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Air Asia Business Case

Air Asia Business Case

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Question on exam
Question on exam

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Published by: Wilson Christopher on Apr 09, 2013
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1) What types of information system and business function are described in this case?

a) Ticketing – Air Asia uses Navitaire’s openskies system for booking seats. This is a very effective way for doing business because Open Skies has the world’s highest direct sales booking percentages of any reservation system available. Today, our Open Skies system customers book an online average of 82% of their reservations online, and many book up to 99% of their total business via the Internet using our Skylights e-Suite. http://www.navitaire.com/res_and_dist/openskies.asp b) In April 2002, Air Asia introduces online sales. c) In April 2003, Air Asia introduces booking the thicket thru SMS in a mobile phone. Air Asia pinioned this method! All the above methods enable Air Asia to sell about 85% of the thickets. d) Logistic – For all domestic flight Air Asia uses e) Food- Air Asia charges for all snacks severed in flight, food can be purchased during booking of the flight, and this will enable Air Asia to plan the amount of food need during this course of flight and will reduce the unnecessary excess weight on food and drinks. 2) What is Air Asia business model? a) Low cost system.-low fare and low cost airlines, - Cost cutting including sticking to a single type of aircraft (these airlines are more like a bus, why? They fetch passages from Indonesia to Penang. Then the same aircraft are used to transit from Penang to KLCC airport. By doing this Air Asia save in purchasing the aircraft and even save the number of Pilot and aircrew to be hired for Penang to KLCC airport. - Using online system for ticketing and cut the travel agent commission - Reducing the turn around time on the ground to ensure frequent flight. - For all domestic flight Air Asia uses own ground staff to handle the services however, for international services it been outsources to third parties. - Air Asia pilots are also suggested not to apply break immediately upon landing this will wore out the tires fast, but applying to the suggestion Air Asia managed to increase the usage of the tires up to double and reduce the usage of the fuel by 20%. b) LCCT System 2) How do information systems support this business model? a) New tech –

b) Organization = Culture. organization and technology factors were responsible for these problems? a) People = Staff. Air asia was having problem within Malaysia Airline as they blame Air Asia for robbing their business. because of the airline staff shares their the office the Pilot with their egos and Engineers with their technical knowhow. there is a bridge in communication as such Air Asia find ways to overcome this situation by opening opportunity for all to mingle together.b) Merge c) IT d) Web Checking- 3) What are the problems experienced by Air Asia? What people. c) Technology factors d) .

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