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Google Image Outline

I. Welcome and self-introduction A. Self-introduction 1. Name, WSU Intern in final stages of completing a dual degree in Library Media/Tech.Ed. and a certificate in Instructional Design for Online Learning 2. Brief mention of my comfort level with technology to show I can relate II. Model how to access Google Drive A. School B. Home III. Discuss the features for adding images in a Google Doc A. Walk through the steps to navigate toolbar IV. Display and show the ClipArt websites and how to use them V. Demonstrate how to add an image to text A. Explain the process step by step B. Explain how to print (PDF) VI. Demonstrate how to use the Drawing tool to insert and image VII. Instruct everyone to log-in to their accounts and open the shared documents A. Insert Image in Text Doc B. Walk them through the steps VIII. Give time for hands-on work A. Monitor and assist as needed IV. End with brief Post-Survey A. Thank everyone for attending