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TechHub Noise Meter Gamification Project Peer Review

March 21th, 2013

Authors: Roman Rackwitz, Kabir Ahmad, Nicolas Babin, Jorge Simes, Date: 4 April 2013
The GamFed Peer Review Process brings together all GamFed Members to discuss different realworld cases of gamification so as to identify the best gamification practices that make the experience engaging and are suitable for application in a business context.

Project submitted for peer review: TechHub Noise Meter Case Study by Encourage startups to improve their social media marketing with a simple Leaderboard. Summary Overall reviewers were positive. It was acknowledged to be an effective use of gamification by introducing competition and challenge around social media activity. For best practice the community chose the use of competition and feedback. Leaderboarded proves perfectly how providing feedback can lead to increase in particular behaviors. The vertical top-down visualization creates a feeling of competition without the need to talk about it, making the core challenge obvious at first sight: Climb the ladder. Suggestions for further improvements It would be interesting to add an easier way to share on networks to go viral and also to increase player motivation by adding more obvious statuses to the system. Badges would help to create several categories and create different challenges within one leaderboard. Key takeaway A leaderboard is still one of the best tools to get individuals involved in a very interactive way. Within competitive industries and their rules, leaderboards match perfectly with many business requirements. Leaderboardeds biggest trump card is to be able to provide competition on an individual basis and at the same time be able to enhance collaboration within teams by creating a competitive environment betw een them: A common enemy unites!

For more best practice, and to become a member of the International Gamification Confederation, please visit This document is licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution.

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