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Morgantown City Government

Morgantown City Government

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What D’ya Know … About City Government?
What D’ya Know … About City Government?

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Published by: gnuser on Apr 08, 2013
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Morgantown City Government

Components, Questions and Issues March 13, 2013

Directional Foundations for Emerging Governance

John Howard Kunsler:

“The 20th Century was about getting around. The 21st Century will be about staying in a place worth staying in.” “The future will require us to build better places or the future will belong to other societies.”

More sustainable, more biophilic, more walkable, more just – and more savvy and participatory in our common life.

“Government is what we do together.” – Jennifer Pelkirk
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Pulling away vs. pulling together Dysfunction vs. reinvention Intergenerational gifting

Our city government: How does it work? What makes it work? How can it change? Components, Questions relating to those components, Some issues along the way.

Teamwork, Transparency and Trust
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A Learning Stool Its legs and its size Its colors A city Its components Its “colors” – green, red, yellow, white Its “glue” The unexpected, the misunderstood, the hidden

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Components, Coordination, and Complexities
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Questions relating to the four components (see blue sheet) An overview of Morgantown City Government Reinvention: Increasing participation, adding voices who can speak to the unaddressed issues new directions, changing ordinances, collaborating with other organizations, changing state enabling legislation, etc., etc.

Decentralization vs. Centralization
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Period of Decentralization – Fee Based Svs. Parking, BOPARC, MUB, Solid Waste Core Services: Accounting, Purchasing, Duplication/Printing, Fuels, Information Technology, Landscaping, Mappings, Public Information/Education, Snow Removal, Building Maintenance, Signs, Vehicle Garaging and Maintenance, etc.

Closing Thoughts

“Show me a corporation that has been successful that has not invested in own growth. To continue to grow and improve as a community, we must do the same.”

- Chris Matthews, “Hardball”, MSNBC

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