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Love - more than words can say

Love - more than words can say

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Published by athribiristan
This is a love letter that I wrote my wife while I was away fishing.
This is a love letter that I wrote my wife while I was away fishing.

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Published by: athribiristan on Mar 21, 2009
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I love you more than words can say.

I have heard this many times and believe it to be false in every case. There is no idea so great that it may not be expressed, and here I attempt to do so: A perfect love sees only beauty. A perfect love accepts all as perfect without seeking to change it. Though my love is not a perfect love, I endeavor each day to make it so. You ask how I can love you and I answer thus: when I look upon thee, I see only God’s perfect creation, knowing that all else is but my own reflection. I have seen the essence of your soul and it is this that I love. I have seen perfection in you and it is this that I love also. I have seen in your eyes both the light and the shadow and all of this I love as well. You have been a constant reminder to me of all that I would change in myself. You have inspired me to be more. You have spoken the truth when none would. You have gazed upon the darkness in my heart and never shied away. You have been the light that guides me home when I am lost in shadow and doubt. Though I am complete alone, without you I would be but a shadow of what I have become. Many people use words lightly, heedless of their true meaning, oblivious to the ideas that gave birth to them. I am not such a person. I am aware of the power of words and do not take them for granted. For many, ‘I love you’ is an empty phrase of reassurance spoken only that they might here its echo and feel comfort. Know that every time I say I love you there are powerful ideas behind these words. I choose my words carefully, with every awareness of their meaning, and do not speak idly the words ‘I love you’. I have said in the past that repetition cheapens the idea and I hold to that, for true love need not be spoken but only felt. I speak these words when I am overwhelmed by this feeling, to bring to your awareness that for one brief moment, my love IS perfect. Without you I cannot be certain that I ever would have known this love. Without you perhaps I would still be waiting for an echo.

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