What is masturbation and homosexuality? Why young men and women get into the practice of masturbation and homosexuality? What was the/ your mindset and attitude towards them?

Issues of Masturbation and Homosexuality

Objectives • Realize the implications of some selected pertinent issues and problems seriously affecting Christian marriage and family life today. • Elucidate how Catholic Christian teachings view these issues and problems. • Manifest their conviction to abide God’s plan through the magisterium of the Church with the help of His grace .


Masturbation • Involves activities that brings about a sexual satisfaction • It is the result of self-stimulation or stimulation by another person of the genitals • It is an activity that do not involve sexual intercourse • Sexual fantasies. desires and the touch of another person .

. in the service of their family.Masturbation as defined as a selfstimulation for sexual satisfaction The sexual power given by God has been taken out of its context and used for something other than what He meant it for: The good of the children and of the husband and wife.

Catholic Christian Teachings • It prevents the person from the normal behavior of being attracted to the opposite sex for the purpose of marriage and starting a family  thwarting God’s plan for man and woman • It lacks the sexual giving and human procreation in the context of true love. (GS. 51) .


While others develop much later in life or since they were young . • It is said that some persons are born homosexuals or because of certain relationships or effects of social environment.Homosexuality • Refers to the relations between men or between women who experience exclusive and strong sexual attraction towards persons of the same sex.

Catholic Christian Teachings • Teachings of the Church have remained true to the tradition of rejecting homosexuality as normal ▫ It close the sexual act to the gift of life ▫ It does not proceed from a genuine emotional and sexual complimentarity .

Psychology Perspective .

Biological Factors • Runs in the family • Brain differences ▫ Larger in straight men than in women and in gay ▫ Gay’s hypothalamus reacts as woman does • Altered prenatal hormones • Men with several older brother are more likely to be gay .

.Social-learning theory – watch and imitate the behaviors and attitudes of others.

Cognitive-developmental theory • suggests children form gender schemas (mental images) of correct behaviors for boys versus girls .

Stages of Development: Sigmund Freud • the oral period (0-1) ▫ if it feels good. optimistic. and dependent • the anal period (2-3): biology meets hygiene (the id meets the superego) ▫ get rid of it ▫ the anal retentive miser: orderly. gum it ▫ the oral character: passive. overproductive. parsimonious. and obstinacy ▫ the anal expulsive: disorderly. generous to a fault .

going to school • the genital stage ▫ the genital character: successfully integrated sexuality .Stages of Development: Sigmund Freud • the phallic period (3-5): the great and terrible penis ▫ masturbation ▫ penis envy The Latency period.

the child discovers that self-stimulation is enjoyable • Oedipus complex: male are sexually intrigued by their mothers and jealous of their father ▫ The child will repress his love for his mother and attempt to become like his father • Electra complex: females began to become attracted to their fathers .Stages of Development: Sigmund Freud • The most intricate of the five stages: Phallic – Erogenous zone shifts from anus to the genitals.

• Failure to resolve either of the complexes can lead to fixation in this stage • Tendency to have trouble in loving relationship • Freud also believed that fixation in this stage sometimes resulted in homosexuality due to the child’s inability to identify properly with a rival parent. .


Issues of Masturbation and Homosexuality • These persons must be accepted with respect. compassion and sensitivity. to enjoy the same right as everyone else does including the right to be accorded what human dignity deserves. . • Every sign of unjust discrimination against them must be avoided • As human beings.

To follow God’s will • Homosexuals are to practice chastity ▫ The virtue to control and regulate own sex drives ▫ Sixth commandment “ You shall not commit adultery” ▫ Ninth commandment “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife” • Homosexuals are called to practice the mastery of self that gives internal freedom .

The end  Thank you  .

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