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Introduction to The Borrowers by Mary Norton: The Borrowers are tiny people who live tucked away on the

barely visible fringes of human society. The large English manor in this story was a place that used to support both a sizeable human population and many Borrower families. But with food shortages and other changes, many Borrower families emigrated to the open country beyond the mansion. The Clocks father Pod, mother Homily and daughter Arrietty have survived comfortably beneath the kitchen floorboards because of the location, Pod's skill and extensive safety measures. But one night, a human visitor referred to as the Boy discovers Pod. Although the family knows that it would be safest to emigrate immediately, which Arrietty sees as an adventure, Homily can't bear the thought. They decide to stay, but Arrietty can no longer continue to live as a protected child she must learn the realities of life as a Borrower, both for her own safety and the family's.