ARM-11 Tiny6410 Android/Linux/WinCE Board @ Rs. 8500.


32 bit Bus Interface 4 x User Leds 10 pin 2.3 Ubuntu 9.6.0mm space GPIO connector Power Supply Supply Voltage from 2.0mm space DIP connector 2 x 30 pin 2.0mm space Jtag connector Reset button on board Connector 2 x 60 pin 2.38 Android 2.Tiny6410 CPU Board Item CPU Description • Samsung S3C6410A. run at 533Mhz ARM1176JZF-S. up to 667Mhz RAM • • • • • • • • • • • • • 128 MB DDR RAM Flash 256 MB NAND.0V to 6V Size 64 x 50 x 12mm (L x W x H) OS Support Windows CE 6 Linux 2.10 Feature of the Tiny6410 SDK .

264. 4 x TTL-level serial port Block 1 x RCA output Mainly used to access SD WiFi module (also includes SPI. up to 30fps @ SD 3D hardware acceleration support Promise to support graphics scaling. rotation. connected CPU's AD0 channel On-board battery backup RTC clock 5V 180 x 130 mm DVD + http://www.263. seat pin and 2.Item CPU Frequency RAM Nand Flash Multimedia 3D 2D Debug Port Indicator Test button USB Slave USB Host Network Interface Audio I/O SD Card Serial TV-OUT SDIO2 Interface LCD Interface Buzzer IR Temperature Sensor ADC conversion RTC clock Power Supply PCB size Software’s Description Samsung S3C6410A(ARM1176JZF-S) Operating frequency 533Mhz. 1 x Power LED 8 x User Buttons. H. including seats. flip COM0 + JTAG + USB Slave 4 x User LED (in the core board). to achieve 4 USB Host 10/100M MB Ethernet.0mm pitch) 1 x PWM control the buzzer output 1 channel infrared receiver 1 Road DS18B02 Temperature Sensor An adjustable resistor.5mm pitch SMT. interrupt-style buttons 1 x mini USB (OTG floor is not designed to function) Through the USB HUB chip.andahammer. VC1 hardware decoding.5mm input and output ports Normal SD card connector 3 x RS232 DB9 serial port. RJ-45 interfaces Standard two-channel audio input 3. up to 667Mhz 128 MB DDR RAM 256MB Nand Flash Support for Mpeg4. I2C interface) 3 LCD Interface Block leads (0. ORDER INFO .

pdf http://myboards.googlecode.6.0 BSP Linux http://myboards.0"LCD) WiFI/Bluetooth/GPRS/GPS/3G/Camera Price Documents (user source code Ubuntu source code Rs.pdf http://myboards.00 Book your Board Now : 080-41307589 / User Guides Android Linux Ubuntu WinCE System Install Tiny6410_Intro Tiny6410_HW http://myboards.googlecode. Schematic) WinCE 6. EA-T6410 Tiny6410 Development kit Item Contents Tiny6410 standard kit contents: • One Tiny6410 Single Board Computer • One Serial cable • One net cable • One Mini-USB cable • One 5V@2A Power adapter • One CD • LCD Module(4.pdf .googlecode.pdf http://myboards.googlecode.28 BSP Android 2.pdf http://myboards.googlecode.3"LCD ) Option Module Data in DVD • • • • • • • LCD Module( 7.googlecode.googlecode.pdf No.

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