4/8/13 Ontario Court of Justice (Registered Canada Post

Provincial Offenses Office The Regional Municipality of York Suite 200, 465 Davis Drive Newmarket, ON L3Y 7TN

Offense Number 5654303Z In temporary construction 60 km zone needing to merge with 70 km traffic present path rapidy running out accelerated so as to not intervene with traffic flow. (Slamming on the brakes would have upset the flow of cars following me.) With 80 km zone approaching noticed I was speeding let up on accelerator simultaneously glancing rear view mirror noting police car with lights flashing pulled over to be informed was speeding clocked 100 km in 60 km zone. I contend dealt with the normal realities in sane fashion while the police took advantage of this particular environment in the façade of providing a public service make work program at the expense of the taxpayer that are continuously exasperated. In accordance with options provided select Option 2 –Early Resolution – Meet with Prosecutor I request a meeting with a prosecutor to discuss the possible resolution of the charge


Wild Card Option – Entertain Sanity I have provided all that I can offer to the resolve of the issue at hand with a superfluous meeting further exasperating me while simultaneously further wasting taxpayers’ money, with me ultimately a taxpayer. In accordance with ticket document You will be sent a meeting notice to the address on file. It is my contention a meeting of the minds is possible and quite frankly expected. I await your decision, as do we all. A stitch in time would be fine as would trashing the fine authority benign Frank Gallagher www.Docket13.com PS It’s never too late until it is