Margaret’s Tomato Relish 4 kg ripe Tomatoes 1.5 kg onions 1 tbsp salt 1.

5 kg sugar Half bottle Wild’s EZ Sauce 2 tbsp mustard powder 2 tbsp curry powder Half cup plain flour Place 4 kg of tomatoes, peeled and sliced, 1.5kg onions, sliced, and 1 tbsp salt into a large saucepan. Stand for 12 hours. Bring to the boil. Add 1.5 kg sugar, half bottle of EZ Sauce. Mix 2 tbsp mustard powder, 2 tbsp curry powder with sufficient water to make a paste, add to tomato mixture. Boil gently for 2.5 hours or until a thick, spooning consistency. Mix half cup of plain flour with sufficient water to make a smooth paste. Add to pan while stirring continuously. Cook for a further 15 minutes. Carefully fill into hot sterilized bottles and seal. Makes approx 4 litres or 14 medium jars.

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