AROMA THERAPY AND THE PLANETS Plant fragrances share the same basic properties as the herbs from

which they derive. Yet they have a subtler energy that is better for transmitting planetary influences. Aromas, one could say, stand inter-mediate between gems and herbs in strength of influencing and alter-ing planetary energies. They can either be used as aromatic oils or as incense. • Best for increasing the energy of the Sun are hot, spicy aromas like ginger, cinnamon, heena, camphor, and sage. • For increasing the energy of the Moon, use cool and calming aro-mas like jasmine, lotus, gardenia, and sandalwood. • For increasing the energy of Mars, best are stimulating fragrances like musk, floral musk or camphor. • For balancing the energy of Mercury, use calming and mind-clear-ing aromas like sandalwood, basil, mint, and wintergreen. • For increasing the energy ofJupiter, best are strengthening aromas like sandalwood, frankincense, and lotus. • For increasing the energy' of Venus, sweet fragrances are important like rose, saffron, jasmine, lotus, nag champa, and plumeria (frangipani). o For Saturn, healing fragrances are indicated like myrrh, frankin-cense and cedar. o Many aromatic oils and incenses are good for Rahu because they clear the troubled psychic air caused by this shadowy planet. Calm-ing and clearing fragrances like sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh are particularly good for it. o Perceptive Ketu energy is increased by light, penetrating fragrances like camphor, bayberry, thyme and sage.

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