1. TCS --- S ramadorai --- Beyond the obvious 2. Wipro---Azim Premji-----Applying thought 3. Infosys---Nandan M.

Nilekani-----Driven by intellect,powered by values 4. kingfisher - vijay mallaya - king of good times 5. IBM ThinkPad----- " I think, therefore IBM"---6. Adidas ------ " Forever Sport"----7. American Express ---- "Don’t leave home without it" 8. Birla Mutual Fund ----- "The name inspires Trust" ----9. ICICI Bank - KV kamath - Hum Hai Na 10. Compaq - Ban jaaye baat 11. L&T - We Make the Things that Make India Proud 12. LG - Digitally Yours 13. Sify - Making the Internet work for you 14. Voltas - ACs with IQ 15. Alcatel - Architect of an Internat World 16. Cathy Pacific Airlines - The Heart of Asia 17. MS Office 97 - Work Less, Do More 18. Hyundai - Drive Your Way 19. Canon - Delighting You Always 20. Philips - Sense & Simplicity 21. The Economic Times - The Power of Knowledge 22. Cell One - The One for Everyone 23. Cantabill - International Clothing 24. Business World - Play the Game 25. Dolphin - The Affordable Network Service 26. SBI - With You all the Way 27. Amway - Better Ideas-Better Life 28. Omega - The Sign of Excellance 29. Jaguar - Dont Dream it, Drive it

The Network is the Computer 51. we have the job .Enduring Value 41.If you have a reason.Connecting People 36.Born Tough 58. MICO-BOSCH . Microsoft .Intelligence Everywhere 55.Touch the Perfection 39. Motorola .There's no Better Way to Fly 38.For managing Tomarrow 35.The World is Waiting 46.For a Special Journey called Life 48. Your Passion 43.COM .The Joy of Flying 40.Making More Possible 34. Nokia . British Airways .When Reliability Matters 53.The World's Online Market Place 59.The Life You Desire 42. Honda . Park Avenue . CEAT .Be the First to Know 49.Dressing the World 47.30.Tyres with Muscle 57. SOTC .Earth's Biggest BookStore 60. ABN AMRO . Air Lufthansa . IFFCO TOKIO . Air France . MRF . Chevrolet . ITC . TIMESJOBS. Jet Airways . Dell . We Look After You 33. Epson .Business Without Limits 52. CNN . Easy to Own 54.Play the Lead 45.Easy to Buy. TATA Indicom .Transparency makes us Different 32. Sun Microsystem . Toyota .The Power of We 50.Making the Sky the best place on Earth 37. Amkette .The Power of Dreams 31. DIGJAM .COM .Exceed Your Vision 44. AMAZON.Your Potential. hyundai Santro .You Look the World. EBAY . MTNL . Business Today .The complete family car 56.

We are building a new technology company.High Performance. Accenture . BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine 73. BLOGGER. 70.Think Different. Adobe . Windows XP . LENOVO . Delivered 65.Everything is Possible 64. GM – Only GM. HYUNDAI .61. 75. 72. 67.COM . VOLKSWAGEN .Do More with Less 63. SKODA – Obsessed with Quality since 1897.Simplicity at work.ON DEMAND 66. Apple Macintosh . Better by adobe. 68. 69. HP-Invent .Drivers wanted .Drive Your Way 74.Push Button Publishing 62. Macromedia .What the web can be. IBM . FORD – Built for the Road Ahead 71.

. FIAT 77. Ernst and Young . LEE .The Way to Fly. 79. TATA MOTORS – Even More Car per Car 78.A breath of Fresh Air 90. Air Canada .Your Right Partner 85.There are some things money can't buy.Profit from it 86. 89. AT&T . Sahara . 82. CNBC .Never Settle 88. Master card . FIAT . 81.Fluent in Finance. Barclays . British airways .Quality in Everything we Do 83.The World's Networking Company 87.Intel inside.The jeans that built America 80. For everything else there's MASTERCARD. Its our business to know your business 84.Emotionally yours.Think Investments.com . Monster. Kotak .76. Intel .Driven by Passion. Think Kotak. Standard Chartered Bank .

Everytime. Chevron Corporation .A positive a++itude 103.91. Exxon Mobil .Going Beyond Expectations 92. ONGC .GAIL . 105.Human Energy 95. British Petroleum .Fly the good times 93.IBP .Beyond Petroleum 97.Speed . IOCL . . BPCL .Pure bhi.Taking on the World’s Toughest Energy Challenges 94. Poora bhi 101.Making Tomorrow Brighter 98.High Performance Petrol 104.News you can Use.Gas and Beyond 102.Growth is Life 96.Essar corp .Bringing Energy to Life 99.Servo . Reliance industries Limited .100 % Performance.NDTV Profit .Pure for Sure 100. Malaysian Airlines . Kingfisher Airlines .

IdbI bank :.go it all 115. 107.little drops of joy 114.National insurance : .honours your trust 112.Star Sports .i 20 :.karo jyada ka irada .Bank of baroda : .106.Hindware : .get charged 113.We know your game 108.Bacardi : .swift : .banking for all 117.Uco bank :.Toyota Innova .thoda simple soocho 111.All you Desire.Hitachi :.Max life insurance : .Coca cola : .you're the fuel 110.inspire the next 118.india's international bank 109.have it your way 116.

123.HP-Invent .LOUIS PHILLIPS: The Upper Crest 125.Macromedia . 122. Delivered 121.Apple Macintosh .. Life is our Life's work – PFIZER .Express Yourself 128.AirDeccan – simpliFLY 130.WILLS LIFESTYLE: Enjoy the Change 126.IndiGo airlines – Go 129.Airtel .Bajaj motors .Think Different.Accenture .Everything is Possible 120.High Performance.No one can beat bajaj 127.PETER ENGLAND :Honestly Impressive 124.What the web can be.119.

(Singapore Stock Exchange.Stock market for the digital world (NASDAQ) 140. Higher Standards -.Good People to Bank with -.The Citi Never Sleeps -. Research. Hope . You and Us – UBS 145.Union Bank of India 143.Lehman Brothers 147. REDDY'S LABORATORIES 135.ABN AMRO Bank .Deutsche Bank 149.SANOFI AVENTIS 132.(Bombay Stock Exchange ) 138.Bank of America 144.GLAXO SMITHKLINE 133.The world puts its stock in us . SGX) 141.DR.The difference lies in our DNA . Today's medicines finance tomorrow's miracles .Because Health Matters .NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) 139. Where Patients come first . Making More Possible -.The Edge is Efficiency .CITIGROUP or CITIBANK 146.BIOCON 136. The World's Local Bank – HSBC 148.131. Where Vision Gets Built -.A Passion to Perform -.The World's Center for Non Ferrous Metal Trading London Metal Exchange) 142.Caring for life – CIPLA 137.Tomorrow Market's Today.Life.MERCK 134.

Inspired Living .BUSINESS INDIA 151.VIDEOCON 159. Your Technology Navigator – DIGIT 153.2. Always.The Name India trusts for News . Journalism of Courage .5.SANSUI 160. Born in Japan Entertaining The World .Read a Bestseller everyday .Choose Freedom – TOSHIBA 163. Everyone's Invited or Its hard to Imagine .HINDUSTAN TIMES 155.JVC 162.SONY 157. No. Other.4.Like.The Perfect Experience .The Indian EXPRESS 154.Intelligent Computing – CHIP 152.The Magazine of the Corporate World . .6. – WALMART .HAIER 161.SAMSUNG 158. The Indian Multinational .THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 156.Always low prices.150.

Every Little Helps – TESCO 167.164.The stuff of life. Eat. Like no other store in the world – BLOOMINGDALES 165.HOME DEPOT 166. You can do it. Shop. – KMART 171. We can Help.BIG BAZAAR 170.The spirit of Commerce – METRO 168.Steel solutions for a better world .ARCELOR . Celebrate – CENTRAL 172.MITTAL STEEL 173. Is se sasta aur Achcha kahee nahee milenga .Costs less to get more – KROGER 169.Shaping the future of steel . .

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