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Hamilton Real Estate

Negotiation Analytics

BATNA Reservation Values ZOPA


Various alternatives available Values associated to each Select best alternative

Sellers RV




$42.65 million Sellers RV

$60 million Buyers' RV

Buyers ZOPA

Sellers ZOPA

$42.65 million Sellers RV

$60 million Buyers' RV

Critical Role of Information

Pre-negotiation sources of information Buyers political hold Time taken to get on table Intent of Seller Divesting in real estate.

Be prepared for Toughest Questions

Opening Offer

Should you make the opening offer?

It acts as an anchor around with the counter offers are going to revolve upon But it might back fire if the proposed price was less than sellers ZOPA

Managing Outcomes & Relationships

Dealing with a generous offer - Accept or bargain Quoting a very low price

Important points for negotiation

Avoid making unilateral concessions Be comfortable with silence Define what it means to reciprocate Make contingent concessions Beware of diminishing rates of concessions