Designed Play: Mechanical Turk as a Myth Marxism and Historical Materialism


"I want to position my research-practice as an attempt to imagine academic labor located in flux between “Buffalo(s).” On the one hand is Buffalo as academic institution—University at Buffalo. On the other is the notion of Buffalo in its multiple forms as a city, history, culture, and population. It is not merely a project of bridging academic and non-academic cultures or worlds, but recognizing the place academics and scholars play in the post-industrial knowledge economy of transitional rust-belt cities. As an artist-scholar my research into “the social” and “publics” will consider artistic collaboration, artist live-work space, artistic and research sustainability, and culturally and site specific art-work. My research interests are grounded in a study of media forms and technology in relation to social and cultural practices. These social and cultural practices are activities that I believe constitute individual and community identity and are the basis of artistic and media production and consumption. Thus, I plan to develop experimentations in artistic community-living, reclamation of industrial space, and developing a cultural exchange between Buffalo and the larger world through physical and digital means.

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