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Some Pree ENERGY Devices by Jorge Resimes Buenos Aires, Argentina (0) Nez What all the werk is about and Bibliography (no illustrations). Fart 1 The Hubbard Coiy —————______ page ne3 arief analysis on the Hubbard Coil and its constituents; indication of a nev model vith improvements and a Hooper electrogravitic device (Image N°1 to Im- age N°11). Part II: The Hendershot Generator. r Analysis, factor by Factor, of WHY and HOW the Hendershot generator vorks: co: liection of previously-disseminated data and proposal of a former) y-unknowm circuit of this device (Image N*12 to Image Ne22), Part IIT: The Hooperengine. Page No28 Using the conceptions of the late Dr William J. Hooper to indicate a DC motor povered by a combination of electricity and gravity that has no commutator (Image 1°23 to Ne29). ovsky Transfomer FageN°33 Usage of the healing device designed by Georges Lakhovsky to turn it into a free-energy device powered by atmospheric electricity capable of delivering at will either DC or AC (Image N°30 to N°47), mopolar Gen page weag Analysis of the “Faraday disk", models by Bruce De Palma, and of the mistakes contained in their conception; correction of all mistakes and proposal of a new honopolar generator in improved model (image N°48 to N°K4). Part VI:The Carr's Sai fous Analysis of the saucer drive proposed by Otis Carr in the late ‘50s: mistakes existing in the publicly-available data and its correction (Image N°65 to In- age 4°76). Part VII: The Modified Schappeler sphere 4 Data on the Schappeller Sphere T do possess and their grid-related analysis; introduction of a new and improved version of the same (Image N°77 to Image Neas). Bart VITT gy_Devices Analysis,comment and criticism of the works by Joseph Newman and the Mether= nita-group of Switzerland (Image N°84 to Image N°g2). Ockam's_Razor_and F: Append (1)From the Sept-Oct and Nov-Dec 1981 issues of "Round Robin"; (11)pata on a free-energy device invented by Dr Nikola Tesla: (x11)Personal article on the Ovshinsky Effect. List of Illustrations and the Agknowledgenents_(in Alphabetic order) NATED ON SEPTEMBER 21st, 1989_ qa) ~S0NE_FREE-ENERGY DEVICES by Jorge Resines There is plenty of literature dealing with free-energy devices for those who are knowledgeable vith the field; part of it is of historical nature, deal- ing with the development of said ideas and their implementation, other port- ion is a collection (with some brief analysis included) of many different a~ pparati under different categories encompassing those with similar features. Finally, exists that part of said literature published by those vho vant to make known their own inventions in this Field of endeavour. If one author vants to be original, he/she must try hard and also sweat a lot in order to make a not-yet-seen contribution; I think I can do such thing in bringing the knoviedge herein assembled for your perusal. My contributions a- re: (s)Brief analysis of the Hubbard Coil and suggestion of a new improved model. (#)analysis related to the Energy Grid of the Hendershot generator, plus tvo circuits given for the readership's consideration. (*)The "Hooperengine", a motor based on the discoveries of the late William J.Hooper using DC and no commutator. (*)the “Lakhosvky Transformer", based on the healing device by George Lakhovs ky, capable of delivering - at'vill - both Dc and AC. (*)tmprovement of Bruce De Palma's "N Machine", eliminating brushes, heat~by- friction and excessive weight. (*)analysis of the saucer drive designed by the late otis 7. carr, (*)tmprovenent of the Schappeler Sphere. (*)analysis from the viewpoint of the Enrgy Grid of the devices invented by Joseph Newman and the Methernita-group of Svitzerland, vith comments and cri- ticisms on both cases. For the analysis of this last device I counted with the help of a fellow argie, a psychic called "Gerry" (he chose this pen-nane) who avoided my travelling to Switzerland (I had not the money, anyway) and what he considers is a waste of time in the analysis of this apparatus. BIBLIOGRAPHY (1)cathie, Bruce: "Harmonic 33", AH & AW Reed, Auckland, 1958. (2)Cathie, Bruce: "Harmonic 695, the UFO and Antigravity" (with Peter Temm) AH & AW Reed, Auckland, 1971. (3)Cathie, Bruce: "Harmonic 288, the Pulse of the Universe", AH & AW Reed, Auckland, 1977. (4)Cathie, Bruce: "Harmonic 371244, the Bridge to Infinity", Quark Enterpri- ses/Brookfield Press, Auckland, 1983. (5)Bigelow, John: "Earth energy, the Entrancing Force vith 1000 names", Hea~ ith Research, Mokelumne Hill, California, 1976. (6)Brown, Tom (compiler): "The Hendershot Motor Mystery" (a BSRF publication) (7)Brown, Tom (compiler/editor): "The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Hand book" (a BSRF publication).

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