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Thatchers Shame

Thatchers Shame

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Published by Jack Blackburn
Thoughts on Thatcher
Thoughts on Thatcher

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Published by: Jack Blackburn on Apr 09, 2013
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Thatchers Shame In the mad rush to go down on Thatchers corpse i t's inevitable that some heads would bang together

maybe causing amnesia. We sh ould forgive Milliband for refusing to damn with anything but faint praise, afte r all if ever elected it would be up to him to manage the continuing neo liberal ist agenda she kick started in this country. It's strange though that the voice s critical of her are not more keen to shine a light on the area where she was m ost obviously objectively amoral, her foreign policy. Besides her support of P inochet,( CIA inserted supreme dictator of one of the most viscously torturous regimes of the twentieth century). Or the help she gave to General Mohammed Zia Ul Haq of Pakistan,sewing the seeds of the Islamist radicalisation of that area that are now being reaped by the world, the most disgusting example of how visc ous and mendacious her commitment to cold war Realpolitik could be was in her attitude towards the Khmer Rouge. After the Vietnamese overthrow of the genocida l Pol Pot regime in 1978, the west including Britain not only gave support, mone y and all sorts of aid to the Khmer Rouge in exile, they also insisted that Pol Pot's by then non existent government retained their seat in the UN. Thatcher went further, sending the SAS to Pol Po t's camps on the Thailand border to train them in the arts of planting land mine s and IEDs and generally helping them to be more efficent when trying to wipe ou t whole villages or anybody that they didn't like the look of.(About a third of the country) She lied about this denying it not only in parliament but in a lett er to then opposition leader Neil Kinnock when she wrote, I CONFIRM THAT THERE IS NO BRITISH INVOLVEMENT OF ANY KIND IN TRAINI NG EQUIPPING OR CO-OPERATING WITH KHMER ROUGE FORCES OR THOSE ALLIED TO THEM I defy anyone to watch Thatcher being interviewed about Cam bodia for Blue Peter(Blood and Treasure Mrs Thatcher explains the Khmer Rouge to British children) were she lets slip( much to the annoyance of the Foreign Offi ce) that there were parts of the Khmer Rouge that are Much much more reasonable, that would have to play a part in any fut ure government and not feel a chill go down their spine. The part where she give s a Kuala Bear paperweight for their bring and buy appeal is fucking weird. To any who have suggested that celebrating her death is someho w tasteless posturing I say fuck off the evil bitch is dead.. J.Blackburn

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