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Space exploration 1 The following statements refer to benefits of the developments in space technology.

Develop communication between continents Collect data on weather Locate natural resources

These benefits are obtained through A B C D probes rockets satellites telescopes PMR 2004

Satellites are needed in outer space to enhance the A B C D ability to communicate thinning of the ozone layer controlling of the weather in a country prevention of ultra violet rays to reach Earth PMR 2005

Which of the following are uses of satellite to mankind? I Telecommunication II To predict weather III Defence and spying system A B C D I only I and II only II and III only I, II and III PMR 2006 4 How did Claudius Ptolemy contribute to the study of astronomy? A B C D He suggested that the Moon produced its own light. He assumed the Sun was the centre of the solar system. He assumed the Earth was the centre of the universe. He classified stars into six groups according to their colours. PMR 2007 5 The following information is about a device used in space. Mapping location of mineral resources and regions of agricultural development. Identifying pollution and open burning.

What is this device? A B C D Satellite Space craft Space station Hubble space telescope PMR 2008

Space Exploration Paper 1 1. C 2. A 3. D 4. C 5. A