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Music Industry Contact List

Music Industry Contact List

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Published by Lisa Hidds
The great music industry contact list!

Includes exec's from Sony, EMI, Virgin etc.
The great music industry contact list!

Includes exec's from Sony, EMI, Virgin etc.

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Published by: Lisa Hidds on Apr 08, 2013
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A list of the most influential record company executives that have the power to turn you into a megastar

The Secret Music Industry List

Copyright GW 2011. All rights reserved.

the benefits of this e-book are priceless to you. So you see. This will give you an idea about just how powerful these people are. But you'll be paying a hell of a lot for their services.If you can't read the text in the following pages. You've just purchased what will probably be. You can sell your songs independently online but the sales you make will just be a drop in the ocean . But not anymore. the odds of making it in the music industry were quite small. to be swamped with e-mails from people who just might be your competition. Good luck! Note:. there are A&R agencies like TAXI . In fact. You don't want the executive you are contacting. It may have taken years for a band to get noticed. I ask you not to share this information with just anyone! Think of it this way. So sharing this information with all your friends and whoever else. After all. . In other words.Congratulations. Yes. You paid good money for it. Understand? So use this carefully and wisely. the most important career move of your life. What you're about to view. working for you. It all starts on the next page. It also includes the company they work for and their position within that company. of this. the less people who know about this. you are trying to get your music heard and not ignored by the people who can change your destiny. the better the advantage is. Zoom in. Before. the ones that can help you become a megastar. is a big no no.who can help you get signed to a major label. Now.compared to a major label artist. are the names and e-mail addresses of the most influential people in the music industry.

harris@reverbxl. (1) Walt Disney Warner Bros.Urban MD Sr VP Bus & Legal Affairs Sr VP Int'l Dir Business Affairs .Urban A&R President Ex VP/ Sr VP A&R Director A&R GM VP A&R Administration VP A&R President Director Licensing Sr VP Bus & Legal Affairs Sr Director A&R A&R Scout Music Supervisor Manager A&R VP A&R .com jamie.com rakpublishing@yahoo.rice@emimusic.com john.com jolene.net corey@tgrec.com jim.foitle@atlanticrecords.com md90230@aol.com stephen@rivedroitemusic.com samshah@atorecords.com davidf@spiritmusicgroup.otterwell@warnermusic.lessoff@capitolmusic.net darius.scully@newline.com marc.com evelyn@bicyclemusic.hargreaves@emimusic.com lalabomba@earthlink.com cbaer@peermusic.peggs@capitolmusic.J.com andrew.o''donovan@umusic.watson@warnermusic.com anne.com pj@neophonic.com mmccarty@emimusicpub.com ccurrier@peermusic.co.caren@atlanticrecords.uk brandon.creed@sonybmg.keller@sonybmg.com klamb@peermusic.com marc.pielocik@emicap.com aimee.roscic@umusic.stavros@sonybmg. Bob Erin John Bill Gelena Amy Jamie Julian Nick Oliver Michael Heather Paul Valerie Corey Ed Marc Niki Bernardo Tommy Caius Loretta James Michael Sam Evelyn Eddie Elaine Steve Dan Tanya Michael Connie Craig Kevin Tom Andy Stephen David Patrick Ann Tim Anne Bogdan Victoria Allen Jeffrey Elliot Last Name Caren Weaver Masters Morris Bay-Schuck Foitle Lunt Berger Cane Bomba Jones Lessoff Peggs Nathan Campbell Cherry Nadeau Keller Joshua Stavros Barros Burk Dunn Rumsey Hogan McEwen Dilbeck Pielocik Evers Creed Edmunds Glaze Houlihan Speck Weathers Marshall Evers Watson Otterwell Rueger O''Donovan Bloom Bowen Scully Walsh Weiner Nayberg Polk Nelson Hargreaves Shymanski Rice Caplan Weisberg Harris Jones Rusk Roche Fox Gascon Silva Page Pawson Munoz Leach McDonald Shah Paglinawan Fernandez Van Der Schoot Hills McCarroll Coghlan McCarty Baer Currier Lamb Russo Leese Massa Fedon Clifford Sweeney Smith Wall Roscic Davies Jacobi Greenberg Hoffman Email mike.com rachel.bowen@newline.morris@atlanticrecords.Urban Director Bus Affairs A&R Consultant Sr Director A&R Research Legal Counsel Sr VP A&R Manager A&R A&R Scout President .lunt@atlanticrecords.nathan@capitolmusic.com houliwood@aol.gascon@warnerbros.marshall@warnermusic.joshua@sonybmg.com heather.com abs@atlanticrecords.weathers@umusic. (New York) XL ASCAP (NY) SESAC (Los Angeles) ATO ATO Bicycle Music Co [The] Universal Music (Miami) EMI Music (UK) EMI Music (UK) EMI Music (New York) (PUB) EMI Music (Toronto) EMI Music (Toronto) peermusic (Nashville) peermusic (Nashville) peermusic (Nashville) peermusic (Nashville) RAK Music (PUB) Right Bank Music (UK) Spirit Music Group Ten Ten Music Group Warner/Chappell (New York) (PUB) Imagem Music Universal Music (NY) Decca Label Group (UK) Ministry of Sound Law Office of Allen L.com chris.smith@imagem-music.com johnb@concordrecords.cherry@umusic.com ann.com robert.masters@atlanticrecords.jones@capitolmusic.com david.com bodgan.com dmcarroll@emimusic.shymanski@umusic.page@wbr. (UK) Warner Bros.com michael@atorecords.com hweisberg@razorandtie.com sharon.com bcane@bmi. (UK) Warner Bros.com ehoffman@blhny.com brian.com dorothy.Latin America Creative Dir/Head of Production Head of Media Licensing Ex VP Creative Manager Creative President Manager Marketing Dev Sr Creative Dir/Advertising Mrkts VP Assoc Manager Creative A&R Manager A&R Licensing Administrator VP A&R Ex VP GM Director Film/TV Music MD Head of Business Affairs Partner Partner Company Atlantic (CA) Atlantic (CA) Atlantic (CA) Atlantic (CA) Atlantic (CA) Atlantic (New York) Atlantic (New York) Atlantic (New York) BMI (CA) Bomba [Tim] Capitol Music Group Capitol Music Group Capitol Music Group Capitol Music Group Capitol Music Group Universal (CA) Universal (CA) (CA) (CA) (CA) (CA) (TN) Columbia (New York) Columbia (New York) Columbia (CA) Concord Music Group Concord Music Group Concord Music Group Concord Music Group Concord Music Group Concord Music Group Dilbeck Entertainment EMI Music Marketing Atlantic (UK) Epic (NY) Epic (NY) Houlihan Film Music Island (NY) Island (NY) Warner Bros.com trusso@peermusic.com kyambo.com amy@newwestrecords.com gener@concordrecords. (UK) Warner Bros.sweeney@warnerchappell.evers@warnermusic.com caiuspawson@beggars.net jgreenberg@blhny.com evanderschoot@emimusicpub.com stephen.com glenb@concordrecords.Urban VP / GM Music Supervisor/Record Prod Director A&R .com korda.com chris.weaver@atlanticrecords.com julian.com gnayberg@newregency.com pclifford@tentenmusic.com mkaplan@razorandtie.com lmunoz@ascap.com soundoasis@cox.com steve.com Title Sr VP A&R Sr VP Film/TV Sr Dir Strategic Mrktng/Sndtrks Mgr A&R Research Director A&R-Urban Sr Director A&R VP A&R A&R Manager .wall@zomba.com eric.com kevin.fernandez@umusic.com jleach@sesac.com rachel.com eddie.com vdavies@ministryofsound.com tcoghlan@emimusicpub.com paul.First Name Michael Kevin Sharon Chris Aaron Chris Steve Brian Barbara Tim Darius David Heather Marc Dorothy Jolene Aimee Andrew Kyambo Christian Glen John Chris Gene Mary Joe Michael Stephen Rachel Brandon Jim Julie Eric Eddie Korda Rachel John Lucy James Richard P.silva@disney.com niki.com erin.com bernardo.com richard.com bweiner@newregency.com shills@emimusicpub.edmunds@sonybmg.evers@atlanticrecords.walsh@newline.com tommy.fox@umusic.com jamesr@inorecords.com edr@tgrec.com christian. Jacobi Beldock Levine & Hoffman Beldock Levine & Hoffman .com tim.com maryh@concordrecords.com oliver.com eddie.speck@umusic.Int'l Manager A&R Mgr A&R-Vertigo Music Supervisor EVP Music EVP Music VP Business Affairs Ex VP Bus Affairs/General Counsel Contracts Administrator Manager Film/TV Sr Manager A&R A&R Manager A&R Label Manager Sr VP A&R Licensing Manager Syncs / Bespoke Music Publishing Coor President Label Manager A&R Director Music Sr Counsel VP A&R A&R Manager Assistant VP Dir Writer/Pub Relations Ex VP / GM Director A&R Director Licensing & Legal Affairs Sr VP .berger@atlanticrecords.nelson@emimusic.com john.mcewen@concordmusicgroup. (UK) INO / SRE Mercury (UK) Neophonic New Line Cinema (Los Angeles) New Line Cinema (Los Angeles) New Line Cinema (New York) New Regency New Regency New West Parlophone Parlophone Polydor (London) Positiva Razor & Tie (NY) Razor & Tie (NY) Reverb Music Sound Oasis Touch & Go/Quarterstick Touch & Go/Quarterstick Universal (London) Warner Bros.com joe.nadeau@umusic.com nick.com alj@pyramidrecords.com chrisd@concordrecords.com lucy.campbell@emimusic.

com egon@stonesthrow.richardson@cwtv.com jg@musicboxmx.com pat@dmusicpublishing.com bobromeo@acmcountry.com scott.com demetrius.com jason.com tara@edmondsent.com allison@lomaxrecords.girl@verizon.Entertainment Law Rosen Feig Golland & Lunn LLP Hollywood (NY) SESAC (Nashville) Sony BMG Europe Asylum Word Disney Music (PUB .com anthony.com euvin@worlds-fair.com cbradley@ascap.com desmond@dswent.com nicole_powers@mac. Strike up The Brand Optic Noise Licensing Law Offices of Elliot Cahn Law Offices of Brian Gucciardo Sanderson Entertainment Law Lone Wolf Jenius Entertainment Law Office of Alan D.com mj@musicassetmgt.com darran@crosstownsongs.net spa@authentikartists.com bgucciardo@optonline.A.com rhr@callister-reynolds.com fscibilia@pryorcashman.com steve.davis@mtvstaff.com rachel@bluhammock.com rdepalma@pryorcashman.com jon. Barson MTV''s The Real World A&R Select Lo-Max Primary Wave Music Crosstown Songs Predator Columbia (GA) Cinemusic Cafe Music Asset Management Inc Chrysalis Music Group USA (TN) Callister & Reynolds Stones Throw Canvasback Music StationOne Ent.malouf@disney.com jay.com eduby@primarywavemusic.com srodner@pryorcashman.com jeremy@temporaryresidence.a.com arturo.com peter.com dnoble@musicboxmx.com Partner Of Counsel Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Head of A&R Sr Dir Bus Legal Affairs Manager Pres/CEO Latin America VP A&R VP Music Music Supervisor GM VP A&R Owner Music Supervisor A&R Film/TV/ Publishing (West Coast) Beldock Levine & Hoffman Pryor Cashman LLP Pryor Cashman LLP Pryor Cashman LLP Pryor Cashman LLP Pryor Cashman LLP Pryor Cashman LLP Pryor Cashman LLP Pryor Cashman LLP Pryor Cashman LLP Pryor Cashman LLP Pryor Cashman LLP Pryor Cashman LLP Pryor Cashman LLP Pryor Cashman LLP Pryor Cashman LLP Columbia (UK) Sony BMG Business Affairs Nicole Powers Management EMI Televisa Music Universal South HotHouse Music Ltd CW Whirly Girl Music MapleMusic Recordings Walt Disney (LBL) DSW Entertainment Activision Bluhammock Music Bluhammock Music Fraser .huggett@sonybmg.com conor.com shuff@pryorcashman.com aaron@musicboxmx.com abbie@hot-house-music.com waleed@s-o-e.com martin. Owner .com ds@musicboxmx.farley@wbr.com manolo.com treyb@chrysalismusic.spencer@umusic.Peter Ralph Tom Philip Stephen Howard William Lisa Stephen Ilene Brad Teresa Eli David Frank Donald Nick Scott Nicole Manolo Arthur Abbie Leonard Frankie Allan Brian Desmond Brandon Rachel Brian Stephen Michael Jason Tim Martin Mark Conor Lisa Pat Connie Charlie Ian Jon Peter Tremayne Joel Daniel Aaron Andrew David Michael Michael Andy Billy Richard Brad Lisa Elliot Brian Paul Lindsay Jennifer Alan Peter Mike Allison Evan Darran Kevon Jay Tara Mary Jo Trey Robert Eothen Steve Mika Scott Stephen Anthony Bob Doreen Demetrius Euvin Miller Jenn Scott Jeremy Matorin De Palma Ferber Hoffman Rodner Siegel Charron Buckley Huff Farkas Rose Lee Nathanson Rose Scibilia Zakarin Huggett Sylvester Powers Diaz Buenahara Lister Richardson Pine Reid Malouf Child Young Reiter Rawlings Fraser Golland Jordan Fink Dodd Robinson Farley Ramsey Finch Bradley Feldman Holder Goss Kuys Anchrum Goodman Stein Davis Robbins Noble Howe Perlmutter Bruno Lincoln Wolfe Gelfond Klein Cahn Gucciardo Sanderson Wolfington Ross Barson Davis Burns Mc Gourty Duby Bennett Glickman Harren Razavi Mennella Bruce Reynolds Alapatt Ralbovsky Schiller Austin Rowe Shaw Romeo Dorion Spencer Weeber Williams Littleton Parker deVine pmatorin@blhny.com tlee@pryorcashman. AAO Music/Reality ASCAP (GA) MusicBox MusicBox MusicBox MusicBox MusicBox Downtown (CA) Instinct Entertainment B&B Studios Bad Ass Music Wolfe & Goldstein P.com wcharron@pryorcashman.com mark.net allan.com cfeldman@bmi.ca lonewolfmusic@earthlink.com leonard.com robbins@musicboxmx.robinson@wmg.com scott@heartsbluffmusic.diaz@emicap.com info@badassmusic. Authentik Artists CBS Paramount TV (2) Best Before / Channelfly Academy of Country Music RichDor Music Group Motown (LA) Great Society Global Talent Group Ironworks Hearts Bluff Music Temporary Residence Ltd VP A&R Assoc VP Writer/Pub Relations Sr VP A&R Legal Director A&R VP Creative Sr VP/GM Sr VP VP Writer/Pub Relations Assoc Dir Writer/Pub Relations CEO Dir Writer/Pub Relations VP Music LIcensing Dir Film/TV Music (what''s his title?) A&R and Licensing Music Supervisor Music Editor Owner/Composer Music Supervisor Licensing & Placement Music Supervisor Music Supervisor Music Coor President MD Creative Director Creative Director CEO Manager A&R GM/Music Supervisor President / Founder A&R GM Preisident Director A&R CEO / Creative Director Music Editor Label Manager / A&R Executive Director President VP A&R Label Manager MD GM Sr VP Creative & Acq.shaw@channelfly.com brose@pryorcashman.goss@edgelegaluk.barson@barsongs.buenhara@umusic.harren@sonybmg.com drose@pryorcashman.com stephen@fraser-elaw.com brian@bluhammmock.com mike@arselect.ralbovsky@sonybmg.com rwolfe@wolfelawmiami.com lisa.com dzakarin@pryorcashman.com bradgelfond@strike-up-the-brand.net jross@jeniusent.com tferber@pryorcashman.com tfink@sesac.com nick.sylvester@sonybmg.com ifarkas@pryorcashman.net paulsanderson@sandersonlaw.ca abruno@eentertainment.com cahnman@aol.com alan.littleton@ironworksmusic.jordan@disney.TN) S1 Songs America (TN) ASCAP (TN) BMI (NY) BMI (NY) Edge Legal Ltd.ramsey@disney.com assist@aaomusic.com lbuckley@pryorcashman.com mgolland@rfgllaw.com byoung@activision.com jenn.com michaelhowe@downtownmusic.com phoffman@pryorcashman.com doreen@richdormusic.com enathanson@rryorcashman.dodd@sonybmg.com mperl@sympatico.com lisa@optic-noise.com iholder@bmi.net miller@globaltalentgroup.com tanchrum@ascap.com rohome4@gmail.com brian.com hsiegel@pryorcashman.reid@maplemusicrecordings.com kglickman@respectmanagement.com whirly.

com info@reality-entertainment.com cindy@heavyhittersmusic. (GA) Royalty Review Council Reality Ent Palette Music Editorial Musicmind Vapor Music Broken Arrow Lassiter Tidwell Davis Keller & Hogan.com michaliberman@mac.com hf@ent-law.com orlando.rhodes@abc.com david@vapormusic.net tomparham@mac.com albert@worldconnectionpublishing.com bruce555@aol.com mbelcher@primarywavemusic.Guy Peter Brian Orlando Keith Warren Jeff Anthony David Thad Jason Steve Michelle Cheryl Gary Alex Michael Shannon David Dan Tom Deanna Jessica Cindy Sue Angela Mark Hillel Craig Sheila Bruce Jason Anton Micha Mason Kenneth Albert Dorthaan Pete Chris Lawnie Andrew Dale Lucie Wayne Scott Greg Sylvia Katie Brendan Paonessa Lloyd Hunt Magee Bernstein Croyle Silverman Ferguson Heyman Wharton Turner Greenberg Belcher Hodgson Miller Close Tedesco Myers Beal Wise Parham Sorensen Harrison Badell-Slaughter Crawshaw Green Friedman Frankel Erickson Volpe Grakel Lamont Monsted Liberman Cooper Kaufman Nijmolen Kirk Farmer Guerrieri Grant King Kawashima Caswell Berge Rhodes Yantek Webster Johnson Okrent guy@e51.com clearances640@yahoo.com kkaufman@manatt.com alex.com bogardmusic@comcast.com craig@riserecords.biz plloyd@razorandtie.com gmillermusic@gmail.com Owner Creative Director GM Director A&R-Urban CEO / President President Music Editor President Music Supervisor GM CEO GM West Coast/Partner Head of Production Manager A&R VP A&R A&R President A&R President Owner Music Editor President MD Ex VP President Entourage Razor & Tie Wondermore Warner Bros.com steveg@s-curverecords.com chodgson@hodgson-law.com silverman@palettemusic.com sheila@licensingslgmusicus.com sue@pickandmixmusic.com mfriedman@rsplanemusic.net music@ngs.e.com brian@wondermore.nl dkirk@wbgo.com jessica@pitchnsync. Phelps & Phillips.com bokrent@ascap.magee@wbr.tedesco@sonybmg.C.com gregory.uk agreen@agreenlaw. LLP (DC) World Connection Rokir Music Kings of LA Cherry Beach Sound Clearances 640 Mute Songs HoriPro Entertainment Group Blue Mountain Music Shrunken Head ABC (Los Angeles) ABC (Los Angeles) ABC (Los Angeles) Opus 1 ASCAP (CA) Music Supervisor Music Supervisor Music Editor President CEO / A&R President CEO VP President GM Consultant Creative & Licensing Manager A&R Music Supervisor Music Supervisor Ex Dir Creative Services Operations Director Asst VP Creative Pop/Rock .org kingsofla1@yahoo.com licensing@bluemountainmusic.com jturner@lasiterlaw.com chris@cherrybeachsound.webster@abc.com info@royaltycouncil.com antonmonsted@mac.com katie@opus1musiclibrary. Red Stripe Plane Music The Entertainment Law Office Rise Savoy Label Group / 429 Law Offices of Bruce Grakel Black Milk Blac Milk (Australia) Liberman Micha Songrunner Entertainment Manatt.co.com mason@songrunner.com sylvia.a.close@umusic.com aking@mutehq.com twharton@brokenarrowrecords.yantek@abc.net abferguson@musicmindrecords.tv wayne@shrunkenheadrecords.ca scott. PLLC S-Curve Primary Wave Music (CA) Hodgson Law Group Bu Town Productions Fiction Jive Bogard Music National Geographic Wrong Hit Track Lindemark Music Collection Pitch n' Sync Heavy Hitters Music Pick & Mix Music Angela Green & Associates P.co.com michael.com jasonlamont@mac.uk dalekawashima@horipro.com deanna@lindemarkmusic.b.org dan@wrongrecords.

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