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Language  Diversity  Plan:  

Teaching Strategies:

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Celebrate Cultural backgrounds and linguistic differences Thinking about my students and their families as assets with their varied life experiences. Get to know Students o Visit ESL/ELD Teacher o Communicate with Student Visual aids o Pictures used for presentations, or posted on the board, vocabulary flash cards with pictures for content words. o Study guides will be given out with simple explanations of the content with pictures.

Management Strategies:

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Safe  and  productive  learning  environment  for  all  of  my  students.   Greet  students  as  they  walk  into  class     Lead by example practicing and teaching respect, and celebration of all cultural.

Learning Environment:

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Celebrating where each student has come from and how he or she has gotten here. Language  learners  seated  throughout  the  classroom  where  they  can  see  the  board  with  the   possibility  of  quick  learning  checks  without  stopping  the  whole  class,  or  drawing  attention   to  the  student.    

Assessment Strategies:

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Clear  instructions  on  how  to  respond  to  various  test  formats.       Student  Choice  with  in  assessments     o These  assessments  will  come  from  a  list  of  varied  projects,  papers,  and   presentations  that  all  have  the  same  essential  question  asked  that  connects  to  the   content.     Rubrics   Accommodations

Giving feedback:

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Oral,  and  written,  formal  and  informal  feedback.     Work  with  ESL  teacher  to  give  written  feedback  in  their  native  language  

Grading policies:

Earning  the  Best  grade  possible   o I  want  my  students  to  feel  good  about  what  they  turn  in,  and  if  they  feel  they  could   do  better  on  an  assignment  after  it  has  been  turned  in  and  graded  I  will  allow  them   to  take  it  back  correct  the  mistakes  and  return  it  in  for  a  better  grade