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Project Report On “Marketing Strategies” Of PARLE LTD.


Academic year 2009-2011

Roll No. 17

Collage : KSKV Kachchh University


Submitted to KSKV KACHH UNIVERSITY, B Jadeja) (Mayursinh

Index Sr. no. 1 2 Particulars Introduction General Information  About the company  Organization Structure of Mkt. dept. of P.P.L.  History & development  Marketing Mix Product  Introduction  Levels of A product  Product Mix  Brand Name  Product life – cycle packaging stage product positioning  Product plan& Strategy  Product analysis, Reserch & Innovation  Product Related Strategies of P.P.L. Pricing  Meaning & Defination  Pricing Policy  Pricing Methods  Factors Influencing Pricing Decisions  Pricing Objectives Place  Meaning& Selecting Making Channels  Channel Levels  Channel Mat Decisions  Motivating Channel Members Promotion  Introduction  P.P.L. & Promotion Mix  Advertising  Sales Promotion  Trade Promotion  Personnel Selling  Publicity  Packaging Ending With  Future Plans  Suggestions  Conclusions  Bibliography Page no.







Calcutta. Chennai.Jack Monaco (crishp. behind MUMBAI Delhi.  Year of Establishment : 1928 Own Capital . Village ler. light) Cheese Monaco Cheeslings Jeffs Sixer Cream Biscuits Marie choice Hide & Seek Nimkin Biscuits Poppins (Fruity) Kismi (Elaichi Bar) Mango Bite Kismi Toffee Rol – a – cola Poppins (Fruity mint) Resemint Orange Candy May Fair (Caramal Fantses) Lux (The star Tiffee) Dairy Toffee (Rich Cream) Tangy Bool Fantoosh Kismi coffee Parle Products Ltd. bhuj  Regional office :  Branch Office :  Sources of Finance :  Name of the product : Parle – G Krack.Introduction  Name & Location : shekhpir.

 Total turnover : 1100 crores. Production Capacity : The company has achieved Progress in its Production Capacity quite quickly and steadily. . The production achieved by the company can be illustrated by the fast that the production at the rate lactones per annum has now increased to the rate o got ones per day.


The Production of ready mix flour on commercial scale saves time & labour and is sometimes even check up. . People started manufacturing biscuits of their own taste by using baking ovens which very popular in the market now a days. Biscuits have become more and more popular as a convenient food with the changes taking place in the economic life of the masses. To make it more convenient there is a need of biscuits mixture which will be ready mix just after adding water. To the house wives.About the Company (I) Out look of Biscuit Industry : Biscuit which Constitute an important item of bakery industries have now become a common item of consumption among all classes of People with tea or coffee biscuits make a taste nutritious Snack. The consumption of biscuits has seen increasing over the years and this envisages the scope for years and this envisages the scope for setting up of biscuit mixture units. and the dough will be ready for biscuit making.

It is a partnership firm. Then all the packets are packed in cartoon boxes. Parle products ltd. Mumbai dept. (III) Insight of Parle Industry : In the year 1928.(II) Market of Biscuit Industry : The consumption of biscuit has been increasing years over year. Looking at such demand this ready mix can definitely be a popular item particularly in a rural & urban area. The machines used by the factory are taken from India and they have also had to rely on foreign country. After packaging products are labeled. The company is also having quality control department. After completing the production the products are standardized through various methods. After completion of packaging finished. chauhan family have taken the instinctive step in the field of food industry of biscuits. The company is having total seven departments. In a factory at Mumbai products are manufactured through various processes in production department. They felt the need or customers requiring the ready product as and when the consumers need or requirement. From that parle product ltd. So the chauhan families the first who have launched or started their industries concerned with Biscuits and confectionaries. is contacting manufacturing units. have 3 more depos . Products are send from factory to depo. there was no any other food industry producing biscuits and other items of confectionaries. In the factory machines are working with fully automatic and 100% hygienic condition melody production in the factory is too fast that they produce 140 counts per minute. The finding of a survey indicates that biscuits are being consumed in the rural and semi urban arras which constitutes bulk of our population. is managed by 7 chauhan families. They quality of the product is checked if they are found best then any they are sent for packaging department. Finished products are packed with colored butter paper pack. Parle products ltd. Then different fetch no. of the products are given to each and every products.

In the trade. while delivering goods from the agency to retails shop jeeper. Salesman carries with them bill books. By providing satisfactory services to there retail customers the company achieves re-orders from them. The work staff from 90 clock in the morning. The Parle is the leader in the market. bags. detailing the product. . In this company distributors are called as wholesales. retail pack etc.working for the company in Gujarat. taking the cash. has not increased the rate of price also the lucidity maintenance issue good that the company has achieved market share at their best level. merchandising the display of the product and ultimately completing the sales with the best ability all the activities are performed by the salesman. All the wholesalers have their own agency in the agency of Parle product Hd. The company follows only cash business no credit is given to retail shopkeepers by wholesalers. Products are loaded from godown for sending the goods or products to retailers. First car starts. Wholesalers further delivered these goods to the field staff and it goes into market. In the agency they have recruited salesman delvers and loaders etc. In this unit there is ready stock is available for customers. sample kits. Sampling of product outlying the product bills. From this depos goods are delivered to distributors. At 9:30 am. The parle product ltd.

ORLE. POPPINGS. 50. In the initial period they first started confectionary manufacturing in a factory of 60 feet × 40 feet with 12 workers and the production was 40 tone per annum. MELOPY. Gradually company has started producing other novel novelty introduction they are SPIN-H. Pithamber Chauhan has established the company in 1928 with the small scale production.History & Development The history is the past performance of the unit and stage at which has reached by progress is known as development. In value turnover was Rs. and many other product in the row.000 per annum. In 1939 company started expansion with biscuits brands launched were Glucose and monoco. KISMI. The company is established by 7 chauhan families. In Parle product ltd. TOFFEE. KRACK JACK. COUGH DROPS. TOFFEES. In the year 1981 company started another. . SIXER. CHEESLINGS. VOCACIL. JEFFS. the chief promotion of the company Mr.


. research & innovation Product related strategies of Parle product Ltd.Contents        Introduction Levels of a product Product mix Product life – cycle stage Product Plan and strategy Product analysis.

Meaning Products that are marketed include physical goods. A product can be quickly out-dated. A brand is unique. persons. A product can be copied by a competitor. places organization and ideas. A successful brand is timeless. but it takes genius faith and perseverance to create a brand. STEPHEN KINO A product is anything that can be offered to the market to satisfy a want or need.Introduction Any damn fool can put on a deal. DAVID OGILAVY A product is something that is made in a factory a brand is something that is bought by a customer. . services.

Places. If stands for goods & services. organizations. product is an umbrella term covering goods. consumers are buying much more than a set of physical attributes. Services are products that consist of activities. a product is a set of attributes assembled in identical benefits that satisfy their needs. acquisition. “Product is anything that can be of fered to a market for attention. “ A Product is a set of tangible & intangible attributes. When they buy a product. According to Philip Kotler. services. In essence. products include physical objects. benefits or satisfaction that are offered for sale. persons. puls the seller‟s services & reputation. including packaging. Broadly defined. Services are essentially intangible & don‟t result in the ownership of anything. persons & ideas.Introduction  Product : Product is a thing possessing utility. use or consumption and that might satisfy a want or need”. Products include more than just tangible goods. service. color. Thus. price. . ideas or mixer of these entries. places. In a narrow sense. They are baying want satisfaction in the form of the benefits they expect to receive from the product. quality & brand. According to William Stanton.

e. of items the company carries. of different product lines the company carries. i. Consistency: It refers to how Closely related the various lines are in end use. Depth: It refers to the no. Width. Length. Length: It refers to the total no. production. Width: It refers to the no.. A Company‟s product mix has four important dimensions. requirement. Depth & Consistency. Product Mix : The most basic marketing mix pool is “Product Mix”. of versions offered of each products in the line. . distribution channels or in some others way. A product mix is a set of all products lines & items that a particular seller offers for sale.

 The product mix of Vadilal Enterprises Ltd. we shall discuss above points regarding “Product Mix” in different way & in separate chapter. includes the following points :         Product Variety Quality Features Brand Name Packaging Sizes Product Positioning New Product Development Strategy Now. .

the production manager keeps all the five level of the product. Also parle product ltd. In Parle product ltd. Then the marketer turns core benefit into a think level. prepares an augmented product that meets the customer desires. They are manufacturing confectionaries for children. keeps in mind is core benefit. is concerned with the processing of best quality of energy biscuits for the customer. The most fundamental level that parle product ltd. the marketer of parle product ltd. Prepares on expected product a set of normally expect. . Each level adds more customer value and the five constitute a customer value hierarchy. Levels of a Product: In planning its market offering the marketer needs to think through five levels of the products. Parle product ltd. Also parle product ltd. stands for uses of all the augmentation and transportation that the product might ultimately under go in the future.

A company‟s product mix has a certain width. and consistency. That means the company concerned with manufacturing of biscuits and confectioneries.  The width of product mix offers to how many different product lines the company carries. Product mix: A product mix is the set of all products and items that a particular seller offers for sale to buyers. . the length of the Product mix carries two different lines.  The depth of product mix refers to the total number of items in its product mix.  The length of product mix refers to total number of items in its product mix.  The depth of product mix refers to how variants are referred of each product in the line. In Parle Product ltd. length. depth.

g. 150gms. Gluco-Gold Kwality Gluyco.g. Cream Variety. mango bite.g. poppins.. has a products in various Sizes which means the biscuits packets are available in 50gms. parle marie choice. etc.. orange candies.. Cream variety Confectionary is broadly divided into Hard Boiled confectionery e. etc. My fair Chocolates e. cadburry‟ Nestle etc. Chakra Other cookies. Chocolates eg. Zoological etc. Jeffs. cream cruckers.g. milk Bikkier. High count salted e. coconut. Low count stated e. e. Kismi. Jeffs. Nice. Nice. 75gms.g. coconut. orange candies. High count Salted e. price and quality of the Parle Products. chakra Other cookier.The depth of Parle Product ltd. e.. Toffee Modified Toffee e. 500gms. Low count sweets e. mango bite. Lux Dairy.g.g. etc. Toffee Modified Toffee.              Confectionary is broadly divided into: Hard Boied Confectionery e.g. etc. etc. Tiger. Low count sweets e. Parle Product ltd. Brita. Monaco. Mayfair. Cadburry‟s Nestle etc.    The biscuits market is divided into following segments: Glucose e. Sixer. . Lux dairy. Parle – G. topate. Brita. can be measured for the sizes. 100gms.g.g. Melody. More and thin arrow work e. Melody. Kismi. with various Prices and colours and colours and quality.g.g. cream cruckers.. poppins. models. High count sweet. snax. Sixer.g milk Bikkies.g. High count sweet e. Zoological etc. colours.

Private brand are often hard to establish & due costly to stock & Primate. symbol or Design or a combination of these intended to identity the products of services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors. term. Thus a brand identities the maker or seller of a product. benefits & services to buyers. Most of the big companies are having their private brands.Brand Name A brand is name. The brand name also helps to assure consumers that they will get consistent quality when they re-order. The purchasing decisions made mostly from the brand name of the company and that‟s why Vadilal Ice-Creams are on the top & thus. sign. .      The unit has broad product lines. private labels yield higher profit margins for the middlemen. resulting in greater store traffic & loyaly. Today the brand name is counted much more than the features. a brand is seller‟s promise to deliver consistency a specific set of features. The brand name has high consumer acceptance. Price & other things. The best brand conveys a warranty of quality. The unit holds large shares of the market. We confidently say like. In other words. the company gets success to attract many customers by just the power of its name & strange image in the market. The unit is well established & having a good distribution system. The unit has adopted its own brand name known as “vadilal” because of the following reasons. they also give middlemen exclusive products that cannot be bought them competitors. From the above discussion we can say that “Vadilal is one step ahead-as always” Now days.

.“Nothing can satisfy you like Vadilal”.

colour. promotion & place However packaging is treated as an element of packaging consists of all the activities designing & producing the container or wrapper for a product. Plastic‟s wrapper & paper container. economy convenience and promotion packaging also have various elements like size. cleaner and less susceptible to losses from evaporation. are transported to a very long distance & also it can prevent tampering with products in the warehouse or retail store.Packaging Some marketers have called packaging a fifth „p‟. or at least a significant part of it. From the above Points. allying with product.L. The container or wrapper is called the package physical product require packaging decisions to create such benefits as protection. price.P. Ice-cream are the frozen liquid items & requires the superior package & packaging activities because of the following purposes. materials. co. shape. products might be differentiated by a feature of the package. The biscuits & chocolates of P. text & brand name. we can say that package can serve as a “Silent Sales Person”. ultimately a package may become a product‟s differential advantage. spilling & spoilage. may prevent substitution of competitive products. Thus. . Parle Product ltd is always very accurate in the matter of packaging the products & they care a lot & fined more importance to this activity at some point.   Package goods generally are more convenient.  Packaging protects the product on its way to the consumer. Packaging also helps in identifying a product & thus.

The P. The product can enjoy a strong positions in the market when it fills the consumer needs there for.P.L. 30%) Children‟s (appr. is accepted in all over India    Teenclgers (appr. so that. 45%) Middle age & Old age People (appr. the company‟s positioning must be routed in an under standing of how the target market defines value & makes choices among vendors. Positioning them its competitors along with real dimensions in order to be the preferred company for creating market segment positioning aims to help customers to know the different between competition companies.Product Positioning Positioning is an act of designing the company‟s offer & image so that the target market understands and appreciates. holds a better & strong market share in the market of Ice-cream vadilal ice-cream stands at the top position of market with its image in P. 25%) .P.L. they can match themselves to the company that it can satisfy their needs best.

Ultimately it resides marketing. the product of the unit has reached at growth stage. Its life begins with its market introduction. In this stage. Parle Product Ltd. . next it goes through a period during which its market grown rapidly. The product life cycle may move through five stages      Introductory. a product goes through the various phases of its development. As the company Parle Product Ltd.Product Life Cycle Stage From the time the produce idea is been during its development and up to the time it is launched in the market. the product is produced in significant quantity and put in the market without delay. pioneering as development stage. Here in this unit also the Parle Product Ltd. Growth or the market acceptance stage. maturity after which its market declines and finally the product dies. is having a number of distribution outlets and that‟s why the products of Parle are fixed at economic rate. is having ready stock working with them. has reached as its growth stage there are large number of competitors entered in the product. Market Maturity stage The Saturation stage The Decline stage In Parle Product Ltd.

. while dealing their product plan and strategy keeps in mind the following points:    Market SIZE Consumer NEED Competition CLUTTERS After going through the above factors plans are made for the production and distribution of products. Product planning is defined as the process of deciding in advance every factor related to product. Parle Product Ltd.Product Plan Strategy First of all Parle Ltd. but the main aim remains to meet with consumer‟s needs and demands to know the consumer needs market research is carried out. through small market research team. concentrate on the need of consumers and then produces to satisfy those needs of the consumers. Each company has their own product planning and strategy.

. Then the products are produced for while market. The market and Consumer Research shows the position of the Product and also indicate whether any modification or change is to be made in the product. The Parle Product Ltd. Product Analysis refers to the finding out of pros and cons of any products of the company. If the questionnaires are prepared and people are interviewed about which type of product they need. Feed back from the customers are collected and they are scrutinized on the basis of data collected from the people. Other wise changes are made das and when required. They are test marketing and getting feedback for six months. have their own Marketing Research Department. As the product gets finalized. Top Level Executives takes action on that. The product of the company is compared with similar products of other companies and then the product it evaluated on the basis of results obtained. The Manager of Marketing Research Department and Manager of Production Department both get concerned with each other and then the finalization of the product is mad.Product Analysis Research & Innovation Product analysis is the process of evaluating the product and finding its positive and negative points. they are launched in selected cities for test marketing and get the response about whether the product is going to accept or not. Product Analysis is done through Research work. If they feel that the product is fitted according to Customer demand. If the company wants to launch any new product then they first of all make segmentation of cities.

also uses various types of display material which reinforces the impression and effects. “Branding is the art and curbstone of Marketing”. Merchandising The work merchandising means goods for sales and merchandising is a comprehensive concept which embraces all concepts undertaken at the retail to promote sales. backup sheets.Product Related Strategies of P. Branding Perhaps the most distinctive skill of Professional Marketing is their ability to create.L. “Today the issues of branding. They are using strummers. posters. protect and enhance brands. yard stickers. wall paintings stands and dispenser. product warranty and product servicing are especially sensitive are as than ever before”. The American Marketing Institution defines Brand as: .P. maintain. packaging. Parle Product Ltd. boxes. self stickers.

intended to identify the goods or services of one seller of group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors. As Parle Company gives importance to both brand name and quality. For maintaining brand it is necessary that the quality of the product should be best. They believe that brand and quality are the two sides of the same coin. term. sign. .A Brand is a name. symbol or design or a combination of them.

BRAND NAMES OF THE BISCUITS OF PARLE PRODUCT LTD. 3. Parle . Krack Jack Krack Jack of Parle Product Ltd. very crisp. There are lots of limitations of this products. 2. It is crisp. Monaco Roll Monaco Rolls are available in delicious round shaped. 1. eaten plain or with toppings and never sold loose. Very light. sweet and has got unique taste. . It is sweet and salty in taste. lot of consumption is through children. salty biscuits.G It is one of the oldest brands of the company which was introduced in 1939. is about 24 years old product. It is a brand leader especially in west and north zone which are strong Glucose market.

Cream Biscuits Cream biscuits of Parle Product Ltd. are available in four flavors – Orange.4. thin and fluffy. Chocolates and Elaichi. each biscuit includes seven grams cream which is available at very economical Price. With very crisp and creamy biscuits. High Count Salted Biscuits Cheeslings : Cheeselings are only type of its kind and unique cheese biscuits which are very light. Pineapple.e. (b) Sixer : Sixer is the brand name which means six sided salted biscuits. (a) Dump Varieties i. . 5. (c) Jeffs : Jeffs are of small shaped Jerra biscuits.

Mango Bite: Mango Bite is mango flavored bid size candy.CONFECTIONARIES . 2. Roll – A – Cola Candy: 3. 4. . Poppins: It is one of the oldest and very successful brands available in roll form in various fruity flavors. 5. Peppermints & Rosemings: Pepper and rose flavored menthol candy in tablet form. It is of oval shaped orange flavored candy which is very popular among children.CANDIES 1. Orange Candies: Orange candies are of the oldest brand of Parle Product Ltd.

Trademark or brand may be registerable or nonregisterable. Slogans . has choose various trade marks or brand for their products of biscuits and confectionery products. mark. symbol. is too fast that the machines are working with fully automatic and 100% hygienic capacity. As we have already seen that Parle Product Ltd. Trademark A trade mark have been defined as any sign. The Product of Melody per minute is 140 count.CONFECTIONERY: TOFFEES Kismis Toffees Mayfair Toffees Lux Toffees Dairy Toffees Melody Toffees Melody Regular Melody Variants Kismi Toffee Bar Melody Production in Parle Product Ltd. work on words which indicated the origin or ownership of a product as distinguished from its quality and which others have not the equal right to employ for the same purpose.

Someone has said “If you win a luck phrase you win future success”. they are as good today as they were yesterday and will remain so far coming hundred years. The following are some slogans which are used by Parle Product Ltd. have coded in increasing sales by converting prospects into steady customers.Slogans and sentences are used to win sales and increase business when used intelligently. . Good slogans are never wear out.

10. 5. 12. 13. 6. Thoda Mitha Thoda Namkin Tiagling Fresh Extra Strong Mint Cola Ka Gola Jeene Ki Raah Yahi Hai Sahi Swad Bhare Shakti Bhare Melody Khao Khud Jaan Jao Mast Mast Falon Ka Naya Maja The Big Toffee Bar Krack Jack Parle Extra Rol – A – Cola Parle – G Parle – G Melody Poppins Kismi Toffee . 14. 3.SLOGANS PRODUCT 1. 8. Crispy Jerra Biscuits Crispy Salty Munchies Cheesier ! Munchies Jeffs Sixer Cheeslings Jeffs Cheeslings Jeera Ka Jabardast Jalwa Curcure Namkin Ka Karara Maja Khile Khile ! Cheese Bhare ! Swad Bhare ! Cheeslings 7. 2. 4. 11. 9.


So it is not possible to set a very high price in the initial period. Penetration Price Policy: In this strategy a low price is set to reach the market immediately. Parle products has adopted penetration price policy for their items of biscuits and confectionery. because in consumer products there are many competitors prevailing in the market. .Pricing Policy Skimming Price Policy: This strategy involves setting a very high price. Considering their competitors policy parle has adopted penetration price policy. so that in the initial stage cream of demand may be skimmed and enormous profits made for an indefinite period or the price may be covered later in order to tap other segments of the market.

Pricing method The price. The company must consider competitor‟s price & other external & internal factors to find the best price between these two extremes. So. . Consumer perceptions of product‟s value set the ceiling. The Vadilal Enterprises Ltd. Therefore. break-even analysis and target profit planning : The buyer – based approach like perceived – value pricing: The competition based approach like going – rate & sealed – bid pricing. the company charges will be somewhere between one that is too low to produce a profit and one that is to high to produce any demand product costs set a floor to the price. Companies set prices by selecting a general pricing approach that includes one or more of three sets of factors such as : The cost – based approach like cost – based approach like cost-plus pricing. the prices are fixed according to the materials consumed & adding relatively services. has much longer product line. it would be difficult for all products.

adding relatively services & profit margin & also the prices are affordable by all classes of people.P. As there are many pricing methods which are as under:      Mark – up Pricing Target Return Pricing Perceived Value Pricing Going Rate Pricing Sealed Bid Pricing . we can see that the pricing method adopted by the unit is perfectly suitable. the prices fixed by the P. are in such a manner that they include cost or production. The pricing method then leads to a specific price. Depreciation etc.L. Pricing Methods Companies revolve the pricing issue by selecting a pricing method. There are a few items in determining the sale price i. pecking method adopted by the unit is the cost – plus pricing. It is based on the seller‟s cost of production plus additional margin of profit. As sellers do not take advantage of buyers when the latter‟s demand becomes acute.e. Expected profit margin The cost – plus pricing method is a very common practice particularly in retail trade.     Cost of producing / acquiring goods Cost of operating / selling expenses Interest. Where all the firms in the industry use this pricing method. their prices tend to be similar. because of the following reasons:    Sellers can determine cost much more easily. Price competition is therefore minimized.Generally. Many people feel the cost plus pricing is fairer to both buyers & sellers. Therefore. Therefore. the sellers earn a fair return on their investment. This pricing method is considered the best approach to pricing.

Parle wants to win the contract and winning normally requires submitting a lower price than competitors.L. At the same time the unit has not set its price below cost.P. Competition oriented pricing is common where firms submit sealed bid for jobs. . There is no government regulation in fixation of price of products P..Parle Products Limited has adopted sealed bid pricing method for the fixation of prices of biscuits and confectionery. government only advises on the quality of the products. The Parle products fixes the prices taking into account prices of competitors rather than rigid relation to the firm‟s supply or demand.

P. the loyal customers of the P.P. will not get diverted toward others products because 90% of the customers believes in good quality rather than only on price. because they are the market leader and without providing credit facility also their products are in great demand by the retailers and customers. then also. The products are not sold on credit basis and there is only such cash system prevailing in P. . Only 10% of customers may have a chance of diversification towards other brands. I came to know that there is no credit benefit provided to retailers. During my field training in market. Also if they fix some high price.L.L.There is no any type of discount and allowances provided to dealers and customers. stockiest or customers.

most sellers set one price for all buyers. If the entrepreneur would not give much importance these factors. .  Internal factors which include the company‟s marketing objectives.  External factors which include the nature of the market & demand. competition and other environmental elements. The factors affecting the pricing policy can be broadly deviled into two categories. marketing – mix strategy. There are number of factors which affect the pricing policy of the company. Through bargaining. Historically. prices were set up by buyers & sellers negotiating with each other. he may not be able to survive in the consumer‟s markets. Seller would ask for higher price than they expected to receive & buyers world offer less than they except to pay.Factors Affecting Pricing Policy The price fixed by the seller‟s own sentiment may not necessarily be accepted in the market. costs & organization etc. many companies do not handle pricing well. Yet. Today. They world arrive at an acceptable price.

Again. Cost optimization means setting of reasonable prices which provide equitable return on capital at the same tome suit the consumer‟s purchasing power.P. naturally the distribution cost would be high. is concerned. Normal Profit Margin The main objective of any company is to earn maximum profit. the costs on middlemen clue generally high because the profit given to the would also be included in to them would also be included in the cost. the factors which affect the pricing policy can be summarized as under: Internal factors Cost of Production At the time of marketing the pricing. .L. Distribution cost P. are transported to a very distance. Here. also the margin of profit is taken into account while fixing the prices. The manager has to attempt to optimize the cost.P. But the prices are changed at the cost of society.So far as P.L.

the decision makers should not underestimate the perishable quality of the products. The decision makers may prefer to increase the price. Competitor’s price in the Market This is the most important factor in determination of prices. The unit also gives much stress on this factor & fixes prices accordingly. The decision makers. Hawmore & Walls. . the unit fixes prices. This factor requires more care & precaution. External factors: Demand of the Product The decision makers of the unit are always in trying to study the nature & magnitude of demand & according the level of demand.Product Perishablility While fixing the prices. Government Regulations The decision makers of the unit are always keep in the mind the regulations introduced by the Government. where there is a high standard of living & vice versa. here also give full attention to these competitors while fixing prices. The main competitors of the Vadilal are Amul. Socio – Economic Environment Rise in the level of income or in the standard of living may affect the pricing policy.

Thus. Ultimately. . consumer perceptions of price and value determine whether the company has set the right price. consumer will not buy the product. above all factors are taken into account while fixing prices for the products. if the price is higher than the sum of the perceived values.

18. Accordingly to the price of competitors like Britania. In P.Factors Influencing Pricing Decisions Pricing decisions are influenced by numerous factors. Nutrine.P. 5. 11. company fixes the price of various brands of biscuits and confectioneries. The future of Parle-G is very bright. Rs. Candy-Cake.50. Pricing policies should be consistent with pricing objectives and pricing strategy should be in conformity with pricing objectives and pricing policies. . Rs.45. 6. Rs. while fixing the price structure following points is considered:      Invoice Amount Local Sales Tax Secondary Freight Wholesaler‟s Margin Cost to Retailers In Parle Product Limited. Nestle. The profit covered by pare-G products is very less. 4. 2. Windsor.L. they have not allowed their competitors to enter in the market.50. but by the effort of P.P.. Rs. Bakemans. Rs. Simco products are available from the ranges of Rs.L. Also pricing decisions require the knowledge of the company‟s over all marketing environment.

The main aim of the company while setting price objective is to maximize sales growth & current revenue by keeping the cost as low as possible into increasing both sales & market share.L.Objectives of Pricing Every marketing activity – including pricing should be directed toward a goal. Thus. The pricing objective selects must be compatible with the overall goals set by the company & the goals for its marketing programme. Thus. A company can peruse any of the six major objectives by its pricing which are as follows. The speciality of pricing objectives of Vadilal Enterprises Ltd. One product may be priced to help the sales of other products in the company‟s line. A company also might use price to attain other more specific objectives it can set prices low to prevent competition from entering the market or set prices at competitions levels to stabilize the loyalty & support of resellers or to avoid government intervention price can be reduced temporarily to crate excitement for a product or to draw more customers into a retail store. Before determining the price itself. is formulated keeping in mind that majority of its customers belong to all classes of people therefore the pricing policy is formulated in such a way that it can be affordable by all classes of people & is not burden on their income. pricing may play an important role in helping to accomplish the company‟s objectives at many levels.      To survive in the market Maximum current profit Maximum current revenue Maximum market skimming Product quality leadership The pricing policy of the P.P. management should decide on its pricing objective. is .

.to grow its market share through decreasing the prices of Ice-creams set during the time of festivals.

The most important objectives of the company is to have maximum profits. Windsor in Biscuit items and Nutrine. The P. He secondary objective of P.L. Survival. Simco in confectionery.P.Pricing Objectives Pricing objectives are overall goals that describe the rate of prices in an organisation‟s long range plans. has not increased the rate of price as other companies are doing. Bakemans. The P. To meet or prevent competition.L. That‟s why the product of parle-G has covered 70% of market share and the company is market leader. Nestle. wants to survive by competition as there are many competitors with the products like Britania. Candy – Cake.L.P. As Parle products is a limited company and that‟s why the main objective of fixing price is to achieve maximum profits from the products like biscuits and confectioneries items but by providing best quality at economic rate.P. wants to survive by providing best quality of product with economical rate. Retail margin earned by the unit 10% in biscuits and 15% to 55% margin in confectioneries. Also P. wants to survive by providing best quality of product with economical rate. To stabilize prices. Maximum profits. To maintain or improve a target share of market.P. . There are mane objectives in pricing such as:       To achieve target return of investment.L.


warehousing. they are having truck facilities. These activities include packaging. The route of the channel include both manufacturer and the consumer and intermediaries who are linked in the channel system by one or more of the marketing flows like transfer of title or ownership. In P. transfer of title to a product as it moves from a producer to ultimate customers or industrial users. They are using many transportation companies for carrying goods from factory to wholesalers or from factory to depo. Distribution Channels Physical Distribution Channel Distribution .Managing & Selecting Marketing Channels It is a path traced in the direct or indirect. It aims at offering delivery of right goods at the right time and place to customers.L. transportation.P. We can define the distribution channels as movement of goods and services between the point of production and point of consumption through organization that perform a variety of marketing activities. physical movement of goods of merchandise. A distribution system has two sub divisions Channels of Distribution Physical Distribution Physical distribution looks after physical handling of the goods and assures maximum customer service. for delivery of biscuits or confectionery products. and inventory control and customer service. flow of money through payment of prices or so or transmission of marketing information.

” - Philip Kotler .  Transportation Warehouse Wholesaler Retailers Agents Brokers Job Workers “Marketing channels are sets of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for the use or consumption.

Wholesalers further delivers goods to the trade. wholesaler and retailer and then ultimate consumer which is after used by relatively small manufacturer with a limited product line who sell to widely dispersed market. follows ready stack working system. The P. In the trade. drivers and leaders whole delivering goods from agency to retail shopkeepers.L.P. So it is not possible for direct selling of product to them. In the unit P.P. The Parle industry uses the following channel of distribution: Manufacturer Agent Middleman Wholesaler Retailer Consumer Parle industry is concerned with food items.  The three level channels contains agent.P. From the factory of Parle goods are sent in depo.L. retail pack. Salesman carry with them bill books. follows ready stack working system.L. In the agency ready stacks are available for providing and leaders whole delivering agency have recruited salesman. There are as many numbers of buyers and ultimate consumer so it is not possible for direct selling of buyers and ultimate consumers. sample kits.Channel Levels Each intermediary that performs work in bringing the product and its title closer to the final buyer constitutes a channel limit.L. From depo goods are delivered to distributors. calls their distributors as wholesalers. P. The two level channel contains the intermediaries which is the most widely used channel where manufacturers have direct dealings with wholesalers who in turn sell to retailers and they in turn to consumers.    A zero level channel also called a direct marketing channel consists of a manufacturer selling directly to final customer. The one level channel contains one selling intermediary such as a retailer. middleman.P. is having two depos in Gujarat. In the unit P. In the trade various activities are performed by salesman like .

P. cutting the product and ultimately closing the sales with the best ability. supplying of products. .detailing the product. Here service means providing best quality at cheaper rate and at – proper time and place. By providing satisfactory service P.L. achieves reorders from retailer or retailers gain of business from ultimate customers.

individual intermediaries must be selected. Also channel management must be modified over time. motivated and evaluated.Channel Management Deceasing After a company has choose a channel alternative. .

launch and dinner and other facilities. cities like Rajkot they have wholesalers.C. New wholesalers are provided with one and half days on the job training in the one and half day‟s electrician training. In Kachchh they have six wholesalers. .P.L. In Baroda they have five wholesalers. room with breakfast.P. and paperwork concerned with that job. P. wholesalers are selected to population for e. They are getting applications from the applicants. In Surat they have eight wholesalers. Also the training is provided by model wholesalers who have got the thorough knowledge of policy and procedures updated by P.g. single A. In Ahmedabad they have ten wholesalers. the management recruits their channel members not on the basis of qualification and experience but they make marketing survey. In P. For arrangement of this training programme company is producing three star hotels.Selecting Channel Members and Providing Training Producers vary in their ability to attract qualified intermediaries within the chosen channel.L. On the basis of the applications received they evaluated the applicant and the final selection is made. Also they have to work hard to get qualified intermediaries.P. In Talukas company does their business by separating the market customers.L. Newly appointed wholesalers are generally given three days training by dealers.

P.L. as on incentive for extra efforts made by them.85% rate of margin plus they are giving 0. Intermediaries can aim for a relationship based co-operation. This motivation is supplemented by training. That is why P. co-operative advertising allowances. . partnership or distribution programmes. display allowances and sales contacts. They believe in providing special deals to their wholesalers and are heading sales contest in Navratri and Satam-antham festival. premiums. P. Internally producers are using positive motivators such as high margin. P.L.5% commission to them. supervision and encouragement. calls their distributors as „PARLE PARIWA‟ and not Parle Products Limited.L.P. Overall wholesalers are getting 4.Motivating Channel Members Intermediaries must be continuously motivated to do their best job. All the company is very much cooperative to the distributors. Company is also improving their wholesalers. special deals. They are providing their wholesalers 3.P. The distributor‟s turnover ratio is nill in parle. provides stimulates approach towards their wholesalers.P. has also adopted positive view for motivation. P.3% of margin for their services provided to the company.L.

In that self improvement programme. they are not doing any business yet.L. The trainers are playing healthy physical games. During this period they are doing YOGA and DHYAN also.P. .Also once in a year P. Thus all the training programmers are for wholesalers as for sales managers. The whole concentration is given on improving themselves. organizes one self improved programme for all the wholesalers as well as for field staff.

L.P. Average inventory levels. If any problem arises they try their best to overcome the problem. accordingly treatment of damaged and last goods. They visit the out-let one by one to distribute the product.P. distributors are visiting market regularly. .Evaluating Channel Member In this company of P. In P. they periodically evaluated intermediaries performance on the basis of sales quota attainment. If retailers have any claim or broken goods with them they have to replace it and provide replacement stock. customer delivery time.L.


The strategy is mostly used when the product is inexpensive and frequently purchased. The unit of purchase is usually small along with their price and consumers wanted to their near areas and retailers enjoy high stock turnover on small industry. The burden of advertising lies on the manufacturer.Intensity & Eaten of distribution After deciding the channel of distribution. exclusive distribution and selective distribution. . Extensive Distribution This strategy is used by producers of convenience goods and common raw materials. The market is competitive. the manufacturer has to decide how many middlemen should be in the demand that is the intensity of distribution to be used at the wholesaling levels in the channels has to be decide. The purpose is to saturate the market as such as possible with their product. They are intensive distribution.

Give respect to all people coming across. If possible the market should be feeded in GRI and GRQ. For every 450 outlets there should be one unit. Active person the firm should visit the trade at least two hours daily in different routes.Norms Followed By The Agency Of The P.P.L. Stock registers to be maintained daily. Range selling should be more than and fine.       All the routs to be covered weakly with rate size of 45 outlests in ready stock. . He should contact priority outlets once in a month and on every Saturdays in semi-wholesale market to book the order and to know market trends. All available products to be given all semi-wholesale outlets.



        


P.P.L. and Promotion Mix









Push Strategy and Pull Strategy: A push strategy involves manufacture‟s marketing activities primarily sales force and trade promotion directed at channel intermediaries. The good is to induce intermediaries to order and carry the product and promote it to the end users. It is more useful under when there is low brand loyalty in a category and brand choice is made in a store. Product is an impulse item.

A pull strategy involves marketing activities, advertising and consumer‟s promotion directed at end users. The goal is to induce the end users to ask intermediaries for the product and thus induce intermediaries to order the product and manufacturer. It is appropriate when there is high brand loyalty and high involvement the category.



Retailers & Wholesalers


Producer Marketing Activities (personal Selling, Promotion and other)

Retailer marketing activities (personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, etc.)

sales promotion) .PULL STRATEGY Producer Demand Retailer & Wholesaler Demand Consumers Products marketing Activities (Advertising.

The product message is communicated through media like newspaper. These representatives assists and persuades a prospective buyer to buy a product in face to face situation. Sale contacts are made with the customers by company sales representatives. television. It consists of all activities crimed at persuading and motivating customers to buy the product. . The various element of promotion mix are : Advertising Advertising consist of all the activities involving in presenting product information to customers. Personal Selling Personal selling is the face to face communication between a seller and buyer.Introduction This is the fourth pillar of marketing programme. etc. service or idea. radio. It refers to the activities to the promotion of the product. and is paid for the seller.

etc. A favourable report by the news media on the company product often will more weight then a paid advertising message. It refers to the activities designed by the manufacturer to influence buyer behavior through communication. BRINK AND KELLY have defined promotion as “The coordination of all seller initiated efforts to set up channel of information and persuasion to facilitate the sale or a product service or the acceptance of an idea. Promotion mix aims at stimulating market demand for products. newspapers. demonstrations.Sales Promotion It is the method of increasing the sales through displays. contests. It is relatively a minor from of promotion because the manufacturer has no control over what the mention usually. which is not paid for. Sales promotion activities aim to supporting personal selling and advertising efforts.” . Publicity It refers to the mention of a company brand or product in trade journals. radio. etc.

L. also promotes its products through: Advertising Sales Promotion Publicity .P.P. So.L. P. the manager of marketing believes that it is must for every product to be advertised by any method or media in this competitive world where other company concerned with the same products are in large number.P.P. & Promotion Mix It is true that to make the product known and acceptable some kind of promotion tool must be adopted so that company can communicate to the consumers.L. It is necessary to inform about the product to the prospects because advertising and other promotions helps in crating brand patronage in market. Advertising and promotion of products it must for every company if they want to make their position in this competitive and dynamic market. In P.

spends on advertising according to various brands of biscuits and confectionaries. . P. 455 crores.L.L.Personal Selling The P. spends 65% on advertising budget on the total turnover achieved by the company as company‟s turnover of the last year‟s 700 crores. The amount spent by the company on advertising budget comes to Rs.P. Advertising budget is fixed in the year and according to requirement of advertising budget is set for every brand in the product.P.

Organisation that use more media to accomplish an organizational objective. . It is the decision to invest resources in prevailing time or space in such mass media as television.” - Philip Kotler It is paid communication because the advertising has to pay for the space or time in which his advertisement appears. Advertisers are private and public sector. radio. Advertising appears in any recognized media as newspapers. The sponsor wants to persuade and induce the readers. newspapers or magazines that basically distinguishes advertisers from non advertisers.Advertising “Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas. etc. At the care of this system are advertisers. television. goods or services by an identified sponsor. radio. The organizations that support advertising. The field of advertising management is made up of a system of interacting organizations and institutions all of which play a role in the advertising process. viewers or listeners to take some action. magazines. cinema.

Company has to recruit the advertising manager and has to pay fixed salary whether he works or not. Also P.L. In P. which handles the agencies business activities. Parle Products Limited has their separate advertising department. Advertising agency employees specialists who generally can perform advertising tasks better than a companies own staff. It consists of 8 to 10 staff people and key person assistant. Media.P.L. which develops ads and produces ads. They also have reverent marketing agencies.P. Research. advertising agency is having four departments: Av    Creative. . Agencies also bring an outside point of view to solving a company‟s problems along with years of experience from working with different clients and situations. And because the firm can dismiss its agency. Company pays fixed salary to the staff of advertising department. which selects media and place ads. an agency works hard to do a good job.Government Advertiser Advertising Agency Media Competitor Research Suppliers Markets and Consumer Behaviour Advertising Department and Advertising Agency: Advertising department is managed by the advertising manager of the company. has employed specialists who handles the advertising tasks.

The other secondary objectives are: .In this P.L.P. Advertising Objectives of P. each account is superviewed by an account executive and people in each department are usually assigned to work in one or more account.P. The long term objective of advertising are broad and general and concern the contribution advertising should make to the achievement of overall company objectives. The main object is to remind the customer about the availability of the product.L. The Parle Products Limited has the following advertising objectives. Ad agencies are paid through commission and some fees.

To remind users to buy the product.      To do the entire selling job.L.L. Gains goodwill on stores buying power.P. To provide rationalization To combat competitor‟s advertising like Britania.P. To build brand Preference. That‟s why the parle is providing products at quite economic rate with just quality. Considering the following five factors P. Promoters intelligent buying by saying JEENE KE RAH YAHE HAI SAHI – PARLE-G. As there are various brands of biscuits and confectioneries accordingly. Increasing sales volume there by reducing unit production cost. sets the budget: . After determining the advertising objectives Parle Products Limited established advertising budget for each product.      Stabilise the company‟s business Secure leadership or domination Protect company from the consequences of revolutionary competitors tactics. P.P.L. fixes the amount for the whole advertising budget and according to satellite and brand of the product company spends on it. Deciding On Advertising Budget by P.

Baikmans.P. Competitive and clutter In a market. has earned 70% of market share. so it requires high advertising spending so that the brand of biscuits can be heard above the noise in the market.L.L. So far high market share brands less advertising budget is prepared.P. Windsor. they have large number of competitors like Britatnia. 700 crores which amount to Rs. 455 crores of advertising expenses. Market share and consumer share In glucose biscuits P. spends 65% of the amount of total turnover Rs.P.Stage in the product life cycle For Monaco Cheesling Company receives large advertising budgets to build awareness and to gain customer trial.L. . in P. P.

P.L. uses these memorable and attention getting words: THODA MITHA THODA NAMKIN SWADHARE SHACHI SHAKTI BHARE : MELODY KHAO. selects the media considering the reach. is convenience biscuit users that now they can buy a canned biscuit that‟s as good as home – made. Words P.L.L.P. frequency and impact of the customers.P. chooses advertising message The advertiser of P.P.P. The objective of the advertising made by P. As P.L.How P. is concerned with food products preparing biscuits and confectioneries they execute the message which stands for rational positioning.L. they gives advertisement in television because the television is the media which gives message of the product to people living in urban or rural area.P. Parle Products Limited hence found a style tone words for executing the message. KHUD JAAN JAO : KRACKJACK PARLE – G : MELODY Media selected by P. As the biscuits and confectionary items are mostly consumed by children.L. In rural area people mostly rely . conducts market analysis and research to determine that which appeal is most likely to succeed with the target audience. And also. The media planner of advertising department of P.P. company is a market leader. There are major media types used by the company.L. Slice of the product Parle has prepared advertising for the product of PARLE – G showing the whole family which expresses satisfaction with a biscuits of PARLE – G.

. So considering the factor in mind they gives ads in T.on T. and radio. the serials like Shaktiman and Captain Vyom are also sponsored by the Parle Products Limited.V.V.

Retailers are having facility of lucky draw scheme in that they have 51 prizes for chances of wining. designed to stimulate quicken etc. keeping this view in mind. Generally.P. etc. Sales promotion tools used by P.L. in Hotel.L. . also considers the interest of wholesalers.P.P. They are given gift coupon free of cost. includes Coupons. Prizes. P.O. Lucky draw schemes. gives coupons also to their retailers up to amount of purchase of Rs.) for that the retailers got benefits.L.L.Sales Promotion Sales promotion consists of a diverse collection of incentive tools mostly short form. they hold contest for wholesalers in Navratry and Satam-Atham festival. Parle Products Limited also offers sport purchase scheme and trade load offers (T. greater purchase of particular products by consumer or the trade. point of purchase displays and demonstrations. 500. In the school up to five years of children they are given coupon. this facility is provided to Cinema Canteen. The company is also having display and demonstration facility. P. Warranties.

He answered me that brand of the product of Parle are so advertised that if they do not spend a little on sales promotion the also the sales will remain same. products with highest awareness.R. spends 6% amount of total production mix budget and 1% on biscuits. Situation of sales promotion clutter as compared to advertising clutter of P.L. As against this Parle is having low M. product and low awareness product. I asked to the manager that if they do not provide any kind of sales promotion then what will happen.L.P.R.L.P.On Orange Candy P.L. Britania is doing much more advertising. They do not provide more than 1% on sales promotion in mass stock yearly. because they are means. Britania is having premium products with them they have high M.P. At the same time. As against the Parle products. P. arranges sales promotion programme for maximum of two months in a year. . When.P.P. when P.P. In sales promotion also Britania is giving higher sales promotion than Parle. is offering trade load scheme then the loyal customers of the other companies are also attracted toward the Parle Product they getting the additional sales and visibility.

On T.P. but generally these types of products are advertised through stickers. Parle product uses various materials.V. .Type of part of purchase material used by the Parle Products Limited Point of purchase displays and demonstrations takes place at the point of purchase or sale. backup sheets. yard stickers and dispensaries.L. danglers. posters. Generals for less pricing products it is possible for P. to give advertisement. For display of product they give their retailers streamers.

The overall purpose of sales promotion is to influence buyer behavior and alter the shape and location of consumer demand curve in favor of the product. All promotion efforts are directed to alter the demand curve or buyer behavior.How sales promotion acts as tool of demand creation Promotion is described as persuasive communication where message transmitted describes product features in terms of consumer wants and desires. . Sales promotion develops better understanding of consumer needs and desires and problem.

The Region of Saurashtra and Kutch Saurashtra and Kutch has been one of the most prosperous regions of Gujarat having vast natural resources backed by a strong consumer community.L. is promoted by professionals having vast experience in the field of advertising.P.P. Opportunities PARLE PRODUTS LIMITED has got opportunity for exhibition for the international standards in exhibiting the goods. The agrarian company of the region has nourished a thrilling business community and vast upper middle class population. In Rajkot the opportunity is given to P.L.P. Festivex‟98 is one of the largest exhibitions organized in Gujarat and it‟s the only one of its kind organized in Surashtra region. The original promotion. unique ways of print media promotion.L. This form in the field of exhibition will add one more feather to the cap of ingenious promotional measures offered by microscan.Trade Promotion ADEX inc. Given the timing and organizing of the fare will definitely prove to be Philip Kotler‟s choice. . products show case for their goods to reach the most potential to P. mass promotion and marketing. for taking part in Festive 98 which is being organized during the pre-festival days of Christmas and the New Year. micro scan graphic process is one of the leading organization in the field of advertising and pre press services in SURASHTRA turned to offering the best microscan has always bucked the trend and offered successfully. products show case for their goods to reach the most potential market. Moreover the high literacy level and the spread of information and knowledge amongst the popular presents the right segment to be approached. This region has always been one of the focus points in any business house‟s marketing strategy. The exhibition provides to P. The basic principle during this organization is to create avenues for business unique manner possible to derive maximum benefits from each rupee spent on such promotion drives.

A comprehensive communication center offering facilities like local phone. Negotiated special rates in leading hotels for the participants. speed post and secretarial services. fax.V. email. Multiple signboards and guide maps for visitor convenience.P. and Walkie Talkie and insurance cover. In a true sense for this region Rajkot is the window to the world and for the world. Special business development lounge for free use by participants. Travel and accompulation assistance dusk for the participants and the outstatation visitors. courier.T.            Ergonomically designed stall lay-outs for maximum exposure and smooth movements. Infrastructure Facilities Provided to P. Almost all the centers of this region by and large depend on Rajkot for supply on information and goods. Bank Conuter. General medication facility for immediate attention and relief in case of exigency. internet. Special octroi passing facility for hassle force movement of exhibition goods.C. .Rajkot has always enjoyed the distinction of being economic capital of this region.L. Security with C. Well planned placement of ceiling fans for better air circulation.

Personal Selling Selling means the transfer of ownership of goods on service to a buyer in exchange for money. “Salesmanship is the art of teaching. Sales persons are recruited and selected from the local place. The act of salesmanship consists of one human mind. Salesmanship is the process of persuading a person to buy goods or services. Persons go door to door for selling biscuits and confectionery items. Personal Selling plays an important role in the promotion mix. or helping others to buy. The remuneration to them is also decided on the local basis. In Parle Product Limited. .” Another says it is the persuasive leadership that influences people to buy goods and services. Different authors have defined it in various ways.

Many companies are turning to marketing public relation to directly support corporate. P. place or person.P.L. Though P. is also providing services in blood donation camp.Publicity Publicity means sponsoring various efforts to publicize specific products. is having mass advertising for biscuits and confectionery items.P. they are more publishing their products for that they are sponsoring serials like Shaktimaan and Captain Vyom free of charge.P. .L. They are also helding tradefair.L. children development activities and welfare activities. All these activities are performed by P. One product promotion is securing additional space as opposed to paid space in Print and broadcast media to promoted or type a product.


The Indian Institute of Packaging has defined packaging as “The embracing function of package, selection, manufacture, filling and handling.” Packaging obvisously is related to labeling and branding because the label often appears on the package and the brand is typically on the label.

As far as packaging is concerned PARLE PRODUCTS LIMITED is self reliant and self sufficient in printing wrappers for biscuits and confectionery products like PARLE – G is identified by yellow and white stoaps, baby parle pantagone and red PARLE-G biscuits are packed in white colored butter pack.

Details of Pack Sizes and Cartoon Packs PARLE – G Pack Sizes 50 gms. 75 gms. 100 gms. 100 gms. 100 gms. 150 gms. LOOSE 300 gms. 300 gms. 48 poly bags = 18 pkts 30 poly gags = 30 pkts 14.4 kgs 15.0 kgs Cartoon Pack 24 pkts × 12 poly bags = 288 pkts. 24 pkts × 6 poly bags = 144 pkts 24 pkts × 9 poly bags = 96 pkts 10 pkts × 6 poly bags = 100 pkts 24 pkts × 6 poly bags = 144 pkts 12 pkts × poly bags = 108 pkts Box W.T. 14.4 kgs 10.8 kgs 9.6 kgs 10.0 kgs 14.4 kgs 16.2 kgs


Monaco Rolls

75 gms. Pack × 60 pkts. In a box weigh 4.5 kgs 150 gms. ATC pack × 72 pkts I a box weight 10.8 kgs. Other variants available are zeera and cheese in 75 gms. Packing

Krack Jack

100 gms. Pack 5 pkts. In a poly bag and 24 poly bags in a box.


3.1 gms. Loose in Tine pack

100 gms. Pouch Pack 30 Pouches in box.


5.0 gms. Loose in the pack 100 gms. Pouch Pack 30 Pouches in box.


4.5 gms. loose in the pack 100 gms. Pouch Pack 30 Pouches in a box.


Orange Candies Mango-Bite Role – A – Cola

300 counts per Kg. And 18 kgs. In a GB. 500 gms. Pack × 36 poly bags in a GB. 200 counts per Kg. And 18 kgs. in a GB. 125 counts per 500 gms. pack poly bags in GB. 250 counts per kg. Pack of taran.

Role – A – Coal Roll

25 gms. Roll (10 tablets) 50 rolls in a poly bag. 28 poly bags in a box WT. 25 kgs.

Peppermint & Rosemint 24 sticks in a cartoon 48 cms in a box weigh 13.824 kgs.

Melody Regular

Available in single twist wrapper 140 counts in a kg. And 18 kgs. in a CBB

Melody Variants

70 counts per pack and 36 packs in a CBB


Lable consists of verbal information that accomplishes the product. A label identifies who made? What are its ingredients? How it should be used? Date of manufacturing and expiry, the price to becharge, brand name, net quantity of contents. Labels are part of the painted materials on the point of purchase advertising.

In P.P.L. the label of the product contains information like ingredients use in various biscuits and confectioneries. Information about the date of production, location of factory that is Mumbai. Various ingredient shown in the package are as under:




wheat flour, edible vegetable oils, skimmed milk powder, salt, leaving agents, flavours and dough conditioners.

Kismi Dairy, Lux

Kismi Toffee - Sugar. permitted emulsifier. skimmed milk powder. liquid oil. coffee and chicory mixture. edible vegetable oil. permitted emulsifier and flavors and contained additional flavors. and permittd flavors and colours and contains added flavors. beaten. edible starch. cocoa. milk solids. edible starch. salt.& Mafair - Sugar. edible starch. liquid glucose. edible vegetable oils. Melody Coal - Sugar. coffee. solids. liquid glucose. salt. skimmed milk powder. Poppins and Roal – A – Cola - Sugar. Melody - Sugar. colours and flavors. skimmed milk powder. salt. permit tent emulsifier and flavors. edible starch. skimmed milk powder. cheery. liquid glucose. edible vegetable oils. mixture. permitted emulsifier. . liquid glucose. permitted emulsifier and favors. edible starch. edible vegetable oil. edible starch. liquid. Melody Coffee - Sugar. edible vegetable oils.


he replied that the company has a widen scope in the same product category.Future Plant As Parle Products Limited is concerned with manufacturing of biscuits and confectioneries. the company is thinking about widening the length of the product line. . The company has achieved “MONDE SELECTION AWARD” in food industries. As all the products of the company are winners. While asking to the field manager about the future plans of Parle Products Limited.

Athens the Barcelona. Paris. . Brussels. London. the company is producing many brands of biscuits like Parle – G.L. quiz. No doubt the company is also giving sales promotion once in a year. KrackJack. etc. Amsterdam. It is the firs company who has started manufacturing biscuits and confectioneries. Parle should start the selling of its products not only in the above mentioned countries. is a large scale unit having very wide market in India and other foreign countries like Geneva. and gifting like participated with parle products. but the company should adopt new and modern technique of attracting kids for biscuits conducting competitions. but in future it should go for such type of products which suits above and over the all company‟s product connected with production of biscuits and confectioners. Right now. Lisbon. etc.Suggestions P. The company should start advertising through other media which suits the product. but also all over the world. Cream biscuits.P. Monaco. All the advertising campaign of the company is limited to television and wall painting.

Parle Products Limited always keeps in mind the needs of consumers and that‟s why they have launched recently cream biscuits. In P.e. . anticipated the company‟s need in the year to come.L. employee relations are harmonious. from factory to the ultimate consumers all the people are working co – operatively.P.Conclusion Parle Products Limited has reached its zenith in the world of food items preparing biscuits and confectioneries. considering the requirement of modern consumers. In the factory. It has always adapted a futuristic approach i.