Close The Loop Sam Zucker

Main Characters (Speaking roles)-


Jason- Main Character, Jacob’s Son Mark- Jason’s best friend Stephen- Jason’s friend Jacob (2013)- Jason’s father Jacob (1993)- A younger version of Jacob’s father Wendy (2013)- Jacob’s ex-wife Wendy (1993)- A younger version of Jacob’s ex-wife Secondary Characters (Non-speaking roles)Police officers- Surround time door, block off from Jason, Mark, and Stephen Video Scene opens with slow pan across several items in a room and a basement. Opening credits. Shot of Jason, Mark, and Stephen playing Xbox. Audio Music

Mark- Boom! Headshot! I win again! Stephen- Dammit! Jacob (From afar)- Hey, Jason? Can you come down here? Jason- Ugh, (Shouting) what is it? Jacob- (Shouting) Just come down here!

Shot of the 3 from behind. All 3 get up and walk off shot. Shot of workshop in basement, with Jacob in dirty clothes standing next to a strange machine. Boys walk into shot Shot of just Jacob and Jason. Jacob glares at Jason. Jason- Okay, what is it? Jacob- Well you know that machine I’ve been working on? Jason- The one that drove Mom away, yeah. Jacob- The time door. Jason- Yeah, whatever. Jacob- But this invention will change the world! Mark- Wait, time door? Jacob- Well, temporal quantum tunneling apparatus. Stephen- Uhh... What? Jacob- In layman’s terms a time machine. Mark- What? There’s no way that would work! Jacob- Well you see, by using a high powered particle condenser set to a specific

Shot of all 4

Shot of Jacob


frequency it can resonate... (Trails off) Shot of Jason and Jacob Jason- Dying of old age here, Dad. Jacob- (Sighs) Long story short, it opens up a doorway of sorts back in time. I’ve finally perfected the design and want to try it out, and seeing as I’m the only one who can operate it, I was thinking you could go back. Jason- Dad, no. Mark- Wait, I actually want to try this out... Stephen- But wait, isn’t that dangerous? Jacob- No, it’s perfectly safe; I’ve done extensive animal testing. Jason- Wait is that what those big boxes were? Jacob- Uhh... moving on, I plan on sending you back exactly twenty years ago from today. Back to 1993. Mark- Guys? Jason- Eh, nothing better to do... Stephen? Stephen- Well, I guess if you guys are... Jacob- Excellent! Then I’ll just fire up the machine, and you’ll be on your way.

Shot of all 4

Shot of Jason and Jacob

Shot of all 4

Shot of the machine. Jacob walks up and hits some buttons and throws a switch. The lights flicker as the machine powers on. A portal appears. Shot of Jacob in front of the machinery Jacob- Powerup complete! The machine is online and stable! Boys, now all you need to do is walk through that portal, and, viola! You’ll be in 1993! Jason- Alright, let’s go then.

Shot of Jason, Mark, and Stephen in front of portal. The boys walk into the portal Shot of Jacob sitting down in a chair near the machine. He hits some keys on a laptop. Bullets are heard flying out of the portal. Jacob frantically hits some keys and the portal closes. He opens a letter. Cut to opposite angle. Jacob walks off shot and comes back with a lock box. He opens


the lock box and pulls out a letter. He reads the letter. He He hits some more keys and the portal re-opens. The three boys come out of the portal. Jacob closes down the portal. Shot of all 4 FLASHBACK Scene opens with The boys walking into the portal. Cut to a field with the portal open in the middle of it. The boys step out of it. Cut to a scene of the boys walking through a town. Jason- Wow, I can’t believe my dad’s invention actually worked. Mark- This is amazing! We’re actually in the past! Incredible! Stephen- You know, I just can’t believe this. Hang on, Stephen- Excuse me, what’s today’s date? Jacob (1993)- July 13th, why? Stephen- No reason in particular. What year? Jacob (1993)- Uh... 1993? Stephen- Woah, uh.. thanks. Jason- Holy crap, thats my dad! Mark- Wait, really? You should say something! Jason- Won’t that make some kinda time paradox or something? Mark- I don’t know, who cares? Just do it. Jason- Excuse me, sir? Jacob (1993)- Yes? Jason- What’s, erm, what’s your name? Jacob (1993)- Jacob Cohen. Jason- So, what would you say if I told you I were your son, sent back in time from the year 2013? Jacob (1993)- Are you insane?! You and your friends come up here, asking me what year it is, and now you’re telling me you’re my son from the future?! Jason- Jacob Eric Cohen. Son of Barbara and Marvin Cohen. You grew up in Norristown, Pennsylvania, you graduated 5th Jacob- What happened to you?

Cut to 1-shot of Stephen as he approaches another man on the street

Shot of all 4

Shot of Jacob (1993). Jason walks up.

One shot of Jacob (1993).

Jacob (1993) starts to walk away. One shot of Jason. He closes his eyes.


in your class, majored in physics at the University of Pennsylvania. Shot of Jacob (1993) as he turns around. Jacob (1993)- Alright, theres no way you could know that unless a) you’ve been stalking me, which is highly unlikely, seeing as you look no older than 16, or, b) your ludacris time travel story is true. Mark- Well, we can prove it. Jacob (1993)- Fine, show me. Mark- Here, have a look at this, touchscreen, LED display, with wireless internet connectivity Jacob (1993)- How... how is this possible? Jason- You need more proof? Come with us.

Shot of the 3 boys. Jacob (1993) walks into shot Mark pulls out an iPhone, hands it to Jacob (1993) Jacob fools around with iPhone, he is visibly freaked out All walk off shot Cut to a shot of the field with the portal in it, with police officers surrounding the portal. Jason, Mark, Stephen and Jacob (1993) walk up.

Stephen- Crap! Cops! Mark- Someone must have seen the portal! Stephen- Could we... I don’t know... talk to them? Jason- Are you insane? They’ll want to keep us detained, to run tests or something. They run to the woods on the side of the field One-shot of Jacob (1993) Jacob- (to himself) They weren’t kidding... the... the time machine, but... it can’t be...but it has to be... what is this?

Shot of the portal. Police officers draw their guns and open fire on the portal. After a few shots, the portal closes. Shot of all four Jacob (1993) shrugs Shot of police officers as they turn and look in the woods at the four. Shot of all four Stephen- They see us! Run! Jason- We’re trapped! That ass! (Turns to Jacob (1993)) No offense.


Camera follows the four from behind as the run away through the woods. Shot of all four out in a different field, out of breath Mark- Okay, I think we lost them. Stephen- Alright, cool. Hey, is there any place to eat around here? Jacob (1993)- Yeah, I know a place. Let’s go.

Shot of outside of diner Cut to all four in a diner Jacob (1993)- Okay, so let me get this straight, in 20 years, to the day, I perfect a time machine, and send you, my son and his friends, back in time to test it, but I close down the portal back to your own time before you can return. Jason- Yep, that’s pretty much the story so far... Mark- But what are gonna do? We can’t stay here... Wendy (1993)- Hi, I’m Wendy, I’ll be your server today, can I start you off with something to drink? Jason- Water please. Mark- Same for me Jacob (1993)- I’ll take a sprite Stephen- And I’ll have a coke. Wendy (1993)- Alright I’ll be right out. Jacob (1993)- God, she’s beautiful. Mark- Ask her out then Jacob (1993)- I... I wish I could, but I’m just so awkward. Jason- (To Stephen) I don’t believe this! That waitress is my mom! This seriously can’t be coincidence. Stephen- Huh, weird. Jacob (1993)- (To Jason) Wait, you said that’s your mom? As is me and her... you know... Jason- Uhh... yeah? But something tells me I wasn’t supposed to tell you that... Jacob (1993)- Well, too late now. Stephen- Guys, come on, we have bigger problems than this. Problems like, oh, I don’t know, HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET HOME?! Jason- He’s right though, we need to figure

Shot of opposite side of table. A waitress Walks up.

Two shot of Jacob (1993) and Mark

Shot of all four

Two-shot of Jason and Stephen


this out. Shot of all four. Jacob (1993)- Alright, let’s eat, then you guys can come crash at my place, and we’ll figure all of this out tomorrow. Sound good? Jason- Yeah, that sounds fine. All- (Indecipherable chatter)

Fade out as they begin to talk Cut to the outside of a small house at night, slow zoom in Shot of Jacob (1993) writing on some papers. Jason walks in, looking like he just woke up.

Jason- Oh, you’re up. What are you doing? Jacob (1993)- Oh, nothing really, just playing around with a few equations to see if this time travel would even be possible. This is a tricky one. Jason- Yeah, I gotta admit, this is pretty incredible. But hey, I just wanted to thank you, you know, for letting us stay here and all. I kinda wind up treating you like crap in the future, so I feel a little bad. Jacob (1993)- W ell, I’m sure you’ll have your reasons. But, hey, listen, can I ask you a favor? Jason- Shoot. One shot of Jacob (1993) going through his papers Jacob (1993)- I was thinking about what your one friend said earlier today, and well, I um... I wrote this letter for Wendy, the waitress from the restaurant today, but I’m too scared to give it to her myself. Can you? Jason- Uh... yeah, sure. Does she even work tomorrow? Jacob (1993)- Yep, from 10 AM until 2. Same place we ate today. Jason- Alright, I’ll deliver your love letter, you just focus on getting us home. Jacob (1993)- Thanks. I’ll see you in the morning. Jason- See ya.

Two shot of Jacob (1993) and Jason

Jason gets up and walks out of shot. Shot of outside of house at night, crossfade to shot of house in the morning. Shot of same room from night. Jacob (1993) is asleep on the table. The three boys walk in.


Mark- Hey, Mr. Cohen? Ready to go back toJason- If you finish saying what I think you’re gonna say, I will hit you. Mark- Awww... Jacob (1993)- (Disgruntled) Wha... What? What time is it? Stephen- 8:30 in the morning. One shot of Jacob (1993) Jacob (1993)- Ugh, two hours of sleep. I’ve been trying all night to figure out a way to get you three back, but I’m just going in circles. There is no way with today’s technology to create even a backwards time machine, or a forwards one either. The only possible way to get you back without aging is freezing you, but that’s just science fiction. Jason- We came here in a time portal. SILENCE Jacob (1993)- Good point. Stephen- Hey, guys? Are you thinking that maybe we’re looking a little too deep into this? Jacob (1993)- What are you getting at? Stephen- What I’m getting at is that maybe there’s a way to get a message to you from the future. You know the guy controlling the time door? Jacob (1993)- But that would be impossible! Jason- Wait, I think I see what he’s getting at here. Do you have a safe or someplace you can keep something valuable? Jacob (1993)- Uh, I have a lock box. Jason- That’ll work. Can you get me some paper and a pen? Jacob (1993)- Yeah, here.

Shot of all four

Opposite angle from previous shot

Opposite angle

Jacob (1993) grabs a pen and a blank sheet of paper off of the table. Jason takes them and begins to write out a note on the paper. Opposite angle Jason- Alright, I have a note written for you to open in the future. I have the exact date written on the outside. It gives you specific instructions on when to open up the portal. You NEED to keep this safe for twenty years. Jacob (1993)- I can do that. I must say, this plan is much simpler. Mark- Except for the part where it isn’t. How


the hell do you plan to get us to that portal? There are cops! 1-Shot of Jason Jason- Alright we need to be at that field by 12:45 PM sharp. Once there, we’ll need a distraction. I we can distract the police just before one, when I’ll have my dad open the portal, we hopefully can run in before he closes it off. Timing is key for this to work. Stephen- Okay, but what’s our distraction? Jacob (1993)- I think I’ve got it. I’ll run up and say that I saw another portal appear a little bit away. That should peel them away for long enough. Future me better pull through on this one. Jason- We can only hope. Now go put that letter somewhere safe.

4- shot

Jason hands the letter to Jacob (1993). Jacob (1993) walks off shot. Time lapse of a clock ticking until it reads 12:30 Slow pan across field. A few cops are seen wandering in the field. Shot of all four in the woods. Jacob (1993) is looking through binoculars. Jacob (1993)- Okay, there’s only three of them. this shouldn’t be too hard. Everybody sync your watches. Jacob (1993), Jason, and Mark all pull out watches and sync them. Jacob (1993)- Alright, two minutes. I’ll go set up. Jacob leaves shot. Mark- Alright, let’s go back to the future! Jason punches Mark. Mark- Ow! Jason- I warned you. Shot of front of field over one officer’s shoulder. Jacob (1993) runs up to the front. Jacob (1993)- Police! Please come quickly! There’s this... this weird light just across the way! Please come! The police officers run following Jacob (1993) Cut to shot opposite of where the boys are. A portal opens in the field. The boys run


towards the portal. Cut to front of field. An officer jogs up Officer- Hey! Officer fires three rounds from his handgun. Shot following the boys running. They duck as more rounds are heard being fired. They dive through the portal. END FLASHBACK Gunshots

Shot of Jacob sitting down in a chair near the machine. He hits some keys on a laptop. Bullets are heard flying out of the portal. Jacob frantically hits some keys and the portal closes. He opens a letter. Cut to opposite angle. Jacob walks off shot and comes back with a lock box. He opens the lock box and pulls out a letter. He reads the letter. He He hits some more keys and the portal re-opens. The three boys come out of the portal. Jacob closes down the portal. Shot of all 4 Jacob- What happened to you? Jason- Oh, you know what happened. Why did you send us back? Jacob- Yes, I knew that was going to happen. Jason- Then why the hell did you send us back?! Jacob- I had to. Jason- Bullshit! Jacob- Don’t you get it, you had to go back to keep the timeline the same! If I didn’t send you 3 to the past, I may have never gotten up the courage to ask out your mother, and I know for sure I never would have started this project!

One Shot of Jacob Shot of all four

Jacob points to Time machine


Shot from opposite angle

Jason- (Under his breath) Maybe that would be for the best. Jacob- Listen, if that didn't happen, the present could be entirely different! Stephen- Hey, uh, I think I’ve had enough for today, I’m gonna head home. Mark- Yeah, me too. Jacob- Are you two sure? you’ve only been here for an hour!

Jason glares at Jacob and the 3 boys walk off set. Shot of the three boys as they walk towards the front door upstairs. Jason- Hey, so I’ll see you guys later. I’m sorry about all of this. Stephen- Yeah, remind me to never agree to test any of your dad’s experiments again. Stephen/Mark- *Indecipherable muttering

Stephen and Mark leave the house Jason walks back down towards the basement.

Shot of Jacob. Jason walks up to him. Two-shot of Jason and Jacob Jason- So 20 years of work, and your project was a success Jacob- (despondently) Yeah, I guess so. Jason- Was it worth it? Jacob- Let’s see, 20 years of my life gone, a son that hates me and shattered marriage. Jason, what have I done? Jason- It’s not too late to fix things.

Jason pulls a folded piece of paper out of his pocket, hands it to Jacob, and the walks off shot. Jacob turns to say something but stops. Jacob opens the paper and reads it. Shot of door and front patio. Jacob walks up to the door and rings the doorbell. Wendy opens up the door. Wendy- (Startled) Jacob! What, uh, what are you doing here? Jacob- Um, Hi. I came to give you something I meant to give you a while back, but never got around to. Jacob hands her the paper. Wendy opens it up and begins to read. Shot over Wendy’s shoulder. Jacob- I also wanted to apologize. I got so


caught up in my own little world of science and hypotheticals, that I forgot about the real people in my life. Two-Shot Wendy- Yeah Jacob, you did. You completely ignored your son, and practically abandoned me. I hope you’re happy with the decisions you’ve made. Jacob- I finished it you know. Wendy- Jacob, I don’t care! Here you go again with your stupid machine. This is why it didn’t work! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got things to do. Jacob- Wait, wait wait-

Jacob gets cut off by wendy slamming the door. Shot of main hall in Jacob’s house as Jacob walks inside. Jason is seen with a packed suitcase standing by the door. It is visibly nighttime. Jacob- And where are you going? Jason- I’m going to live with mom for a while. I think it might be best for both of us. Jacob- Wait, Jason, can’t we talk about this? Jason- Sorry, Dad, but here’s mom now. Jason walks out of the front door. Shots of Jacob a he depressedly walks towards the basement, and then into the basement. Shot of Jacob as he hits some keys on the time portal device. A portal opens. Jacob walks over to it and jumps in. Cut to black. THE END

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