Possible, yes. Likely, not very. Has ANY mystery ever been proven to BE magic? N o. So...

even if it's possible, it's highly more likely to not be magic in which case this is the stronger side to be on. New Image: Rich Coast. It's great to be back after an amazing visit to Costa Ric a. On our last day at Manuel Antonio there was an exhilarating tropical thunders how which lasted all day and evolved into a magical sunset. I took many images, including the one I previously posted of my son standing on this log. Now that I 'm home and on my calibrated monitor I'm able to develop these images properly. This was the last image I took as the color faded. It was dark enough that there was very little light and color visible to the eye, but a 30 second exposure at ISO 400 reveals the lingering colorful glow. Luminosity mask adjustments, a sli ght Orton effect and a couple of +Tony Kuyper's actions helped me develop the im age to try to communicate how I experienced that final evening in my mind. This message is intended primarily for the Google+ team, but I'm posting it publ icly so we can have a conversation about it. I'm going to say this as plainly as I can: People love streams, dashboards and " rivers." We want to monitor real-time information as it happens. That's why Facebook Home is brilliant. That's why people like Twitter, and Twitter... It's hard to attack the content of Facebook posts. G+ was and still is benefitti ng from an unexpected convergence of like interests and public minded posters wh o had a hard time communicating on Twitter for long conversations, and who didn' t like the friend hording that lead to farmville notification spam.

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