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Freemen History - Antigovernment_Guidebook

Freemen History - Antigovernment_Guidebook

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Published by Fukyiro Pinion
History of the "Freemen Movement" and the source material for their Ideologies and Methods.
History of the "Freemen Movement" and the source material for their Ideologies and Methods.

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Published by: Fukyiro Pinion on Apr 08, 2013
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This Section describes tactics that commonly occur outside of the courtroom but are either directed at
members of the court or involve using the court and its process. There are several key considerations in
responding to these tactics. First, while the individuals are generally not involved in an in-court proceeding
when these tactics are used, courts must be aware that their responses still represent state action and thus are
constrained by constitutional and civil rights considerations. Second, the courts must be aware of the danger
of escalation. Where these tactics often harass and annoy, they are slowly being legislated against in the
states. The important point is that, rather than making such harassment "personal," and escalating the
situation, court personnel should be encouraged to pass information and evidence on to the proper

investigative authorities. Such authorities are the proper party to handle dangerous or harassing tactics, and
their involvement is likely to alleviate the possibility of physical harm, violence and the like.

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