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58396193 Hypnosis Manual Free

58396193 Hypnosis Manual Free

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Published by Mihaela Chitic

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Published by: Mihaela Chitic on Apr 08, 2013
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Some of the major causes of stress:

1. Over exaggerating your stress - Many people when encountering stress will

think of the worst case scenario thereby causing more stress. This tends to cause a

domino effect causing the stress to spiral deeper and deeper.

An example of this would be your boss at work asks you to come in for a meeting

with him at three o’clock about a project you have been working on. You begin to

worry thinking about the worse possibilities of what he might have to say. Things

begin to race through your mind such as “What if he doesn’t like my work?” “Will I

get fired?” “If I get fired will I have enough money to pay my bills?” “What in the

world will I do?”

2. The foods you eat - Many foods will cause you to be very emotional one minute

and the opposite the next. Among those foods are alcohol, sugar and caffeine. All of

those are known to increase stress.

3. Chronic pain - Many times people with chronic pain will feel very stressed due

to not being able to accomplish ordinary tasks that they may have been able to do in

the past. This causes feelings of inadequacy or of being left out which in turn can

cause feelings of depression and extreme stress.

4. Excessive demands or deadlines - The result of excessive demands or deadlines

on a person are a very common source of stress. Many people create deadlines and

procrastinate on a regular basis which eventually becomes a way of life or a habit for

them, creating constant stress. With so many demands and stressful things

happening all at once, they tend to pile up on each other and eventually something

very small may be the one thing that will cause a person to snap. The accumulation

of all these things can bring a person so close to the edge that it just takes one little

insignificant thing to set them over. The proverbial camel’s back.

5. Heredity / Learned behavior - We tend to emulate our parents in many ways.

The ways that our parents dealt with stress often times becomes the same way that

we do. This is a learned behavior that eventually becomes a habit.

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6. Non-acceptance - Acceptance is a very important factor in our daily lives. We

need to accept things that happen to us such as our feelings and various emotions.

Non-acceptance of pain, fear, depression, anger or even sorrow can cause stress. By

not accepting things as they occur they seem to be magnified and get worse than they

were initially. Once a feeling or emotion is accepted it is much easier to come to an

understanding of it.

7. Type A individuals - Type A individuals are people who are normally more

analytical than others, over achievers, usually hurried in all that they do, quick to

anger, very competitive, and always reaching for goals that are not realistic. They

usually bite off more than they can chew. These people seem to be addicted to stress

as it becomes a lifestyle for them.

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