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Revision 0 Issued 26 Feb’13

Foreign object flying into helicopter’s running rotors
On 20 February 2013, the inbound helicopter has already landed on drilling rig helideck and while cargo was being unloaded from the helicopter, a piece of A4 paper flew up into the turning rotor blades and the paper was ripped but no damage to the rotor blades. In this regard, this Safety Notice is disseminated throughout JVPC operations including all JVPC Contractors to highlight the requirement for all personnel to strictly follow the relevant JVPC & Contractor’s helicopter operation procedures / policies, especially the requirements of cargo’s packing & labelling for transportation by helicopter.

What happened?
The A4 paper that was used as a label to clarify the sender, recipient & material in carton box accidentally flew up into the turning rotor blades during crew change on drilling rig. The paper was ripped but luckily no damage to the rotor blades of helicopter. It would have been quite a serious matter if the piece of paper was sucked into the air intake of the helicopter engines.

Preventive Measures:
♦ All labels of cargo or luggage must be secured properly/firmly prior to delivery them to the helicopter to eliminate the potential hazards of loosing objects flying up while the rotor blades are rotating. Relevant PICs should always carefully check the status of luggage/ cargo including labels during check-in at onshore heliport and during crew change at offshore facilities prior to unloading/loading them from/to helicopter. During check-in, don’t hesitate to reject any cargo/luggage with labels not secured properly/firmly. Should the label of any cargo or luggage found not secured firmly during unloading from helicopter that still under operation mode, it should be reported to the HLO/PIC immediately for necessary actions.

JVPC HSE Group February 2013

What went wrong?
♦ ♦ This A4 paper was not secured properly/firmly onto the carton box. The visual check for the packing and labelling of luggage/ cargo during check-in at the onshore heliport as well as the visual check for status of luggage/cargo including label prior to unloading from helicopter at offshore facility was not sufficient.

Safety Notice 01-2013

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