Phonetics and singing, ¿Science helping Art?
In this World Voice Day here in the Phonetics Laboratory of CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) we will show you a different view of the traditional singing techniques. Phonetics can help you sing better. Why don`t you come and discover the way?.
Organized by: Phonetics Laboratory of CSIC(Spanish National Research Council) With the collaborations of: AEPC (Spanish Association of Teachers of Singing) Pro Voce Association World Voice Day 2013

Dr. Juana Gil, Phonetics Laboratory, CSIC

Phonetics. Vocal modification of the singing voice. Changes in voice pitch and greater confort as consecuence of a correct articulatory posture when singing
Lecture & demonstration Presenter and speaker: Dr. Carolina Pérez Sanz, Linguist and Speech Therapist specialized in Vocal Science, coordinator in Spain of the World Voice Day. In this "Lecture &Demonstration" we will show several acoustic and phonetic arguments for the vocal modification when singing both, classical and/or popular music. We will try to define which vowels are the most suitable for singing in every different frequency zones depending on the type of voice you have. We will also talk about the interaction of the acoustic filter over the sound source. Several singer will participate showing what happens with their voices in the different vocal tessitures (vocal range).

Phonetics as a tool to teach how to sing.
Lecture & Demonstration Presenter and speaker: Mrs. Pilar Lirio, Singer, Singing and voice teacher and trainer, and

specialist in Multilingual Lyric Diction for singers. President of the AEPC (Spanish Association of Voice Teachers), and President and Founder of the ProVoce Association. Lecture & demonstration on the speaker’s research about the potential of the International Phonetic Alphabet to teach vocal technique for singers. Some voluntary students in different levels of articulatory training will take part to illustrate the lecture. Voluntary people not included in the programme will also take part in order to compare results, and to show the changes when you apply phonetics to singing.

Jóvenes cantantes asociación Pro Voce. Dirección: Pilar Lirio. Pianista: José María Chamorro Coro de la Fundación San Patricio. Directora: Laura Vezzosi


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