Kamran Ali Khowaja 4.GROUP MEMBERS 1. Ajay Mandhan 3. Omair Khimani 5. Abdul Salam Malik 2. Umair Yaqoob 6. Muneeb Rashid .

Conclusion and Recommendations .Company Profile PART 3 . PART 2 .TABLE OF CONTENTS PART 1 .Application of the topic at the company PART 4 .Summaries of The Articles based on LEADERSHIP Leadership at Dollar Industries (Pvt) Ltd.


STARBUCKS By: Abdul Salam Malik .

as Howard Schultz showed some great leadership skills one he re joined the Starbucks in 2008 after quitting it before in 2002.STARBUCKS  A summary from an article by Evolved Employer Melissa Anderson  She uses the recently published book by Starbucks’ Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz  She discusses the three ways the company leveraged relationships to fuel its success. .

Schultz has worked to rebuild the employee experience at Starbucks – ensuring it’s not just a coffee shop or a fast food restaurant. but a place were people are energized to work. . Reorienting Stores around Relationships. Refocusing on the community has meant a stronger commitment to community service for the company. This has meant initiating not only projects at the corporate level. Schultz said one of the best things he’s done to bring the focus back to the employee/customer relationship was to quit reporting on monthly store profits.  Refocusing on the Employee Experience Finally.  Rebuilding the Connection to the Community. but also encouraging employees to volunteer within their communities.

Building Leaders How Successful Companies Develop The Next Generation (Jay A. Conger and Beth Benjamin) By: Ajay Mandhan .

 Competitive strategic leadership. courage . intellectual stimulation.  Charisma. imparting relevant knowledge and opportunities for self development. . Conger and Beth Benjamin)  Until recent times the research was about effective management.  Creating common vision. dependability.Building Leaders How Successful Companies Develop The Next Generation (Jay A.

and How Their Founders Can Bounce Back” By: Muneeb Rashid .“Why Companies Fail.

March 7. • Advantages of a business failure .• Author: Carmen Nobel.more diligent employees. offering readers the opportunity use these concepts before they enter mainstream management practice. The article tells the importance of ‘means’ rather than the ‘ends’ . new opportunities • People usually invest-in a lot in their dreams and thus forget to keep their values strengthened. Senior Editor of Harvard Business School Working Knowledge (HBSWK). • The article shows the bright side of business failures • Enterprise Failures VS Personal Failures. 2011 • HBSWK: is a forum for innovation in business practice.

70% – 80% • Declaring a projection and then falling short of meeting it.95% . unethical activities . • Liquidating all assets. 30% .40% • Failing to see the projected returns on investment.• Perception of failure in the mind of an entrepreneur decides how seriously failure will taken. entrepreneur stubbornness. with investors losing all or most of the money they put into the company. • Companies fail because of lack of diligence. 90% .

„4 Myths about Mentoring‟ By: Umair Yaqoob Izhar .

Mentoring is a formal long term relationship 3. Find one perfect mentor 2.“4 Myths about Mentoring” (Ammy Gallo)  Change in mentoring in the last few decades  View of the experts  The four “myths” 1. Mentoring is for junior people 4. Mentoring is something only good people do out of the goodness of their hearts  Case study “ Using Multiple Mentors” .

“Why aren‟t you delegating?” By: Omair Hanif Khimani .

Why aren‟t you delegating? (Amy Gallo)  What is delegation?  Delegation is a critical skill according to experts.  When to delegate  Why managers avoid delegation  Measuring performance  Choose the right people  Ask others to hold you accountable  Really let go  Learn from experience .

„Leadership and Management‟ (Richard Nicholls) By: Kamran Ali Khowaja .

is a self awareness of what talents they do have. what many of the great ones do have. and compensate for their own lack of skills . and the self confidence and security to surround themselves with others who can compliment them. is that very few leaders have all the gifts and talents themselves.What I have observed in studying leadership.

"I know this is a dumb question . Creativity gives leaders the ability to see things that others have not seen and thus lead followers in new directions. The most important question that a leader can ask is.CREATIVITY  Creativity is the ability to think differently. to get outside of the box that constrains solutions. "What if … ?" Possibly the worst thing a leader can say is.

When people feel they that are being treated fairly.FAIRNESS  Fairness means dealing with others consistently and justly. A leader must check all the facts and hear everyone out before passing judgment. they reward a leader with loyalty and dedication. He or she must avoid leaping to conclusions based on incomplete evidence. .

 Self-respect and respect for others

 Integrity and character
 Ability to communicate effectively.  Courage  Persistence, commitment, and dedication


PART 2 of 4 ‘ABOUT THE COMPANY’ By: Abdul Salam Malik

Products 9. . History 4. Quality Policy 11. Beliefs 8. Mission and Vision 5. Achievements and Certificates 1. CSR 7. Brands 6.SUB-TOPICS The Meeting 2. Company‟s Profile 3. Process and Technology 10.

SHAHID GHAZANFER (MANAGER PERSONNEL AND ADMIN) at Dollar Industries (Pvt) Ltd. to learn about the Leadership practices at the company This meeting was arranged by the reference of our group member Muneeb Rashid as he has earlier done an internship at Dollar Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Faisal Ajmal (Assistant Manager HR) . under Mr.THE MEETING A detailed meeting was arranged with MR.

is the leading writing instruments and stationery manufacturer in Asia with exports to more than 50 countries in all five continents.• Dollar Industries (Pvt) Ltd. • Excellent product performance. exceptional reliability & continuous improvements have developed a blind consumer faith in Dollar products . have earned DOLLAR an enviable brand loyalty among all walks of life and in all age groups. • Persistent innovation coupled with an ever expanding range.

HISTORY  Dollar Stationary was set up in the year 1954 by Mohammad Siddiq from Karachi  At that time fountain pen was the primary instrument used for writing  Back then. . prevailing brands in pens and inks were mostly imported from Europe and the US.



CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Dollar— a responsible corporate citizen.CSR .fully recognizes its Responsibility towards: The countries and societies it deals with  The environment it operates in  The people it works with This philosophy translates into action. as three guiding C principles : Conviction for doing good  Commitment to nature  Courage to nurture .

Prompt recycling of all material waste that inevitably churns out from different production processes)  Quality is in everything that we do  Technology is the route to excellence .BELIEFS  First class business in a first class way  Customers lead our business  People are one of the most important assets  be responsible to the next generations ( Planned elimination of all types of wastes.


watchdegree precision metal and fibre working machines. Nib and Point manufacturing which employs advanced. dies. producing pen parts to the accuracy of one tenth of a millimeter. Fully automatic. multi-colour decoration equipment including silk screen. Precision plastic-processing machines. development. jigs etc. operating with tolerances close to a hundredth of a millimeter! This ensures high quality and consistent write out of the pens and markers.PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY  Design & Development facilities that include product design. in-line.       package design and graphic design. . Sophisticated. formulation and control of inks that are used in various writing instruments. all-in-line integrated assembling machines that ensure continuous zero-defect production. tools. Advanced machining facilities for producing moulds. Research. hot foiling and tampon printing processes for printing vivid graphics on pens that capture the consumers imagination. that are required for the production of writing instruments.

services. processes and systems  Attach a higher priority to Quality over costs and delivery .QUALITY POLICY  Strive to deliver Quality at an affordable price  Are committed to innovating and continually improving products.


Pakistan . joining them are the President Chambers of Commerce.The Prime Minister of Pakistan.) Ltd. Date: 02 December 2005 Venue:Marriott. Karachi. Chairman & Patron-in-Chief Association of Industries. Shaukat Aziz presenting the award to Riaz Uddin.. Chief Executive Dollar Industries (Pvt.

Pakistan . to Riaz Uddin. Karachi. Chief Executive of Dollar Industries (Pvt. Mr. Date: 15 December 2007 PC Hotel. Mohammed Mian Soomro.The Prime Minister of Pakistan.) Ltd. presenting the BEST EXPORT PERFORMANCE AWARD FOR STATIONERY. 2006-2007.

Since the turn of the century. DOLLAR has taken several strides towards excelling in all business areas. . Attainment of ISO 9001. was just a part of the cosmic quality vision that DOLLAR pursues. through Lloyds of England.Acquiring and sustaining a credible reputation of a Quality Company is impossible without putting in place sound Management & Quality Systems.

.PART 3 of 4 Application of Leadership concepts at DOLLAR INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.

‘Leadership Theories’ ‘Work Culture’ and ‘Leader-Worker Relationship’ at DOLLAR by Umair Yaqoob Izhar .

3.SUB-TOPICS 1. 2. 4. 5. The Leadership Theories Implementation of Leadership Theories at Dollar Work Culture and its characteristics Work Culture at Dollar Leader-Worker Relationship at Dollar .

• The need to know leadership theories ? • Different styles of leadership Democratic Leadership Task driven leadership Autocratic leadership Bureaucratic leadership Charismatic leadership .

these theories     are not fully implemented but yes. they are always adopted if the circumstances demand their adoption.Practical Implementation of Leadership theories at Dollar Industries  At dollar industries. A focus on individual development for the long term is encouraged at Dollar . Employee participation at different levels is encouraged by the leadership. A democratic leadership environment. A culture dominated by Islamic policies which are worker friendly are emphasized upon.

. The leadership has a strict belief in delegating powers rather than concentrating powers in a few hands  The individual and collective needs of employees are well recognized by the higher management of Dollar Industries.

Work culture & its Characteristics Work culture is a concept which deals in the study of:  Beliefs. .  Employees must be cordial with each other.  Appreciating the top performers is important. attitudes of the employees.  Each employee should be treated as one. thought processes.  Ideologies and principles of the organization Characteristics of a Healthy work Culture  A healthy work culture leads to satisfied employees and an increased productivity.

 Image of the company is the priority of the employees . the work culture is ethical. friendly and enabling.Work Culture at Dollar At dollar industries. It has several characteristics like:  A caring culture for all employees  Family support and support relating to health and other needs is provided by the company  Culture characterized by ethical values – all the gifts given to company personnel in an individual capacity are considered as gifts for the company and are handed over to the management.

suggestions.LEADER-WORKER RELATIONSHIP AT DOLLAR INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD  An open door policy – open to opinions. ideas and      creativity Enabling culture to work in A non autocratic leadership style where workers are given equal opportunities to participate in discussions Focus on building long term relationships with current and old employees People who leave the company are also invited to company gatherings and are given due respect and importance A relationship based on company’s goodwill .

‘Delegation’ at DOLLAR by Omair Hanif Khimani .

Delegation at Dollar Advantages Obstacles . 3.SUB-TOPICS 1. 2.

delegation of authority is considered an important task. .  Delegation is considered as the main element in planning for the future.DELEGATION AT DOLLAR  At Dollar.  The culture at the company enforces managers to assign tasks for employee development.

ADVANTAGES  Relieves manager for more challenging jobs  Motivation of subordinates  Develops team spirit  Maintains cordial relationships  Facilitates management development .

OBSTACLES  Fear of competition  Lack of confidence in subordinates  Lack of ability to direct  Desire to dominate subordinates  Fear of criticism  Absence of positive incentives  Poor superior-subordinate relations .

‘MENTORING’ and ‘Born or Made Leaders’ at DOLLAR by Ajay Mandhan .

4.SUB-TOPICS 1. 5. 3. 6. 2. What is Mentoring? The Need for Mentoring Benefits of Mentoring Born or Made Leaders? Characteristics of Born and Made Leaders Belief of Dollar’s Management About ‘Born Leaders Or Made Leaders?’ .

and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work. career. social capital.The mentoring is a process in which a seniors helps in the grooming his/her subordinate Or “a process for the informal transmission of knowledge. or professional development .

THE NEED FOR MENTORING  Better pay  Faster career growth  More satisfaction with the job  It is also need of organizations  Reduces turnover .

BENEFITS OF MENTORING  Employee retention  Employee productivity  Diversity enhancement  Recruitment onboarding  Knowledge sharing  Cost effective .

characteristics . attitude or behaviors that differentiate them as leaders MADE LEADERS:A person with this leadership style inspires his or her team with a shared vision of the future .BORN LEADERS OR MADE LEADERS? BORN LEADERS:Leaders who have innate qualities .

CHARACTERISTICS OF BORN AND MADE LEADERS Behaviors natural to born leaders for example  sociable  creative  emotional intelligence  assertiveness charisma  Idealized influence  Inspirational motivation  Intellectual stimulation  Individualized consideration .

 Therefore they hire people who are compatible with the company’s culture and then work on their training and teach them how to become leaders.  So they give more attention to a person’s attitude during the process of hiring because if such a person is hired who is not compatible with the company’s culture than there will be a lot of friction which will result in low performance and high turnover.BELIEF OF DOLLAR’S MANAGEMENT ABOUT ‘BORN LEADERS OR MADE LEADERS?’  The Management believes that attitudes are difficult to be taught but skills can be developed. .

‘Building Trust’ at DOLLAR by Kamran Ali Khowaja .

Consistency at Dollar 2.1. Team building at Dollar 4. Caring Culture at Dollar 3. Communication at Dollar 5. Annual events at Dollar .

CONSISTENCY AT DOLLAR  Encourage your employees to be consistent in their work tasks  Meeting deadlines on time  Consistency can build trust among employees since they will likely feel they can rely on each other in a professional sense. .

. and illustrate their importance to your small business by pointing out the role they play within it.CARING AT DOLLAR  Fostering a caring atmosphere at work can lead to better trust among coworkers  Show your employees they matter to you by expressing your appreciation for their hard work and professional work ethic.

 Catering staff meetings where employees are asked to voice their thoughts on company progress and strategy  Eid Milan Parties  Cricket Matches .TEAM BUILDING AT DOLLAR  Make coworkers feel like they are on the same team by holding teambuilding activities.

concerns or advice. and listening to each of your employees' questions. values or goals. .COMMUNICATION AT DOLLAR  Communicate openly with your employees to build a sense of trust in your workplace  Include holding informal staff meetings to discuss your business's mission.


• Leadership is more about personality traits and characteristics of a person rather than an official designation. is one of those companies that not only understand but also implement the concepts of true leadership • They treat their employees like human beings and not like their possession. .• Leadership is an ability to influence someone towards the achievement of a goal. • Dollar Industries (Pvt) Ltd.

RECOMMENDATIONS  Improvement in the Mentoring process  Employee Participation by giving their Ideas and Suggestions in a more organized way .


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