARAGRAPH EXAMPLE As my resume highlights. along with constant home use of computers. I master new skills quickly and complete tasks efficiently.

rather than asking them to contact you. in other words. tell them you will contact them in a few days Be genuine and thank them for their time    .CLOSING PARAGRAPH  The closing is your chance to show commitment to the job Ask for an interview and repeat phone number Try using an active ending.

CLOSING PARAGRAPH EXAMPLE Please take the time to look over my resume. please do not hesitate to contact me at 916-424-4444. • Don’t forget to sign your letter . Thank you for your time and consideration. and feel free to contact my references. In the meantime. I will follow up with you in a few days to answer any preliminary questions you might have. I would love to further discuss this position in person.

Good Luck! .Be sure to send both resume and cover letter to the prospective employer.

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