Gta IV Hot Coffee mod 2.5 Controls Shift + G Alt + G = F5 = have Shift + R Shift + X v2.

5 improved girls realisticalness and animations Version 2.0 When you are exposed near a female she will follow you, enter and exit your vehi cle and turn to look at you often. When you are exposed near a police officer you will get a 1 star wanted level. Copy hotcoffee.cs by matt19811 and instantcoffee.cs by Hippie Communist to your gtaiv scripts folder. If you have an old version of any of these files with a different name, delete t hat first. If you get a bug make sure you arn't using my groping mod and or escort mod. Rem ove those scripts before use. = whip it out put it back sex with nearest female = make female flee = random talk animations

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