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Published by Bodhisatwa Ray
Aakar Books, New Delhi
Historical Materialism Book Series
Indian Reprint Edition
Aakar Books, New Delhi
Historical Materialism Book Series
Indian Reprint Edition

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Published by: Bodhisatwa Ray on Apr 09, 2013
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Aakar Books

: Paul Burkett Marxism and EDITOR(S) Ecological Economics: ISBN : 978-93-5002-211-5 Toward a Red and Green Political PUBLISHER : Aakar Books Economy YEAR : 2013 PRICE TERRITORY SUBJECT : : : : SIZE Demy octavo Rs. 395.00 World Economics, Political Science

This book undertakes the first general assessment of ecological economics from a Marxist point of view, and shows how Marxist political economy can make a substantial contribution to ecological economics. The analysis is developed in terms of four basic issues: (1) nature and economic value; (2) the treatment of nature as capital; (3) the significance of the entropy law for economic systems; (4) the concept of sustainable development. In each case, it is shown that Marxism can help ecological economics fulfill its commitments to multi-disciplinarity, methodological pluralism, and historical openness. In this way, a foundation is constructed for a substantive dialogue between Marxists and ecological economists. Paul Burkett, Ph.D. (1984) in Economics, Syracuse University, is Professor of Economics at Indiana State University, Terre Haute. His publications on Marxism and ecology include Marx and Nature: A Red and Green Perspective (St. Martin’s Press, 1999) and many articles in scholarly journals.

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Ecological Economics.110091 (INDIA) Phone .aakarbooks.com Web: www.+91-11-22795641 Email : info@aakarbooks. Pocket IV.Chapter One: The Value Problem in Ecological Economics: Lessons from the Physiocrats and Marx Chapter Two: Values in Ecological Value Analysis: What Should We Be Learning from Contingent Valuation Studies? Chapter Three: Natural Capital in Ecological Economics Chapter Four: Marxism and the Resistance to Natural Capital Chapter Five: Entropy in Ecological Economics: A Marxist Intervention Chapter Six: Energy.+91 – 11 – 22795505 Fax. Delhi . and Sustainable Human Development References Index Send Your Orders: Aakar Books 28 E. Mayur Vihar Phase –1. Entropy and Classical Marxism: Debunking the Podolinsky Myth Chapter Seven: Power Inequality and the Environment Chapter Eight: Sraffian Models of Ecological Conflict and Crisis Chapter Nine: Towards a Marxist Approach to Ecological Conflicts and Crises Chapter Ten: Marxism.com .

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