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Direct Coordination Quick Tour

Direct Coordination Quick Tour

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Published by Phùng Tuấn
presentation of coordination
presentation of coordination

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Published by: Phùng Tuấn on Apr 08, 2013
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Direct Coordination

March 2008

March 2008 2 .Home page 2 choices: ●Search for 1 device ●Search for coordination (discrimination and/or cascading) between 2 devices Schneider Electric .

March 2008 3 .Search for 1 device: principle step1 step2 2 steps: ●step1.Display the curve Schneider Electric .Define your requirement by: ● electrical characteristics OR ● type of device step2.

March 2008 4 . define ● After filling in the form ● Click on Search button ● A list of devices that meet your requirement is displayed Schneider Electric .Search for 1 device: step 1.

Search for 1 device: step 2. display 2 ways: ● Double click on the chosen device OR ● Click on the Curves tab 1 2 3 4 •1: Extend the diagram •2: Measure •3: Copy to clipboard •4: Save image as bmp format Schneider Electric .March 2008 5 .

cascading or enhanced discrimination and click on Search button ● step3.Define your requirement by: electrical characteristics or type of device for upstream device and downstream device ● Step2.Coordination two devices: principle step1 3 steps: ● step1.Define the type of coordination: discrimination.March 2008 6 .Display the curve step2 step3 Schneider Electric .

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