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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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Software Architect 2 .

co. Sci Majors: Economics Industrial Sociology • University of Natal Durban – B.4) Sun Certified WEB Component Developer (1. Soc.dearx.PERSONAL DETAILS FULL NAME NATIONALITY LANGUAGES DATE OF BIRTH : : : : Renato Gandini South African English 9th of October 1964 EDUCATION IBM Architectural Thinking Sun Certified Java Programmer (1. (Economics) 13/04/10 www. Soc.4) (88%) (82%) (2010) (2003) (2003) (2001) (1983. Sci Hons.1985) 66% 62% 74% Van Zyl and Pritchard – Java Programming Course • University of Natal Durban – Page 3 of 10 .

 SARB ITT BOP – compliance project requiring integration to Siebel CRM for a call centre driven mandates solution.  Use of Rational Method Composer for authoring and publishing of SOA standard and practises  Implemented use of Websphere Service Registry and Repository for service management and automated publishing of content to the repository ABSA Bank (DeArx Services) (Current) Solutions Architect – WebSphere Platform • Designing and implementing a range of solutions on the WebSphere 6 platform within Absa’s SOA initiative embracing o Secure Web services  SOAP over https with mutual authentication  XML digital signatures  Generation of self-signed certificates  Configuration of the SSL settings within the WebSphere Application Server o XSLT for converting xml defined frontends into html 13/04/10 www. Message Broker and Process server.  NGI CVP .co.CAREER REVIEW TO DATE Nedbank (DeArx Services) (Current) Fulfilled 2 distinct roles during the period at Nedbank – Software Architect and Service Registrar Software Architect Role within the Nedbank Integration Services Team o Page 4 of 10 .dearx. development and technical leadership of integration centric solutions based on the IBM product suite of Datapower.  Grants Automation – automation of the homeloan process.Integration of a Service Registrar Role within the Nedbank SOA COE o Definition and implementation of  Source Code Configuration Management of services using Rational Clearcase  Knowledge management plan for SOA design and development standards.

• Architecting/Design and implementation of components and services including XML Page 5 of 10 . • Mentoring of junior developers. BUSINESS CONNEXION (COMPAREX AFRICA) (Dec 2003 – July2004) Consultant – Java-SAP Portal Senior Developer/J2EE Architect • Further renewal of contract. • Coordination of testing and implementation.dearx.• • o Use of MQ series for asynchronous messaging o Extensions to Absa’s eMessaging system o Interfacing with mainframe Systems.0 : Responsible for: • Development of processes for maintenance and governance procedures. Seconded to 3 projects: The Enterprise Portal using EP 5. • Migration of Java components to EP6 13/04/10 www. Leading development teams in timely delivery of projects using RUP o Managing of source control within the Rational Suite of products o Allocating and driving tasks o Clearing bottlenecks from the critical path Started a tech forum to provide an avenue for skills extension and ideas transfer within the development environment.

2. Renewed for a further 6 months following the successful implementation of the systems first Java iViews. • Architecture and development of interfaces and the service framework. 13/04/10 www. • Liaising with Business Representatives and Oracle Database Administrators. • Code development COMPAREX AFRICA (Jan 2003 – Dec 2003) Consultant – Java-SAP Portal Senior Developer/J2EE Architect • An initial contract of 6 months to architect and develop Java iViews for Sasol’s SAP Portal implementation . Responsible for: • Research and Development of the technology as previously all iViews had been part of the . integral part of the biggest MES implementation worldwide. GPD – A client-server document capture system using the eclipse SWT library. • Mentoring of developers new to the portal – The internet site using ATG Dynamo: Responsible for and participation in: • Component Development & Design • Integration with WebTrends – a 3rd party web statistics application • Assessment of 3rd party applications • Writing of database scripts 3. • Production of conceptual designs and technical specifications using UML notation. • Design and development of XML documents and associated schema. • Coordination of testing and Page 6 of 10 . • Development of Database queries and procedures using SQL and PL/SQL. Responsible for : • Client liaison • Architecting the solution • Functional Design Specification • Database development and design • SQL scripting • Object modeling • User interface development and design.NET

za Page 7 of 10 13/04/10 www.• Portal configuration.

if required. JDBC.DATAMAGIC Java Developer • (August 2002 – November 2002) A short-term contract involving the upgrade of Digiturf. Achieved rendering of PlayStation2 quality graphics through the use of openGL4Java. Framework included the ability to dynamically generate Xml from the Responsible for : • Debugging and coding of Small Work Requests in internet horse racing game for Aristis Consulting. which was responsible for locating the relevant Xml/DTD files and loading the resources from the relevant jars. background and foreground images as well as providing custom UI’s for scrollbars. • Maintenance and authoring of FileNet VisualWorkFlow Instruction Sheets and the coding of Java queries to queues within VisualWorkFlow. • Writing of the resource loader for the application. • Custom painting Swing components for the display of animated 2D graphics. • Xml and DTD development. PANACEA TECHNOLOGIES (June 2001 – April 2002) Java Programmer Junior coding . Extensive use of Swing. ASTROLABE TECHNOLOGIES GROUP (May 2002 – July 2002) Java Programmer • On-site maintenance and extension of Standard Bank’s Image & Workflow system intended to take the Standard Bank Home Loans Department into a paperless era. Responsible for: • Coding of Desktop apps in Java. and to overwrite the Xml read from the local machine. Java 2D. Responsible for: • Component design and development. XML 13/04/10 Page 8 of 10 .

Private contract teaching Business English to employees of Banco Comercial Portugues. Organization and Planning: Renovations entailed moving premises for a period of 6 weeks without the loss of a days trading. CHRYSTAL HOLIDAYS AUSTRIA Ski Tour Rep • • • (Winter 1992 & Winter 1993) Troubleshooting: Dealing with guests problems regarding accommodation. UIF. JSB. ILPA LANGUAGE INSTITUTE PORTUGAL English Teacher • • (1993-1994) Teaching English to foreign language speakers from beginner to advanced.dearx. training and management of 6 permanent staff members and various Page 9 of 10 . Cash Control: Ensuring all money taken from guests was correct and banked on behalf of the company 13/04/10 www. Calculation and payment of VAT.OSCAR’S VIDEO AND TAKEAWAY Owner • • • • • • • (Nov 1995-Dec 2000) Finance: Costing and pricing all items. Budgeting to finance renovations. Crisis Management: Troubleshooting equipment and or power failures. Bank reconciliation. Entertainment: Arranging and running resort entertainment for company guests. Negotiation: Successfully negotiated the sale of the business over a period of 5 months. travel Human Resources: Selection. Conceptualization and design: Responsible for creation of new look following renovations. life etc. staff absenteeism etc. Customer Relations: Building and maintaining one of Durban’s largest video customer bases. one of Portugal’s leading international banks .

za Page 10 of 10 .dearx. Administration: Setting and marking papers (1987-1990) Core Skills: Methodologies: RUP SOMA Design: OO SOA Development: J2EE Websphere Process Server Webphere MessageBroker Webphere Datapower 13/04/10 CONSTRUCTION LONDON Labourer • General hand-dirtying activities (1991) UNIVERSITY OF DURBAN-WESTVILLE Junior Lecturer Economics • • Lecturing: First year Macro-economic syllabus.

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